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Engineering is one of the fastest growing industries. It has been, and continues to be, one of the most sought after career options. Students today have a large number of choices available when deciding on an engineering field. Engineering programs range from two-year engineering technology degrees to four-year engineering degrees. Engineering technology is generally more practical, and requires a lot of hands-on training, while Engineering involves more theory. Find all engineering colleges below to get started with your research.


Before a student enrolls for an Engineering course, it is important to decide on the kind of job he or she would like to get after graduation. Engineering is a very broad field and there are many options. Virtually every man- made structure or machine has gone through the hands of an engineer at one stage or another. Cars, buildings, factories and even small hand tools, need an engineer to design and plan them. Engineers are responsible for looking for ways to solve problems. They use everything form computer software to tools to design the solutions.

Choosing the Right Engineering School

After selecting an Engineering program, the next decision is to choose a school. This involves a number of factors including thinking about the school's location and environment. Some schools are better known than others. Having a degree from these schools is an advantage on your curriculum vitae, which is important in the job market. Some schools are very competitive and the education standards are considered to be superior. On the other hand, there are schools that have more relaxed policies. Choosing the school is a very important decision that will have an important bearing on future job prospects. It is important for the student to find out if the programs offered will meet the required academic and social needs. Choose a school whose lab facilities, libraries and other services are modern and up- to- date and find out if they offer internship and other co-op opportunities. This is an important decision and careful research is required before making it.

Popular Engineering Degrees

Most Engineering degrees are awarded in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Electronics Engineering. These are the fields that are popular with many students in colleges around the country. Other popular Engineering degrees include Computer, Industrial, Chemical, Nuclear, Aerospace, Agricultural, Environmental, and Materials Engineering. There is a broad range of career choices for those who have studied Engineering.

Researching Engineering Schools

Once you have narrowed down your school choices, you can get further information from a number of sources.

  • The internet is a treasure trove of information and we have listed all the main schools below. All the schools have websites and you can log on to these sites to find out more about the school. There is information about everything that goes on in the school from the academic to the social. You can also get reviews and opinions about the school from this site.
  • If possible, visiting the college after you request info is always a good option. A physical visit will help you to get the feel of the school. Talk to some of the students if possible, and check out the facilities. You can also talk to the professors.
  • Speak to someone in the industry. Those already in the job market will be able to guide you on the schools that are best for your situation. This will depend on your field of choice. Their interaction with alumni of different schools in the industry will give them an idea of the schools that may be the best to cater to your individual needs.
  • Talk to a counselor and get advice. There are many professionals who are qualified to give advice on education matters. Those who have been counseling for a long time are competent to offer sound advice based on their years of experience.