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Wichita is the largest city within the US state of Kansas. Wichita also ranks of the 48th largest city in America. The city is located in south-central Kansas along the Arkansas River and rest in the county seat of Sedgwick County. It is also the printable city of the Wichita much a part in area. As of the year 2010, United States census ranked the population as being roughly 382,368. But EU 2014, the population was shown to increase to roughly 389,968. The estimated metropolitan area population of Wichita is roughly 680,398 as of the year 2015. This number combines the Wichita/Winfield statistical area.


Wichita is considered an industrial hub within the state as well as a major center of culture, trade and media. Wichita is home to several large museums, parks, entertainment venues, theaters and the notable Intrust Bank Arena. Wichita's also a prominent university community. The city is home to Wichita State University, the largest university within Kansas. Not only do many young professionals receive career certification and higher education to this university, the University generates many jobs. Wichita's media industry is bustling through the city's daily newspaper, The Wichita Eagle. This newspaper is known to have the highest circulation of any newspaper in the state of Kansas.


Additionally, Wichita's television broadcast market involves the major western two thirds of the state. The retail industry in Wichita is also thriving through the presence of two major shopping malls, Towne East Square and Towne West Square. The town is a major hub of tourism and commerce through the presence of Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center and Kansas's largest airport, Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport.


Reasons to Consider Career Training in Wichita


There are three major universities holding campus sites in Wichita. The largest of these universities is Wichita State University, a higher education and doctoral university known as a public research institute. Today, Wichita State University has a total enrollment of roughly 14,000 students and is the third-largest university in the state of Kansas. The University holds its main campus around Northeast Wichita as well as four satellite campuses located in the Wichita metropolitan area. Friends University, a nondenominational private Christian university also has a campus around western Wichita. The presence of Newman University, a private Catholic college, also boosts the city's overall reputation.


Several additional colleges based in Wichita include the University of Kansas school of medicine. Graduates from academic programs to this University have easy access to careers in the healthcare field as well as opportunities for advancement within the field. Other notable colleges and universities maintaining headquarters in Wichita include Baker University, Butler Community College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Southwestern College, Tabor College, Vatterott College, and Webster University. Additionally, for those interested in the world of science and technology, Wichita is home to several for-profit institutions including ITT technical Institute, Heritage College and the University of Phoenix.


Students have direct access to the city's library system and many resources at their fingertips to work and study. The Wichita Public Library has nine branch locations throughout neighborhoods around the city of Wichita. The library also operates several free training programs available to the public including technology training classes, special events and programs for adults, children and family. Since the year 2009, the library's holdings include roughly 1.3 million books in 2.2 million total items.


Career Niches


Wichita's most prominent economic sector is the manufacturing industry, accounting for roughly 21.6% of the area's total employments in the year 2003. Aircraft manufacturing is one of the dominant local industries and plays a pivotal role in the economic health around the entire region. The influence of this industry offers several tax breaks and other incentives for aircraft manufacturers.


The second largest industry in Wichita is the healthcare system. On an annual basis, roughly 28,000 individuals around the Wichita local area are employed to the healthcare system. The healthcare industry in the city remains fairly consistent despite fluctuation in the local economy and pressures from affected industries. The presence of The Kansas Spine Hospital, a critical care tower, Wesley Medical Center have greatly affected the local infrastructure in Wichita. Additionally, the presence of Via Christi Health, which is the largest healthcare provider in Kansas, generated many local jobs. At the same time, the presence of major healthcare organizations generated increased necessity to find qualified employees through accredited career training programs. Such major hospitals serve the entire Wichita community as well as surrounding areas.


Top Vocational & Trade Schools in Wichita


Wichita State University: this public research university in Wichita, Kansas is the third-largest university within the state. Governed by the Kansas Board of Regents, University currently offers roughly 60 undergraduate degree programs in over 200 areas of study through universities six major undergraduate colleges. To the University's graduate school, the University offers roughly 44 Masters degree programs in over 100 areas of study including specialist education degrees. The University additionally offers areas of doctoral studies including mathematics, chemistry, communicative disorders and sciences, audiology, nursing practice, psychology, physical therapy, aerospace, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, APA accredited clinical psychology and educational administration.As of the 2015, the University's acceptance rate was roughly 95% and the total amount was roughly 14,495 students. In-state tuitions and fees for undergraduates was roughly $5675 as of the year 2015. Located at 1845 Fairmount St, Wichita, KS 67260, this college can be reached at: (316) 978-3456 car from a web at: www.wichita.edu/


Newman University, Wichita: this coeducational Catholic liberal arts university was named for its founder John Henry Cardinal Newman. The Adorers of the Blood of Christ in Wichita, Kansas, additionally founded the University. Today, Newman offers roughly 40 undergraduate programs in several graduate programs and service more than 3000 students. The student to faculty ratio is considered ideal within the University as most classes serve fewer than 20 students. Undergraduate programs range widely and include accounting, biology, art, business administration, chemistry/physics, communications, counseling, criminal justice, education, English, finance, forensic science, healthcare science, history, information technology, interdisciplinary studies, international studies, journalism, liberal studies, management, marketing, mathematics, music, nursing, occupational therapy assistant, paralegal, pastoral ministry, philosophy, pre-professional dentistry, engineering, law, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, veterinary science, psychology, radiology technology, respiratory care, sociology, sonography, Spanish, sports communication, sports medicine, theater and the theology. Graduate programs available through the University include an MBA in social work, and a Joint MSW/MBA in education, nurse anesthesia and theology.The University's acceptance rate was roughly 52.8% as of 2014 and 2746 differences of the year 2010. Undergraduate tuition and fees for students was roughly $42,800 as of 2014.Located at 3100 McCormick St, Wichita, KS 67213, this university can be reached at: (316) 942-4291 or found on the web at: http://newmanu.edu/


Wichita Area Technical College: this higher education institution in Wichita, Kansas is a public institution offering over 100 programs of study. Areas of study offered to the University include healthcare, manufacturing, police science, aviation, business and transferable general education. Certification and degree programs offered include technical certification, general certificates of completion and associate of applied science certificates. Wichita Area Technical College's Workforce Education Division provides customized training options for industry niches including facets of business and technology. The customized business training courses include technical training and continued educational coursework including career services.The University's graduation rate was roughly 49.3% as of the year 2014. Average annual costs for students receiving federal aid were roughly $10,870 as of 2013. Undergraduate tuition and fees for in-state students was roughly $7169 as of 2014 and $8587 for out-of-state students. Located at 4004 N Webb Rd, Wichita, KS 67226, this University can be reached at: (316) 677-9400 or found on the web at: www.watc.edu/


Top Industries in Wichita, Kansas

Since the early 20th century, the oil boom caused Wichita, Kansas to become a major hub of oil. Known as a major oil town, the presence of dozens of oil exploration companies and supporting enterprises including Koch Industries made Wichita home to a global natural resource conglomerate. Other influential headquarters based in Wichita include Derby Oil Company, which was purchased by Coastal Corporation in the year 1988.


The two largest privately held companies within the United States both operate two headquarters in Wichita. Through major large office tower complexes located in northeast Wichita, these headquarters not only employ a great number of residents, they act as the primary global corporate headquarters for these industry niches.


Another nationally recognized headquarters in Wichita, Kansas is Cargill Meat Solutions Div., the third-largest producer of beef in the nation. Other notable gourmet food manufacturers and retailers include Chance Morgan and Dean & Deluca.


The electricity utility industry is also highly notable in the city of Wichita to the presence of major headquarters like Alternative Energy Solutions (a renewable energy agency) and Coleman Company, a manufacturer of camping and outdoor recreation supplies. Also home to the nations first officially certified commuter airline, Air Midwest maintains operational headquarters in Wichita. Air Midwest had also evolved to become the nation's eighth largest regional airline before the year 2008.


In a statistical analysis of the Wichita labor force as of the year 2013, major industries broke down into the armed forces and civilian labor force. The Armed Forces made up roughly 0.6% while civilian labor force stood at 76.6%. The unemployment rate was roughly 6.4%. Based on occupational statistics, the civilian labor force broke down into major industries including management, science, business, the arts, sales and office occupations, service occupations, transportation and production, material moving, natural resources, maintenance and construction. The three major industries employing the largest percent of civilian workers included educational services, social assistance, healthcare, manufacturing and retail trade.


Job Growth in Wichita, Kansas

As of the year 2016, the cost of living in Wichita was below average compared to the average cost of living in the United States. This number was generated by the cost of living index for the city. The cost of living index was roughly 84.0. Since the 2013, the median home value in the city of Wichita was roughly $117,500. The median cost of living was roughly $1194 for standard housing units and a mortgage of roughly $419. The median gross rental cost was estimated to be roughly $690 as of the year 2013.


Job growth in the city of Wichita has shown positive trends within last decade with an unemployment rate dropping from 6.4% to 5.20% as of the year 2016. The job growth rate was estimated to be roughly 0.93% and future job growth over the next decade was ejected to be roughly 36.67%.Weight against the national averages Wichita, Kansas and sales taxes rate is roughly 7.50% in income taxes roughly 4.60%. The income per capita including adults and children in Wichita was roughly $24,921 as of 2016 and the median household income was roughly $45,907.In contrast with national averages.


Top Employers

Wichita, is considered a major economic hub for the entire state of Kansas. With a very strong manufacturing base and aircraft industry, Wichita’s top wages and employers lie mainly in the headquarters for such major manufacturing industries. Due to Wichita's business tax incentives, particular benefits exist for capital-intensive manufacturing operations. Additional notable and profitable industries of the city of Wichita include healthcare and agriculture as they both play major roles in the city's business climate.


Wichita is also known as the principal city for the Wichita/Hutchinson media market, Kansas is most prominent television market consisting of the western two thirds of the state. Broadcast affiliates in Wichita include ABC, CBS, CW, Fox and NBC as well as a wider market of satellite and translator stations. Wichita also hosts a PBS member station, a Univision affiliate, and several less prominent television stations. AT&T Uverse and Cox Communications also provide cable television through the city of Wichita and its outlying areas. The media and telecommunications industry of Wichita is among the most profitable and needed industries in the city. Wichita's top employers include Cessna Aircraft Co., Spirit AeroSystems, Hawker Beechcraft, Unified School District, Via Christi Health System, State of Kansas, City of Wichita, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Sedgwick County, the Federal Government, Bombardier Learjet and Koch Industries.



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