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Learn How to Become a Truck Driver

The open road is what attracts so many people to the truck driving industry. Truck drivers are the backbone of our great nation and is one profession where you can be completely trained on working in less than 60 days.

Different Kinds of Licensing
When you attend school you’ll be taught everything from safety to loading cargo, rules of the road and pre and post-trip inspections. A Class A license will allow you to haul a combined GCWR of 26,001 pounds or higher where a Class B is a single vehicle license where you can’t tow anything over 10,000 pounds. A Class C is a single vehicle license of less than the 26,001 pounds like in a Class A but without the ability to tow. If you want to be a commercial truck driver then the majority of the schools will offer a Class A training program and it is by far the most desired of all of your classes.

Finding a Good School
When looking for a CDL school you’ll want to evaluate a few things regarding the school before you enroll. Tuition is always a key factor as we have seen prices range by 30% or more between schools. Typically the main reason is the duration of the training. Some are full-time short term programs where some give you breaks and are part-time. Completion rates are typically not an issue at these schools as they aren’t that intense in terms of testing however one key area you should always look at is placement rate. How many people who graduate get a job within 90 days? Also do you require a federal loan to help pay for the tuition? Some CDL schools we work with offer personal low interest loans as well so make sure to check around before enrolling.





Become a Truck Driver



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