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Arizona is a favorite location of residence for many people. The state enjoys warm desert climate and is home to gorgeous sunsets over the breathtaking Grand Canyon. If you already live in Arizona or are planning to shift anytime soon, and are considering the different kind of jobs you can pursue, you must keep message therapist in the list.

Amid the several perks of working and owning a massage business in this region is that the climate of Arizona changes. There are beautiful landmarks are tourist spots which attract thousands of people who come to relax and experience the serene atmosphere. A great way to enhance this experience would be to couple it with a welcoming massage therapy.


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If you are convinced and what to shift to Arizona and work as a massage therapist, it is suggested to consider the northern part of this state. This also applies to those who wish to start a massage business. This area features magnificent mountain ranges and canyons. One of the biggest attraction is, of course, the Grand Canyon.
While beauty is its biggest appeal, Arizona is also a lucrative market because it is home to many relevant training institutes. You can easily get training, jobs or employees for your venture. For businesses, these institutes present aspiring massage specialists with certification and licenses.

There is no doubt that the career is promising but to do good, there are certain things you must follow. This article will outline the profession and also present state-specific information regarding guidelines, rule, regulation and other guidelines.


Details About Message Therapy Schooling

The very first step is to attain proper education and training in this field. To obtain a massage therapy certification, you will have to complete 700 education hours from a state-licensed institute. You can find a list of these schools on the internet. In addition to these credit hours requirement, you are also expected to get minimum 250 hours of hands-on work experience. This generally include hands-on instructions but your school may also provide CPR and First Aid certification.

Both the theoretical education on massage therapy and your real-world experience will allow you to work towards future success as a renowned Arizona massage therapist. There are a few topics your degree must cover, in order to provide you an edge over contenders in the job field. The subjects are:

- Sports Injury Management
- Rehabilitative Protocols
- Hydrotherapy Treatment
- Myokinetic Techniques

Most of the school focis on massage therapy courses but additional subjects are included very often. You will have study subjects like communications (English communication, human communication, mandarin for health professionals, Spanish for health professionals, communication skills for health professionals), social sciences (Cultural anthropology, culture and health, general psychology, health psychology, sociology, sex and gender) and humanities (ethics, history of health care, world history since 1400, epistemology of health, critical thinking for health professionals, bioethics).

License and Certification Requirements for Message Therapist in Arizona
Just like most other jobs of this nature, becoming a massage therapist in this state entails getting a license from a state-licensed organization similar to the National Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Remember that the process is not very complicated but you shall pass some approved massage therapy exams to be successfully licensed. Exceptional cases include applicants who attend schools in Arizona accredited by an agency which is well-recognized by the secretary of the U.S. Department of Education.

The 2 common exams you might have to sit for are for The NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and the NCETM (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage). These generally comprise of over 120 multiple-choice questions about varying topics such as the ethical and legal issues concerning the massage industry.

These tests required for your licensing is divided into different sections. Some of the sections are:
- General Knowledge of Body Systems
- Knowledge of Anatomy
- Physiology and Kinesiology
- Pathology
- Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Assessment
- Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Application
- Professional Standards
- Ethics
- Business and Legal Practices

After you complete and pass the appropriate tests, you can process towards getting your license to practice massage therapy. It is a quick process as you will receive the official scores within only 2 business days after completion of examination. The certificate of completion which you receive should be given to the state in order for attain a massage therapy license.

In addition to the certification, it is important that you have other behavioral values such as moral character and temperament. It is also important that you have no criminal records. Now, the Arizona message therapy initial license application can be processed online. Payment can be made by credit card. You can also fill up the "State Verification Request Form" and get verification(s) of licensure if they are from other states.

Not that you may have to wait for at least 3 weeks after submitting the initial application. You can call the Board office and the application status after that. This is suggested because the Board is always busy issuing licenses. Unnecessary inquiry calls can add to the total time taken to issue licenses.

Generally, the procedure is not too complicated. However, there are a few requirements you should meet in order to qualify as recipient of the Arizona massage therapist license and get good jobs. Some of the requirements have been stated below:

1. It is essential to have a high school diploma if you want to get admission into a reputed massage therapy program or institute.
2. You should be a United States citizen if you want to get accepted into any of these institutes or colleges. Another option is to be a green card holder.
3. It is compulsory to complete a standard written test.
4. You should pass the nationally recognized NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork).
5. You have to own a colored passport-size photograph of yourself. This is needed for the official massage therapy license.
6. Lastly, it is ideal to have at least 125 hours of work experience in treating real clients or patients.

Massage Therapy License Renewal in Arizona

License renewal is as importance as getting one because you cannot legally practice without having a valid license. There are key factors you must know about the process. The Arizona Board of Massage Therapy will notify you when the license is due for renewal. The usually send the mail in the address provided on file or the green renewal application. You may expect it about 65 days prior to the date of expiration.

You should understand it is your responsibly to renew the license within given time. This statement stands correct even if you do not receive the renewal notice via mail from Board. Therefore, check when you must renew after getting your initial license. Also find out what the method of renewal is.

In order to renew your license, you can to complete some continuing education credits, also commonly known as CE credits. The state of Arizona requires you to complete at least 24 hours of CE credits. These credits can be classified in the following way:

⁻ 12 hours should be completed in a seminar, lecture, workshop, conference, class or any other instruction course related to massage and the overall industry.
⁻ Maximum 12 CE hours should be completed in correspondence or distance learning program. The Board does not have any pre-approved continuing education hours.

It is your responsibility to find out if the course is offered by an approved provider. A good sign that a continuing education hour or course is acceptable is if it is approved by NCBTMB. There are some other requirements you must pay attention to during renewal process. They are:

1. There is a renewal fee of $95.
2. You will need a readable copy of alien status document. This can be your Resident Card or simply a Passport.
3. You must have an application with signature and date on the second page of renewal form.
Even though you will sufficient information online, note that certain personnel information, payments, fees, office addresses, etc. may change over time. In order to get the most recent information, you must contact the state board.

Job Flexibility for Massage Therapists

If you select this profession, you will have the option to choose between full-time and part-time nature of job. Often, this career allows very high flexibility to employees. They are allowed to plan their own schedule. In fact, almost 75% of the massage therapists work on a part time basis. They usually offer service at different times to accommodate their clients. In this line of work, evening and weekend sessions are quite common. However, practitioners who are employed in massage clinics and similar businesses might have to work regular shifts, sometimes full-time.

By now you probably understand that most massage therapists tend to be self-employed. They work from either their private offices or share office with other therapists. There are also arrangements where the clients meet them at the premises by appointment. Some practitioners offer on-site service for medical offices, massage clinics, and even spa centers as employees or independent contractors.

Salary Details for This Career
Based on information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for massage therapists nationwide is $35,970. This amount is almost $10,000 over than the yearly earnings of the workers in other healthcare support profession. It is true that earnings highly vary amid different massage therapists. Some factors that affect it are geographical location and length of employment. Whether you work at a private practice and how many appointments you regularly book are also deciding factors. The median annual salary for massage therapists residing in Arizona is $34,500, which is slightly lower than the national average. The more experienced professionals can make as much as $61,300 per year whereas beginners with less experience do not usually earn more than $18,400. It is quite easy to get a job in this sector.

Start a Massage Therapy Business in Arizona

It is a great idea to secure a job as message therapist but it is also a good plan to set up a massage business. There are some points to consider if you wish to open a massage therapy business. Below is a list of things you need to research on before you can jump into this new venture. You must acquire proper information before investing on this practice.

These are the things you must think about prior to making the big investment:
- First, choose the type of business you wish to pursue. This is the stage where you have to decide whether you want it to be a sole proprietor, or a partnership business with another practitioner.
- You also have to Decide if you want to offer static services of the mobile massage services.
- In the initial phase, an important decision is to choose a name for the practice. This will basically speed up your registration process and finalize what you will call your establishment.
- It is also recommended to do prior research on renting a room or facility in any health care facility. This stage will provide exposure to other market players who are in this field. This also helps find out who the potential clientele might be.
- It is best to form personal relationship with doctors, yoga teachers and chiropractors in the nearby areas. This will increase network and opportunities. It may help to launch the business further. In fact, another advantage is that it helps gather positive working relationships with these individuals. People in these profession can and will refer your service to their clients whenever massage therapy services are required.
- Get a seller’s permit.
- You will need a Federal tax ID EIN. This is needed if you want to hire on additional staff.