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If you think cosmetology is all about hair styling then you’re missing out on some of the most profitable careers the industry has to offer. As a cosmetologist you’ll learn about hair but many will also focus on skin care including manicures and pedicures as well as waxing and even pulse light.



An esthetician is someone how specifically handles the skin and works with clients on many different treatments to improve the skin’s appearance. As a cosmetologist the median wage is $27,940 per year but that doesn’t account for tips which can add up to 30% in additional income. Many also profit from selling additional beaut products at the salon they work at.

Career titles once you receive your training including: beautician, hairdresser, barber, stylist, nail technician and even salon assistant. Duties not only include the actual service but you’ll need the ability to consult with your clients. This will give you time to understand what the client is looking for including costs and even maintenance. You’ll also have to learn how to balance your schedule and appointments. This is key in order to maximize your income and making sure you have the proper number of clients scheduled for the day.

Becoming a cosmetologist has never been easier. The first step is to find a school in your area that is listed on our site that fits your needs. Be sure to review tuition costs, schedules and when the school is starting their next session. Most cosmetology programs take a year to complete however some can take longer if you specialize in additional topics. Most school will accept students that are 18 years old. If you can’t afford the full tuition amount be sure to ask about available scholarships. If you are interested in federal financial aid you’ll need to have completed your high school diploma or GED in order to qualify. It is recommended that you review the completion rates and average salary of the program you can taking before enrolling.