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Individuals looking forward to establishing a career in the hospitality industry need to undertake a thorough search prior to attending any school. This is due to the types of programs they offer. A good culinary arts school offers its participants the opportunity to train in specialty areas where they can be prepared for employment. Find the best culinary art schools below and begin your research.

Popular Culinary Programs

The food service industry is growing as consumers continue to develop more sophisticated palates. A good school will be in a position to respond to growing demands for quality service, nutrition and international cuisines. Top culinary art schools offer popular programs, including:

  • Baking & Pastry Arts
  • Wine/ spirits & Beverage management
  • Catering Management
  • Travel & Tourism Management
  • Culinary Arts
  • Culinary Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Foodservice Management
  • Hospitality Management

Entry positions within the hospitality industry: Participants of Culinary art schools are prepared to obtain entry positions in the industry and other related area, including

  • Chef / kitchen Managers
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Assistant Purchasing Director
  • Airline Catering Manager
  • Food Production Manager
  • Assistant Food & Beverage Director
  • Assistant Catering Manger


Culinary Training in Areas of Specialty

The right program will emphasize progressive trends and techniques. Students will be in a position to acquire enough practical training, to work in a modern kitchen.

Baking & Pastry Arts: The program seeks to equip participants with practical skills and techniques as well as qualifications for any baking or pastry career. Finding the best school for you is the first step towards achieving your dream.

Wine/ spirits & Beverage management: Top schools offer training in wine & beverage management and learn the best way to match menus in order to enhance the food and wine flavors. At the work place, the graduate will be able to recommend the best method of stocking the spirits. This could involve reviewing menus in order to select the best wines/ beverage.

Catering Management: Training in catering equips students with the skill required to serve numerous people at the same time. Apart from developing culinary skills, participants learn excellent communication and relational skills. The program offers training in food preparation, food safety, sanitation and nutrition. Furthermore, specialized classes are offered in ordering rental equipment such as tents, tables, table settings, linens and dance floors.

Restaurant Management: A good course offered by an accredited school will help equip students with the best skills required to operate in the dynamic restaurant industry. They learn how to oversee food quality, deal with customers and make staffing decisions. The program offers specialized courses, including:

  • Ordering & taking inventory
  • Creating bids & pricing meals
  • Planning menus & functions
  • Understanding business, marketing & finance practices

Culinary Management: Culinary management course opens up doors for graduates to work in many settings including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and spas. The skills learnt prepare the graduate to run food operations. Those possessing an entrepreneurial spirit obtain a chance to exploit the skills developed in order to initiate a new business venture within the hospitality industry.

Foodservice Management: Students obtain training from basic cuts of meat to ways of managing menus in order to develop various cooking skills & techniques. The program offers specialized classes, including:

  • Planning menus & functions
  • Creating decorative themes
  • Food origins & trends
  • Hiring & managing staff including wait staff, chefs, bartenders and clean-up crew
  • Overseeing banquets & table service

Hospitality Management: Hospitality management programs are designed to prepare participants for management positions in the hospitality industry. Therefore 4 years of training in graduate school prepares graduates for high-level management positions. If you are looking for a culinary art degree then begin your career training with any of the schools listed below.