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Learn to Become an Elementary School Teacher

One of the most rewarding jobs is that of a teacher. Teachers are the building blocks for kids and becoming one will take some hard work and determination. Teachers are required to earn their Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from an accredited school. During their college education a percentage of it will be you being an assistant at a school. Think of this as your internship and a way for you to receive the necessary hours needed for you to earn your teaching credentials.

The demand for teachers varies by state. The median pay for an elementary education teacher is $54,550 per year plus benefits. Many are part of a teachers union which will allow you to work for 25 years and then retire with some benefits. In private schools however your salary is lower and you don’t qualify for early or paid retirement. Over 1.5 million elementary teachers hold jobs in the US.

Teachers Assistant
Many that don’t want to earn their credentials but still with to teach become teachers assistants. These assistants work directly with the core teachers but don’t require extensive training. Some of the schools offer online training so you can earn a teacher’s assistant certificate in around 12 months. As a teacher’s assistant your salary is about half of the main teachers. The median salary in the US is $24,900. Overall the industry is expected to grow by 6% through 2024 and over 1.2 million teacher assistant jobs are available in the US.




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