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Advertising Master's Degree Programs

Find that perfect advertising MBA degree program today! Simply put, an advertising degree is a special academic certification awarded to students upon completion of a college or university program. These degree programs train students how to promote and sell products, brands or services. It also offers many different career options in advertising, which is a very competitive field. Normally, an Advertising Degree provides opportunities for students to enter jobs not only in the field of advertising but also in public relations, marketing and related fields. There are four main types of degrees in advertising.

The majority of advanced advertising degrees can be completed within 2 years. Students who enroll in an MBA degree in advertising explore methods of finding out the needs and desires of customers, and how to come up with advertising projects that appeal to them in order to persuade them. At the end of the degree program, students will have developed the skills to create successful advertising promotions, marketing and management. They will have gained the experience of being a part of creative teams that design real world projects for clients and be able to design strategies that are competitive. Many also earn their master's degree in business management which will help set yourself apart from others in the job market.

Advertising Training

A degree in advertising takes about 2 year to complete and those who apply need to have a bachelor's degree. Internship opportunities are normally available even though not always needed. Nevertheless, internships help to introduce students to the job market and help them gain professional references to assist them in finding excellent job opportunities' upon completion of the course. Some advertising degree programs recommend minor or business related concentration courses. The focus of advertising coursework is on writing, critical thinking, effective communication, visualization and editing. It also focuses on social science elements such as research, multicultural studies, statistics and visual design.

The subjects studied include the following:

  • Advertising Strategies
  • Effective Advertising Sales
  • Media Planning
  • Copywriting for Ads
  • Retail Advertising
  • Ethics and Law in Advertising
  • Visual Design of Ads

Selecting an Advertising Degree Program


Today many employers give preference to applicants who have an advertising degree, when they are hiring for marketing and advertising positions. One can earn an MBA from most universities or colleges. Most of these institutions also have part time and online classes for students who are working and studying at the same time. Some degree programs will focus entirely on advertising while others combine advertising with sales and marketing. When selecting which advertising degree program to enroll in, it is wise to consider a number of issues. Find that advertising training class by searching below.

The primary concern is to select a university or college that has been accredited by the state and a professional society of advertising. Accreditation is very important since it ensures a quality education, increases chances of getting transferrable credits and obtaining a good position upon graduating. Other factors one should consider include the institution's admission requirements, reputation, teaching methods, class sizes, retention rates, career placement record, tuition costs and possibility of financial aid.

Advertising Career Outlook


An individual with an advertising degree can find employment in virtually every industry today. For all businesses, marketing and advertising is essential to their success. Both huge and small-scale businesses use advertising to launch their products, to grow and to maintain their success in the industry. As an advertising degree holder, one can work for any of these organizations. Employment opportunities are also available in consulting firms and advertisement agencies. One can even be self-employed working as an advertising expert offering freelance services or running a personal business. Specific jobs common in advertising are Copywriter, who is responsible for catchy texts in advertising, Advertising managers and Creative Directors. Research below to find the advertising class that fits into your timeframe for wanting to start a new career.