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If you are the type of person who can take command of a situation when everyone else seems to be letting it fall apart? Do you have a knack for saving your money and being thrifty? Do you instantly know a good deal when you see it? If you said yes to each of these questions, then furthering your education in the area of acquisitions is sure to be a good choice for you. Begin your educational path by pursuing your MBA (Masters in Business Administration) degree in acquisitions, and you will be in your dream job in no time.

This two year master's degree program will result in you having a terminal degree in business. Your knowledge and formal training will make it possible for you to seek employment in an executive position or as a senior level manager within large companies. Before you can be admitted into any MBA acquisitions program you will have to have completed your bachelor's degree in a business related field, such as marketing, economics, finance, or business administration. In addition, you will need to sit for the GMAT (Graduation Management Admissions Test) and submit your scores to the colleges of your choosing. You may also be required to demonstrate your intellectual abilities, your involvement in your community, and your leadership qualities.

There are several ways that you can choose to obtain your MBA degree in acquisitions. Of course, most traditional universities offer a degree program in the MBA field. However, there are not many colleges that offer an emphasis in acquisitions. You will want to begin by checking into the college that you plan to attend to see what degree programs they offer. In addition, many campus based schools offer a degree program in acquisitions through on online learning format. Keep in mind, this learning format will require you to be very disciplined in your studies, but will also allow you to continue with prior work or family obligations while pursuing your degree. Some colleges and universities even offer an accelerated degree program.

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This intensively designed course of study will make it possible for you to complete your MBA in acquisitions in approximately one year. Similarly, some higher learning institutions offer a degree program that focuses on acquisitions in conjunction with contract management. Should you decide to pursue this educational avenue, you will be required to successfully complete courses that will teach you about strategies of purchases, legal considerations of contracts, contract pricing, negotiation, and cost analysis. While both of these focus areas are great career options, you will need to choose based on your career goals and what you enjoy doing or have a knack for.

As you begin working on your MBA in acquisitions you will be required to complete courses that will teach you how a company takes over or purchases another company. You will be taught how to accurately price a business that is going to be up for sale, how to negotiate a selling price for a business, how to identify acquisition opportunities, understand applicable business law, how to effectively communicate in business environments, how to analyze the market, how to appropriately use technology to address business problems, and how to make effective management decisions.

Of course, the MBA portion of your degree program will teach you about topics such as: managing human resources, corporate finance, fundamental areas of management, marketing, and accounting. While course work will likely vary some depending upon the learning institution you choose to attend, you can expect to learn these skills by taking courses such as: economic reasoning, human capital management, strategic management, financial strategy, applied problem solving, and applied data analysis for acquisition.



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