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Good Listener – You need to be a good listener and have the ability to listen to what your clients are telling you. You’ll conduct a pre-massage evaluation so you clearly know what is client needs help with but also you’ll need to listen during the massage to make sure your client is comfortable.

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Massage Techniques – Different Florida schools will teach different methods of massage. A good therapist will be trained in a lot of different varieties of massage.

Confidence – Are you a confident person? You’ll need a high level of confidence as your clients are looking for you to help them with a particular problem.

Independent – Almost all massage therapists are independent workers. You will work independently with your client usually one-on-one. You need to be able to think on your feet and solve issues without the advice or guidance of others.

Strength – Because you’ll be work all day on your feet you’ll need stamina to work at least an hour or more without a break. Also you might be working on individuals that weigh more than you so you need enough strength to maneuver your client into the proper positions.

Travel – If you are hired to do your work at a facility like a spa you could stay in the same place but jobs such as cruise ships will require you to travel. Also as an independent massage therapist you might have to travel within your region in Florida to meet with clients.

People Skills – Massage should be relaxing for your client and it is important you have great customer service and people skills in order to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for your client.

Patient – Not all massages can offer results in just one session and often require multiple sessions before the client can start to feel noticeable results. Be patient with your client in order to work up to the goals you have set for them.


Interesting Massage Therapy Facts

- MT’s work on infants, children, adults and even the elderly.

- Massage therapy can be covered by insurance companies as some look for a healthier way of treating issues vs surgery or medication.

- Median age in Florida for massage therapists is 42 and 85% are female.

- A 30 minute massage is equal to a 3 to 4 hour nap in terms of relaxation for the body.

- Over 100 different kinds of massage therapy techniques are available.

- The #1 reason why people go to a massage therapist is chronic back pain.

- Massage therapy is 1000’s of years old and goes back to the Roman Empire.

- Over 18% of the population in Florida have visited a professional massage therapist over the last 3 years.

- Routine massages can improve a person’s immune system.

- 95% of those who have visited a massage therapist say it helped and 80% say they will go back for future treatments.

- Over 25% of all travelers that are on vacation state they are looking forward to getting a massage.

- The #1 reason why people don’t get a massage is they are embarrassed about their body and don’t want to remove their shirt.

What Employers Are Looking For

When employers in Florida interview potential massage therapists to work for them they look for different things. It really does depend on where you work (private sector, medical, training facility or resort). Some of the more common things they look for in an employee include:

Hours – Are you interested in working part-time until a full-time position opens up? Can you do a massage for up to 2 hours and handle 3-4 clients per day?

Insurance – Most facilities will require that you carry liability insurance.

Knowledge – What different types of massage therapy do you know? Swedish and deep tissue is the most common technique used.

Travel – If your employer has multiple facilities can you travel around depending on their needs? If you work on a cruise ship can you be gone for up to 3 weeks a month?

Hygiene – Do you currently smoke? If so that might be a deal buster as often employers won’t hire smokers in the industry as hygiene is one of their top priorities.

Certification – Most employers require that you are NCBTMB or AOMBTA certified. Check with your state to find out what certifications are needed in order to be licensed.

Clint List - Some employers will give hiring bonus if you have your own clients.


Massage Therapy Salaries in Florida

Florida has an above average salary when it comes to massage therapists due to the high number of resorts and tourism of the state. The average yearly salary is $44,680 however higher salaries are made at higher end resorts and if you are willing to travel.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Average salary in the area is $42,224.
Orlando, FL – MT’s can earn on average $43,885.
Tampa, FL – A big area with resorts with the average therapist earning $41,228 per year.
Cape Coral & Fort Myers, FL – Both average about $42,000 per year.
Miami, FL – One of the hottest markets is in Miami with an average MT salary of $45,580.
Pensacola and Tallahassee, FL – Average median salary is $39,790
West Palm Beach FL – Above average salary at $45,250

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