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Different Types of Psychology Careers

In the psychology field you’ll find a lot of different areas of employment all depending on the amount of college you plan on attending. Some of the more entry level positions you can qualify for with a simple certificate program. These programs can be completed in 9-12 months on average. For higher end psychology careers you’ll be required to have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Below are the top 10 psychology careers and how you can obtain each one.

1. Child Psychologist

In this career you’ll focus on children and their developmental behavior. The median salary for a child psychologist is $72,580 per year. You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree to qualify for most of the jobs available. You’ll need the ability to interview and interact with children and adolescents and understand what they are dealing with in their day-to-day lives. Your goal is to evaluate and design a treatment program for the patient you are working with and that includes other family members.

2. Clinical Psychology

As a clinical psychologist you’ll work with clients that have certain mental disorders. You’ll need to have good overall clinical skills and the ability to problem solve and analyze quantitative information. You will need to have a current license within the state you are practicing in and most employers will require that you have at last 3 years of work experience.

3. Forensic Psychologist

You’ll work as a forensic psychology in the criminal justice system. Many end up working with local law enforcement agencies as well as even lawyers on special cases. Many can also work directly with the investigative unit of a local or state police agency. The average salary for a forensic psychologists is $59,440 per year however the top 10% earn over six figures.

4. School Psychology

If you enjoy working with kids and assisting them with their needs and ways to help them improve socially as well as educationally. The average school psychologist earns $73,090 per year plus benefits. In order to qualify you’ll need to have earned your Master’s degree in education from an accredited college. You will need to have a valid and active state licnese.

5. Drug and Alcohol Psychology

If you love helping others that are in need and want to make a difference is someone’s lives then look into a career as a drug and alcohol counselor. As a counselor you’ll help clients that suffer from this disease and get them on the right path. This is one of the careers where you can get an entry level position with a certificate program. Almost all of the states require that you have your ADC license. The average substance abuse counselor makes $55,000 per year.

6. Sports Psychologist

As a sports psychologist you’ll work with sports clients on perhaps a recent injury and help them overcome their current mental state. The media sports psychologists make $85,000 per year. You’ll need to have usually 3-4 years of experience and the ability to travel. You need to have a full understanding pf the psychological, physiological, nutritional, and training principles of athletic performance.

7. Gerontologist Psychologist

You’ll research and look into the field aging. A lot of jobs take place at hospitals as well as in retirement facilities. Some of the top salaries are over $90,000 per year. These positions do typically require a Bachelor’s degree or higher to qualify.

8. Military Psychology

One of the biggest areas of psychology are those who help the members of our US military. Many come back from war with PTSD and need some serious help. As a military psychologist you’ll need to understand what our men and women have gone through and how to assist them.

9. Prison Psychologist

The prison system employs psychologists to help those who are having a hard time adjusting behind bars but also those who have serious mental issues prior to being incarcerated.

10. Marriage and Family Consulting Psychologist

With a divorce rate of over 50% in the county you can see why the need for marriage and family therapists is so great. As a therapist you’ll work with couples to hopefully help save their marriage. Many of the jobs available are those when you own your own practice but some can even been as a site or clinical director of a facility that specifically deals with couples. You will need to have an active MFT license and a clean criminal record.


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