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Earning your MBA Degree Online

When it comes to earning an MBA you have a lot of choices. Not only do a lot of different colleges offer MBA degrees as part of their curriculum but you’ll have plenty of different concentrations to choose from. Typically after you have graduated from a 4 year college or university you’ll apply to be accepted into an MBA program. The college credits you earned with your BA degree (typically 120 credit hours) will be used toward your MBA. A traditional MBA takes 2 years to compete for a total of 60 credit hours.  MBA programs are usually pretty expensive and most will run between $30,000-$60,000 depending on the school you attend. More affordable online schools should be considered as they can save you on tuition and many offer a lower price per credit. Below are just some of the main areas to consider when research MBA programs.

Business MBA:  Probably the most common MBA available is the business MBA. This business degree is an extension of the Bachelor’s degree that you need to have obtained before being accepted into an MBA program. During your business MBA you’ll focus on business related issues and take courses such as statistics, accounting, human resource and misc. management courses.

Accounting MBA: If you choose to earn your MBA with emphasis on accounting you’ll take business courses however most will focus on accounting courses including financial and managerial account, quantitative methods focusing on accounting principles and information systems. If you are interested in becoming a CPA then this would be a good addition to help you prepare.

Marketing/Advertising MBA: These days companies are looking for individuals that understand marketing to gain valuable customers for their company. Having a marketing MBA is the first step and will make you stand out when it comes time to find employment.  Some of the colleges now offering this degree focus on digital marketing and advertising as well as social media and lead generation.

Hospitality Management MBA:  Do you love helping others? Would you enjoy the challenge of running a hotel or resort? Having the knowledge of understanding people and how to make their trip as enjoyable as possible is key. Many MBA graduates end up managing hotels and even are in-charge of marketing.  Many of the schools also teach financial management, strategic management and even food service.

Project Management MBA: Earning your Masters of Business Administration degree in Project Management is a great overall MBA degree that almost any company hires graduates for. Companies use detailed project managers to make sure projects are on-time and on-budget. While earning your MBA you’ll cover time management degrees, finance and accounting courses as well as detailed management courses.

MBA in International Business:  If you want to work for companies oversees or even work here in the US but deal with international companies then an MBA in International Business is the right choice. In a global economy it is important that you know how to work on a global scale.  You’ll learn about the world supply chain and commerce including import and export laws. 


Earning your MBA Degree


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