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Tampa is known as the microcosm of the Florida where you will find people from all over the globe. There are people of diverse culture, backgrounds, socio- economic, religion and beliefs that consist of whites, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. People of different working class – blue collar, white collar, elite class, middle class and working class, live here in the beautiful city of Tampa. The people of Tampa enjoy a free and easy lifestyle along with the resources of a large metropolitan city which includes fascinating museums, three professional sports teams which include The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Tampa Bay Rays, a variety of options for entertainment and food. Living in Tampa is like spending a year-long vacation all the time. The city is located on the west coast of Florida, Tampa Bay which near the Gulf of Mexico. The city is approximately 180 miles southwest of Jacksonville, 210 miles northwest of Miami and 25 miles northeast of St. Petersburg.

The city was once colonized by the people of Tocobaga and the Pohoy. Later in the 16th century, the Spanish explored the area and later followed by violent disputes and influx of European disease and thus resulted in wiping out all the original inhabitants of the area. Then Spain declared the area as a part of New Spain but there were no permanent residents of either America or Europe until 1819 when the United States obtained the area from Spain.

Next, in the year of 1824, the United States Army has secured a frontier outpost that was known as Fort Brooke near the Hillsborough River. The civilians who first resided in Tampa were pioneers as they settled to gain protected from the Seminole population that lived nearby. Gradually, the population of the city started to increase at the time when phosphate was discovered, railroads links, the debarkation of the cigar industry has boosted the development in the area. At the start of the 1900s, a small village with only 800 people became a large, busy city of more than 30,000 people.

The city, Tampa we know today is most commonly known as the ‘Tampa Bay Area’. With over 3 million residents, it is the second largest metropolitan statistical area in Florida. The beautiful beaches of Tampa such as the St. Pete Beach or the Coquina Beach or Hula Bay are one of the favorite spots for many residents. Nothing beats the amazing sun with the smell of the ocean and the incredible sight of the waves crashing on the shore. Moreover, Tampa Bay area is the home of the most adorable marine animal, the manatee. The favorite manatee of Tampa, Snooty lives in the South Florida Museum. All you need to do is walk down to Bradenton and meet Snooty.

There are the Busch Gardens which is known as the paradise of Tampa where you can experience unlimited fun and enjoy the wild and exhilarating rollercoasters, world-class dining and entertainment. The Lowry Park Zoo enables you to connect with the wildlife. The park also provides regular recreation, research, and different educational programs.

Best Industries for a New Career

There are more than 115,000 business ventures in Tampa which indicate an excellent entrepreneurship in the city. Today, Tampa is one its way to becoming the most commercial, industrial and the economic hub of Florida. Tampa manifests a very promising future based on its diversified economy. The city that was once commercially known for its tourism and great cigar industry is burgeoning with its incredible success in aerospace and medical technology, global trade, agriculture business, health care, electronic equipment, fabricated steel and various other high technology industries.

In the year of 2000, the Great Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s Committee of One Hundred was known for being the top ten developments in the United States. It provides resources for the people and various business in the city. Tampa is known for its economic development customer service. A state program where the Enterprise Florida Inc., has been established as a joint ownership between the government of Florida and the entrepreneurs in order to create an economic development organization. The goal of the organization is to expand the opportunities for all the people living in Tampa by generating jobs, a trained workforce and establishing a globally minded business.

The development of businesses has been one of the sole purposes of Tampa since the world stepped into the 21st century. In the year of 2002, Coca-Cola has established its venture on a 33,000 square foot service center with only around 200 employees. Along with that, the company has also built am accounting center for its North American operations. Depository Trust & Clearing Crop has built an operations center with $34 million in the year 2004 and has provided more than 400 jobs. The economy of the city benefits the Tampa International Airport where the freight-hauling increases 12 per cent every year.

Career and Job Market in Tampa

Tampa is a one big industry town. It has more than hundreds and thousands both local and global business ventures that have turned over more than 100 million. It has a wide variety of business firms where most of the jobs are related to services and office-oriented. The city of Tampa has 44 store chains of Publix, a national grocery of the United States that employs more than 13,500 people. Verizon, known as the largest wireless communication service provider in the United States has established a call center with the open work environment. The company employs more than 6000 people in Tampa. The company provides numerous job offers every year.

JP Morgan Chase & Co. a top leading global financial services business and one of the largest banking institution in the United States has established an operations unit in Tampa. The unit employs more than 5,000 people and has been successful in leading the company through asset management, investment banking and administering financial services to different businesses.

Tampa is one of the fastest growing job markets in the United States where according to various reports employment has increased by 30-35 per cent for the past years. The small business and the commercial ventures have changed the DNA of the economy of Tampa. It is one of the top cities to lead out of recession. The city provided about 42,000 jobs in 2015-2016 from which around 10,000 jobs were in the academic and medical fields, 3,200 in building and construction and the others were in different fields such as science and technology, engineering, management and much more.

Beneficial Blends LLC, which is one of the top industries in Tampa that distributes organic products made of coconut oil, has built its headquarters in Tampa. The company provides opportunities to different sections of the company which includes marketing, quality control, sales, production, accounting and warehouse facilities. As the different business firms and industries established its branches in Tampa, the rate of unemployment has decreased intermittently.

Cost of Living
Comparing to the other cities in the United States, Tampa is known for being easy on the wallet. The housing rates are pretty reasonable and the best thing is that there is no state income tax. With insurance, education cost, medical expenses, and other expenses, the cost of living has a huge positive impact on the younger generation. Every year more than hundreds and thousands of young people come to Tampa for higher studies.

Though at first, the transportation cost does not seem to be a huge factor in the living expenses but once you start to go to university and to and from work every day, it has a huge impact on the cost of living. If one has a car then the yearly average cost for maintenance, diesel, and insurance is about $2500. The housing costs are pretty reasonable in Tampa. Where an average three bedroom apartment costs about $250,000 in Miami, it costs only $175,000 in the region of Tampa. Even in the nearby cities such as St. Petersburg, a four bedroom home ranges from $700,000 to $800,000. Currently, Tampa is booming up the house sales with average house sales from $400,000 to $800,000 including insurance. Though every homeowner in Tampa is provided with a 2 per cent hurricane deductible.

Fun Things to do in Tampa, FL
The city is located in the north of the bay, making it the most happening town in Florida. The beautiful beaches in Tampa provide various types of water activities such as parasailing and dolphin- watching cruises. Tampa is a city of festivals and is known to hold a wide range of celebrations which includes the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival, Sunset Music Festival, Tampapolooza, Spring fest Tampa. It seems like every day is a festival in Tampa. The city is known to have some of the famous stages and performing arts theaters and centers which include David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa Theatre, Gorilla Theatre, and the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre. The food is exceptional in Tampa and will make any foodie fall in love with the city instantly. From international food chains to local food trucks, the city demonstrates a great culinary diversity.


Tampa is home to several museums that cover a wide array of studies. The Museum of Science and Industry exhibits scientific technologies, over 450 hands-on activities, and the only domed IMAX Theater in Florida. The Tampa Museum of Art exhibits modern and contemporary art. The most wonderful part is its interior with only white surface and low-key lighting that is itself a display of art. Other museums in Tampa include USF Contemporary Art Museum; the Tampa Bay History Center; the Tampa Firefighters Museum; the Henry B. Plant Museum; and Ybor City Museum State Park.

Leading Trade Schools & Colleges


Universities in Tampa
The University of Tampa: The University has over 8000 students with 20 years of record allotment. Students from 50 states and over 150 countries study at the university. The university offers about 2,000 degrees with 62 percent of full-time students who reside in the campus housing. There are 11 residence halls and the residence provides an educationally stimulating and enjoyable experience. The university also has various facilities which include fitness and recreation center, art studios and much more. The average undergraduate fees are $27,740 and the on-campus housing cost $10,196. The graduate programs cost $588 per credit hour. Some of the popular undergraduate majors of the university are International business, Environmental science, Finance, Marketing, Management and much more.

The University of South Florida

A public research university that is founded 1956 and is currently the fourth largest public university of Florida. The university has 14 colleges and offers more than 80 undergraduate degrees along with more than 140 graduate degrees. There are 36,463 undergraduate degrees and 10,239 graduate students from all over the United States and over 130 countries. The total cost is $21,410 which includes tuition fees, books and stationary and on-campus living expenses. Along with that, the university offers an average financial aid of $10,134. It is one of the leading metropolitan research universities in Florida. The students are provided with an interdisciplinary and learning experience. The research and the scientific discovery at the university promote arts and culture.

The Hillsborough Community College

The College provides an exception teaching and learning opportunities to the students. It has over 160 academic programs and has over 42,000 students. It is ranked 8th in the state in a total number of associate degrees provided. The university offers various financial aid and loans to the students. The college believes to value sustainability, responding to the need of the community, integrating honest relationships, and professional accountability.

Erwin Technical College

the college has a great environment to achieve higher education, mainly focusing on science and technology and preparing the students for their career. It provides different programs in the fields of Business, Design, Industrial, and Medical. The college also provides a huge range of financial aid to the full-time students. The Student Services Department of the college offers various technical programs. The college does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, age, sex, gender identity and much more.

South University

A private academic institution that offers various educational opportunities in order to the students. The university a wide range of degrees of different fields of study such as arts & sciences, business, Healthcare, pharmacy, and theology. The university offer associates, baccalaureate, masters and doctoral levels, along with general and specialized coursework. The South university also provides financial aids and loans to the students. The university offers a comprehensive education in order to imbue both a learning experience and professionalism to contribute to the society.