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Doctorate Degree in Hotel Management

Doctorate in Hospitality Management

If you love to play the part of host, or hostess, and love to create an unforgettably enjoyable experience for your friends and guests, a hotel management degree could open the door to very fun and exciting career opportunities for you. Hotel management is a people and service oriented career, and this career leads the growing service industry in the United States. A doctorate degree in hotel management creates a vast number of job opportunities in the fields of management, sales, or marketing in the hotel industry.

While pursuing a hotel management degree, you learn a wide range of useful business management skills, with a focus on hospitality management. This includes learning about accounting, finance, human resources management, and marketing. Hotel management degrees contain most of the curriculum of a business degree, but with additional material tailored to those entering the hospitality industry. While you learn the business management basics, you also study exciting and interesting subjects such as restaurant management, event planning, travel, and tourism.

A hotel management degree provides individuals with the educational foundation to pursue management positions outside the hotel industry, but it provides them with a considerably large competitive edge within the industry of hotel management. Hotel managers can pursue positions in the finest hotels in the United States, or at luxurious international locations. There are more hotel management careers than you may realize. With this degree, you can seek employment with amusement parks, cruise ships, basically any business at which customers are offered food and lodging. Many people choose to take the knowledge they gain from a hotel management education and open their own small hotel, inn, or bed and breakfast.

The possibilities for advancement are vast if you are people-oriented and have a degree in hotel management. The job is extremely rewarding, fulfilling, and has some of the best career perks around. It is essentially your job to ensure that customers are safe, comfortable, and enjoying their stay. It is your responsibility to create a place of luxury and relaxation, which often means a relaxing and luxurious work environment for you. It can be a very enjoyable and entertaining job, varying from day to day. These jobs are so enjoyable, that it can frequently become quite competitive to obtain a highly coveted hotel management position, but most hotel franchises value educated candidates. Therefore, you will receive much better employment opportunities, and more easily find a position, with a hotel management degree.

Once you enter the hotel management industry, you have endless opportunities to follow your heart's desire. Once you gain experience, your training and education can take you anywhere you would like to go, literally. You can easily move into the travel and tourism aspect of the field and manage a cruise, or work in a renowned five star international resort. If you would prefer a more low-key relaxation centered career, you could open your own cozy bed and breakfast in the quiet country side. A hotel management degree will prepare you for any road you choose to take.