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Criminal Justice Career Infographic

Learn about salary information for each of the criminal justice careers below including updated job information and career outlook. The criminal justice sector is a very stable and fast growing sector that employs millions of people each year. The entire sector is expected to grow at a rate of 10% a year. Certain areas including law enforcement and homeland security however are expected to grow faster as the need for more employees in these areas increase.

Cyber Security – During your training you’ll learn about cyber defense, security principles, network security, programming and operating systems.

Correctional Officer – Learn to protect and serve your community. Your education typically takes 2 years. Be sure to check with your state first before enrolling in any program to make sure it qualifies you to become a police officer.

Court Reporter – As a court reporter many states require you pass a state licensing test. You’ll learn about court communications, captioning, and proper transcription.

CSI – As a crime scene investigator you’ll primarily work out in the field. The median salary is $56,320 per year with a 27% increase in jobs over the next 10 years.

Homeland Security – After 9/11 the need for more secure borders and travel was at an all-time high. Careers including those in airports in TSA, border patrol and counter terrorism.

Career Trends
The criminal justice industry is massive however several areas over the past few years are growing faster than expected. These areas include cybersecurity and cyber terrorism. As long as the US continues to be threatened oversees by terrorism the need to fight and prevent terrorism online will continue to be a need. US corporations also employ those that are trained in IT security since they also are targeted by those oversees looking to steal information. Start by researching all of the criminal justice schools in your area.




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