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Do you not really love your job? Did you go to school and complete your undergraduate degree thinking this would be the perfect professional path for you? Have you discovered that what your degree provided you was a more entry-level job that just isn't satisfying you on a professional level? Well, you certainly do not have to waste away in a job that is not what you dreamed of doing! Instead, perhaps you should consider going back to school and getting your Supply Chain Management MBA degree in. As an additional benefit, it is highly probable that you can complete your degree program from the comfort of your own home.

For many students who are returning to school, this allows them to continue working at their current job or to maintain their family obligations. It is important to understand that this type of learning format requires a student to be very disciplined and committed to their education; so you will want to be sure that this fits your lifestyle, your schedule, your goals, and your learning style.

As you begin working on your MBA degree program in supply chain management you will be working to gain an extensive knowledge of how the processes of a global chain can contribute to a particular business's strategy. The specific course work in this degree program will teach you how to be an efficient manager of the many processes that are a part of today's supply chains. This MBA degree program will require you to complete anywhere from 30 to 50 semester hours. The large variation in the hourly requirements is totally due to where you plan to attend school. However, you should be able to complete the supply chain MBA program in approximately two years' time.

Supply Chain Management Schools

As previously stated, the curriculum may vary slightly from one learning institution to another; however you should expect to be required to take business related courses such as: marketing management, management accounting, and global economics for managers. In your concentration courses related to supply chain management you should expect to take courses like: global supply chain management, supply chain design and cost management, and negotiations and relationship management. In your negotiations and relationship management course you will be learning about the processes associated with selecting, creating, and implementing strategies of sourcing.

You will also extensively study the theories of negotiation, conflict, how to handle complaints effectively, and the ethics of fairness. Your supply chain design and cost management course you will be taught about the strategic design and development of supply chains and how to efficiently plan for and control the costs of supply systems. The global supply chain management class will help you learn about the aspects associated with international business and international trade.

Although it is common for individuals to pursue this degree entirely online, there is typically a residency requirement just prior to graduation. Generally speaking, the residency is completed at an on-campus location and allows students the chance to apply their knowledge and skills and work in a real-world situation alongside their professors. Upon completion of the MBA degree program in supply chain management you will be prepared to seek employment in operation management, in operations and purchasing analysis, in product or supply chain management, or in logistics. While additional certifications or continued education are not required for this career field, it will likely help you stand out against fellow job seekers since this is a growing, competitive field. Additionally, this career field is projected to continue to grow so now would be a great time to begin working to enter this industry!