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Have you recently decided that an undergraduate degree just is not going to cut it in the career world? Do you have your undergraduate degree in a business related field and you have decided to pursue your Public Administration MBA program? Maybe you should also consider furthering your education in public administration. Of course, before you can begin working towards your MBA you must first have completed your undergraduate degree. If you have already marked that off of the to do list, then the next thing you will want to do is to take your GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) or your GRE (Graduate Record Examination). It is important that you earn a satisfactory score on this exam so that your chances of being admitted into an MBA program are more likely.

The career field of public administration is a growing area due to the growth of other areas of industry. Due to the fact that private and public organizations are beginning to seek out new ways to fund their businesses and projects, the government has found themselves to be in need of highly educated, skilled individuals in the area of public administration. In addition, technological advances in a variety of career areas have made individuals with a Public Administration MBA degree very sought after career professionals. In order for you to be successful in maintaining a company's overall effectiveness, you will need to have extremely strong public relations skills. This is largely due to the fact that you will spend most of your work time communicating with public agencies, advisory committees, and elected officials.

Master's Degree in Public Administration

Your MBA degree program in public administration will require you to complete about 37 semester hours. This contains approximately 25 hours of business focused classes and approximately 12 semester hours of concentration courses related to public administration. As you begin working towards your MBA in public administration you will receive training that will teach you how to make effective decisions, the necessary budgeting skills for public organizations, how to multitask at a high efficiency rate, how to supervise and manage effectively, and how to organize projects. Your specific course work will teach you how to understand the role of a policy analyst, how to define public policy, how to develop creative economic strategies, how to implement the created strategies, how to conduct, as well as understand, policy research and models of policy analysis. Along with each of these skills you will need to keep yourself up to date with technological trends that affect how you handle projects you are in charge of. It will also be important that you fully understand public finance situations and governmental budgeting.

While curriculum will vary slightly from one learning institution to another you can expect to take classes such as: public policies, public budgeting, administration of public institutions, and public finance and legislative procedures. Upon completion of your MBA in public administration you will be competently trained to create strategies for improving a company's finances and successfully implementing these strategies. Your skills set and knowledge will make it possible for you to seek employment as an urban planner, a manager of a low income housing operations, a policy analyst, a lobbyist for federal legislature, a manager of a correctional facility, or even a manager of a park or an airport. Keep in mind, in this career world, the more qualified you are, the better able you will be able to market yourself in this industry. It is important that you have qualifications and attributes that allow you to stand out against fellow job seekers.