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One of the greatest things about starting a career in the hospitality is the amount of growth potential for you. Hotels and resorts are big business and need a lot of employees to keep things running smoothly. The first step you’ll need to do is start researching colleges and trade schools that offer hospitality programs. Programs that are readily available are those in hospitality management, restaurant management and front office management. Hospitality management schools offer both certificate programs that can be completed usually in less than a year to Bachelor and even Master’s degree programs. If you want to enter the workforce quicker you should start out with a certificate program. Below are some key areas to consider.

Front Office: The front office of any resort is one of the most vital parts of any operation. Here you’ll meet guests and take care of their initial needs. You’ll be the first person the guest sees and the first impression they will have of your property. As a front office manager you’ll make sure that the house runs properly including handling reservations and maintaining the ROI of the property.

Back Office: As a back office manager you’ll handle the finances including reservations and nightly audits.

Restaurant Management: Almost every hotel and resort has integrated restaurants to keep the visitors at the property. You’ll be responsible of overseeing operations, ordering food and make sure they have the right supplies. Managers handle guest complaints but mainly make sure the guests have the best experience they can.

Marketing: A vital part of any hotel or resort is the marketing department. These individuals are responsible for marketing the property and making sure each room is filled. Marketers are also responsible for lead generation and advertising.

Catering: Another area of some of the larger resorts is catering. As a catering manager you’ll deal with wedding parties and events that are taking place at the property.

Public Relations/ HR: As an HR manager you’ll be responsible for hiring as well as dealing with public inquiries regarding the hotel or resort.

Tour Manager: As resorts grow so do the amount of things that are available to do. When families go on vacations they want to stay and play all in the same area. Handling the requests is up to the tour manager. These managers work directly with travel agents and book activities for guests. This could include shows, jeep tours, skydiving, diving and other exciting events.

Casino Management: If you live in Las Vegas then the best places for employment is in the hospitality industry. Here you’ll have 1000’s of positions to choose from at some of the top hotels and casinos in the world. These hotels are massive with some having over 5000 rooms. Working at one of these mega resorts doesn’t mean you have to work at the casino. Hospitality is key and almost every resort has multiple restaurants, gaming, pools and entertainment. The amount of employees needed to run these resorts is massive and they hire trained hospitality managers.

Resort Management: The top hospitality jobs are those in management. As a hospitality resort manager you’ll oversee every department at the property to insure overall profits.



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