Top 10 Business Associate's Degree Programs

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Top 10 Business Associate's Degrees

1. Accounting Technology Degree

As an accountant you’ll learn how to record daily business transactions at the company you are working for, reconcile accounts between departments, set up business accounting software and even learn how to run payroll. Accountants at corporations doesn’t have to be CPA’s however many have at least an Associate’s Degree in Accounting.

2. Degree in Advertising

If you love creating new ads, working with vendors and performing at a high level then you should consider a degree in advertising. Advertisers work with clients as well as vendors to get a product to market or help with sales. Advertisers plan an important and vital role in any organization as without the proper advertising methods the company can go under. As an advertiser you can focus on budgets, creative as well as even digital advertising. Most advertisers work at the corporate level unless you are working for an advertising agency that services clients. Most entry level advertisers earn between $30,000 and $40,000 per year where agency advertisers are typically on a commission structure.

3. Real Estate Appraisal Degree

Do you want to work in the real estate industry but don’t want to buy or sell homes? Every home before it can be sold needs an appraisal. The appraisal will inform the bank (if the buyer is taking out a loan) on the value of the home. This information will be used by the banks to determine if and how much they can afford to lend. Real estate appraisers work typically for the banks. You can earn your appraisal license from an online school in your state. If you already have an Associate’s degree or higher you can use that degree and the courses you took and can complete your licensing in less than a year. Most real estate appraisal programs cost between $750-1500. As an appraisal you are usually on salary however some independent appraisers are paid on the number of homes you appraise.

4. Bookkeeping Associate’s Degree

If you want to run the finances of a small business or even run your own books of a business you own you’ll need training. Earning your Associate’s degree in bookkeeping is a great way to get an entry level accounting jobs. You don’t need to be certified as a bookkeeper and many small to medium sized companies use only bookkeepers to keep their financial straight before sending them off monthly to a qualified CPA.

5. Bridal Consulting Degree

We don’t know of a more rewarding career than to help a couple with the most important day of their lives. As a bridal consultant you’ll be in-charge with planning the wedding, even assisting with picking out the wedding dress. You’ll make sure the entire event is captured and runs flawless. As a bridal consultant you are paid by the job and usually for a set number of hours. Time management and attention to details is a must if you want to succeed. Many consultants have other businesses that they own to assist with the wedding including: catering, rental equipment and even DJ’s.

6. Associate’s Degree in Marketing

These days if you aren’t utilizing a marketer for your business then you probably are missing out on a massive market. Marketers today handle everything for a business including: advertisements, creative, social media, seo, digital advertising, traditional print advertising as well as CRM implementation. Earn your Associate’s degree in marketing is a great way to get an entry level position while you continue with your education. Having specialized training in things such as Google Adwords, SEO and social media advertising is a great way to land that perfect marketing job after you graduate.

7. Associate’s Degree in Conflict Management

Nobody enjoys conflict however as a conflict manager your jobs is to make sure you work on solutions to problems facing the company you are working for. These conflicts could be personnel related but often they are conflicts with outside vendors and companies. You’ll need great negotiation skills for this position. Training is typically 2 years where the outcome is your Associate’s degree in Business.

8. Certified Public Accountant

Being a CPA is the top honor in the accounting field. During your training you’ll take lots of business related classes along with your accounting courses. If you are serious about becoming a top accountant then it is a must that you earn your CPA.

9. E-Commerce Associate’s Degree Program

These days’ companies that sell products won’t survive without being on the internet. Sites have become very complex and ecommerce knowledge is in high demand. By earning your Associate’s degree in e-commerce you’ll be able to guide a company through all of the challenges of selling online. This includes drop shipping, credit card processing and even website promotion.

10. Economics Associate’s Degree

If you want a career in economics to potentially work for a government entity or become a teacher then you’ll need the proper training. Earning your Associate’s degree is the first step in reaching your career goals.


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