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Master's Degree in Criminal Justice

Border Patrol Agent - you are hired to protect the US boarders, mainly in and around the TX, AZ and CA borders going into Mexico. You will spend your day and even nights hunting down suspected drug dealers as well as human trafficking. Special considerations are given to those who have former police work, weapons training and or bilingual.

CIA - know as the central intelligence agency it is their duty to fight international threats and crimes towards the US. Going into the CIA takes the proper credentials and that all starts with a degree in criminal justice.

Court Bailiff - is a peace officer that provides security to a court room. Most of the bailiff's are police officers. A bailiff is typically a police officer or sheriff. Most bailiffs' fall into three categories. The first being certified bailiff's who are sometimes called enforcement officers. The second type is a county court bailiff. The third is a sheriff's officer which are sometimes called high court enforcement officers.

A criminal justice degree what is common with most bailiffs. You provide security for the courtroom. You make sure people entering the court are free of weapons or anything that can harm anyone on the jury or staff. Bailiffs also are in-charge of transporting prisoners that are involved in jury cases.

Criminal Investigation - gather information and evidence, work with DNA. Some do just case work and work with the courts and DA office. For edu most have criminal justice degrees. Many have higher end IT related degrees. Work on missing children or on the net for the exploit of children and keeping the net safe from predators.

Most crime scene investigators work a regular 40-hour work week Monday through Friday. However, they must be willing to work standby duty, an after-hours shift normally every other week. Investigators on standby must be available by phone or pager at all times in order to respond to calls for assistance. In addition to standby duty, many crime scene investigators are required to respond to emergency calls 24 hours a day. If you are looking for careers with a criminal justice degree then you need to take that first step and enroll in a school.

It is important for crime scene investigators to be in good physical condition. Examination of the crime scene often requires investigators to stoop, and kneel for extended periods of time. Other physical demands placed on an investigator may include climbing, reaching, and manipulating and caring objects of varying shapes, sizes and weight. Investigators are required to carry firearms and may use their assigned firearms and other weapons in carrying out police enforcement responsibilities. These responsibilities can include physical labor and endurance as well, and may pose various risks to the investigators physical and mental well being. So what are careers in the criminal justice field? Check out our other pages to learn more about how to get started with an online education program.