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Cosmetology Schools in Florida

Cosmetology Schools in Florida

We receive a lot of questions from the people of Florida who are looking for answers regarding their cosmetology license as well as general questions regarding the career in general. If you have a question we would love to answer it for and post it on our site, simply email us and one of our trained educational advisors will respond to you shortly.


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Is cosmetology school easier than college?
It isn’t easier but just different. In college you typically declare a major however you rarely get hands-on training like you’ll get in cosmetology. In both situations you’ll take courses to learn about the subjects. Once you are done with college you have a degree however very rarely dose the school actually help you find a career. Most degrees are generic where once you earn your cosmetology license you can get a job.

How hard is the training?
The training lasts about 12 months in most cases. If you continue with your training perhaps to earn more certification the length can be longer but most schools can teach you so you can obtain the proper number of hours required by Florida to earn your license in less than a year. The training will be a combination of classroom as well as hands-on labs. Most of the time is spend in labs learning about different techniques.


How can you become a salon owner?
Most cosmetologist dream of one day owning their own business. If you are serious about owning your own business we recommend first working as a cosmetologist first either full-time at a salon or renting out a space and start finding new clients. Once you gain enough experience and understand what it is like to handle clients then you can start looking for a place in Texas to start your new business.

What is the easiest way to find a school?
We try to work with all the top cosmetology schools in Florida and list them on our site for our readers. We simply add the school and allow you to contact them by filling out a form or calling them directly. At that point it is up to you to review the school and decide if you want to enroll. You can of course conduct your own searches however we list only accredited cosmetology schools in Florida so you know you are getting a good education when you find the schools off our site.


What Employers of Cosmetologists Look For

Techniques – When you go on a job interview one of the first things you’ll be asked is what different types of hair style techniques that you know. When you attend school you’ll be taught some of the more basic techniques and then you’ll learn more on the job.

Personality – As a cosmetologists you’ll always need to have a good attitude and work ethic. Cosmetologists love to help others, are professional and is always learning new techniques and ways to help your clients.

Selling – Part of your job will be to not only take care of your clients but to sell them additional services and products. Most stylists recommend things like treatments, shampoos and conditioners. Most of the time you’ll get a percentage of the profits that come from the items you sell.

Appearance – As a hair stylist or cosmetologists your clients will expect you to have a clean appearance. Your employers will expect the same and expect you to show an appearance that your clients would like to see. Your workstation and tools should also be kept clean and sanitized.

Licensure – It is important that you properly maintain your cosmetology license in Texas and that you don’t allow it to expire.

Font Desk – This isn’t usually a big requirement but some employers will require you to work at the front desk taking appointments and confirming them for other stylist.


Different Types of Careers

Cosmetology: It is the study of beauty treatment including hairstyle, cosmetic and skin. Most schools will have a program that covers all 3.

Hairstylist or Barber: Many schools offer training programs just in hairstyle. Learn all the different techniques and how to be a stylist.

Color Specialist: The art of treating and coloring hair. Most cosmetology programs will cover coloring including color matching, treatments and dyes.

Esthetician: You’ll focus on skincare and the treatment of different types of skin conditions.

Owner: As an hair salon owner or operator you’ll be in charge of other cosmetologists. Shops can focus on hair, nails, coloring or even other specialties.

Salary and Outlook

The average cosmetologist in Florida earn $31,220 and the industry is expected to increase 9% over the next 5 years. Florida is full of top rated stylist and the tourism industry keeps them employed. Some of the top cities include.

Jacksonville, FL – Average salary $30,224. Employs 2750 cosmetologists
Pensacola, FL – Median salary $32,750. Employs 1580
West Palm Beach, FL - $27,620. Employs 3360 cosmetologists
Miami, FL – One of the highest median salary of $33,500 and also employs 7450.
Orlando, FL - $33,210
Ft. Lauderdale, FL $30,560


Cosmetology Facts

When most people hear the word cosmetology they think about hair however a big percentage of the industry is focused around nails and skin.

Training to become a cosmetologist in Florida is short and can typically be completed in less than 12 month.

No training program can be completed only online.

The industry isn’t just for women in fact 20% of all those employed in Florida are men and are focused on hair style.

The state of Florida requires licensing.

Most set their own hours and can be their own boss.

Being a cosmetologist is one of the few careers that you can do anywhere and is considered a mobile career.

The harder you work the more money you can make.

You can make an additional 10% a year selling products to your clients.