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Learn to Be a HVAC Tech in California

If you live in California and are looking for an exciting career then look no further than an HVAC career. The great thing about California is the amount of jobs available for HVAC technicians.

Top HVAC Cities in CA
Some of the top HVAC cities in California include: Santa Ana, Riverside, Irvine, Lake Forest, Carson, Anaheim, Fairfield, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego. These areas employ more HVAC technicians per capita than any other city in California.

Licensing Requirements
In California it is required that you have an HVAC license if you are working on projects that will exceed $500. In order to qualify for your license you’ll need to attend a trade school or college, obtain the approved number of hours and then site for the state exam. Most schools you’ll find in California cost between $12,000 to $20,000 and can be completed in 12-18 months depending if you work full-time. One of the best things about becoming licensed in California is that the state has reciprocity agreements with Nevada, Arizona and Utah. It is extremely important that the first thing you ask the school you are considering attending is if the program you are enrolling in satisfies all the requirements by the State of California so you can earn your HVAC license. No school offers a 100% online HVAC program in California that will teach you what you need to be successful. HVAC is a hands-on training career and you will need to attend a classroom. Sometimes schools offer parts of their theory classes online but the majority of the time you’ll be spent in the classroom learning about HVAC/R.

Who Makes the Best HVAC Technicians
One of the great things about becoming an HVAC technician in California is the vast amount of opportunity that you’ll have. Many decide to work for an HVAC company or company who needs technicians to fix issues at their plants however many decide to be independent technicians. Being an independent technician means you’ll be responsible for getting your own clients however the profits can be bigger since you’ll be your own boss.


What Makes a Top HVAC School
When you first start researching schools in California for your HVAC training you’ll soon notice that you have a lot of different options. Keep in mind that all you really need is a trade or vocational school and you don’t need a full-time college degree program to get into the industry. We recommend choosing a school that has a low tuition cost as well as one that is no longer than 14 months in length. The goal is to get you the right amount of training that you need to be successful as an HVAC technician and get you working as soon as possible. Another factor that we always like to inform students of is the schools ability to help you find employment once you graduate. Many schools that we found in Orange County as well as LA County offered career placement assistance but also had really good relationships with hiring managers at HVAC companies. This alone will get you in-touch with the hiring managers at these companies and could get you employed faster. Since the companies have already hired former graduates they know the quality of graduates the school produces.



Become a HVAC Tech


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