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Top 10 Culinary Arts Degrees


1. Baking and Pastry
One of the great things about the culinary arts industry is the massive amount of jobs available and every place is different in terms of responsibilities. For anyone wanting a general training in baking and pastry we recommend a trade school in your area that offers a certificate in baking, cooking and pastry. These training programs aren’t as intense as earning a culinary arts degree and can usually be completed in just a few months. These programs are also great for those who just want to learn how to cook for themselves and have no desire to go and actually work in a kitchen.


2. Pastry Chef
If you love baking but don’t necessarily want to work in a fast paced kitchen then consider baking and pastry training. This is a very important role for any restaurant or resort. You’ll be in charge of planning the desert menu, ordering supplies needed and preparing the final product. Many baking and pastry chefs work for the numerous television shows on the Food Network. Start your career today by finding a baking and pastry certificate program in a city near you. Most programs are 9-12 months in length.

3. Baker
For those who want to make a career out of becoming a baker should consider an Associate’s degree in Baking. These degrees cover more about the actual development and baking of foods including necessary culinary skills and how to properly design dishes from scratch. Often bakers focus on a specialty such as breads and many end up owning their own business focusing on their specialization.

4. Restaurant Chef
When you think about culinary arts the first thing that most people think about is working as a chef at a restaurant. In order to be a trained chef you’ll need to earn an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts. We recommend an accredited school that specialize in culinary arts degrees. We also don’t ever recommend an online program as this is something that does require hands-on training.

5. Cake Decorator/Cake Shop Owner
One of the biggest trends over the last 10 years have been cake and cupcake shops. These specialty shops cater to high end clients that are willing to pay upwards of $4-5 for a single cupcake. The entry to market cost is very low however competition in major cities is high.

6. Chocolatier
If working with chocolate is something you enjoy then look into specialty training programs that deal just in chocolate and creating sweets.

7. Executive Chef
As an executive chef of a restaurant you’ll be full in-charge with the day-to-day operations of the kitchen. This includes menu creation, staffing and of course cooking. As an executive chef you’ll have earned the title by working years in a kitchen and gaining the respect of the rest of the kitchen. Often executive chefs have at least a Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts and many have earned additional training at some of the top chef schools in the county.

8. Nutritionist
A career that is often overlooked in the culinary field are those who wish to become an nutritionist. Many not only can help clients with things such as weight loss but often food nutritionists often cook the food for their clients. This allows the client to get the exact calorie count for the day as well as focus on eating healthy.

9. Director or Manager of Food Beverage
The food and beverage industry is massive and ranges from large companies such as Heinz, Kraft and Coca Cola. All of these companies need employees that understand food and beverage. Companies hire for salespeople, testers, distribution and even display managers.

10. Cookbook Writer
If you love to cook and want to share your experiences with others then consider being a cookbook writer. Being published as a writer is a honor and book stores are packed full of booking books of all shapes and sizes. You can find a book on almost anything ranging from cooking homemade dishes to BBQ.



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