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Top Careers for Your Culinary Arts Education

When one thinks about the culinary arts they think of becoming a chef in a kitchen environment however there are so many other careers graduates can get after graduation. Like with most positions the higher of a level of education you receive usually the higher the pay. In the culinary arts industry the same holds true however a lot of your pay will be determined upon the number of years you have been working and your overall skill set within the kitchen.

Those who earn their Bachelors of Culinary Arts are at the top of the list when it comes for hiring managers. The degree takes 4 years to complete and often has an internship attached to it so employers know they are getting a really good worker once they graduate.

Differ Types of Careers
If being a chef is your end goal then a Bachelor’s degree is all that you need. Many decide to enroll in a school that offers a certificate or even Associates level program which you can graduate in less than 2 years (1 year for a certificate). These short term training programs are great for individuals who wish to get right to work in the industry. Certificate based programs are also a good starting point to help students find out if they would really like the industry. Pastry chefs, restaurant managers and even food service assistants are all typically trained at culinary schools that offer quick training.

The median pay for a chef or head cook in the US is $41,500. This requires typically 5 years of work experience. The top chefs in the industry make over $74,170 and up where the lowest 10% earn less than $23,150. The lower end jobs are typically first time jobs and includes those at traditional restaurants (not fast food) that are line cooks and food preparation workers.




Careers in Culinary Arts


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