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Shreveport is considered the third largest city in Louisiana as well as being the 113th major-city throughout the United States. The population of Shreveport is roughly 199,311. Containing one of the biggest metropolitan populations, exceeding 441,000, the city is considered an ideal starting point for college-aged individuals. Located in the seat of Caddo Parish, Shreveport extends through the red River and into the neighboring parish, Bossier Parish. According to the United States Census Bureau, the Shreveport-Bossier City is ranked as the 111th biggest city in the United States. Shreveport has thriving local industry, commercial organizations and culture as it borders Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana.


Reasons to Consider Career Training in Shreveport


The Shreveport of today focuses greatly on the college and university circuit. Louisiana State University and health sciences center of Shreveport worked to educate more students and make greater strides in health and medicine. Through a variety of two-year and four-year institutions, Shreveport is ranked as home to one of the largest nursing schools throughout northern Louisiana. The Northwestern State University College of Nursing and Louisiana Tech University in Shreveport-Bossier City provide a high quality undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs and degrees. Alternatively, Southern University at Shreveport (SUSLA) a variety of offers two-year associate's degree program in locally in demand fields.


With a strong religious presence, finding theology clear related education in the city is made easy. Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary has been providing specialized degrees to students so that they may pursue their passions.

Within the service industry, Ayers Career College provides excellent HVAC career training programs and certification as well as medical certification programs. Since 2007, Remington College offers degree programs as well as diplomas and remains highly active in the Shreveport community.


Popular Career Niches in Shreveport


In the Shreveport Caddo Parish, there are over 25,828 businesses that employ fewer than 10 people. With this type of good indicators for entrepreneurship, more young graduates can stand a chance of local employment. In contrast, an astonishing 9750 local businesses employ between 10 and 50 people and roughly 1926 businesses employ between 50 and 250 individuals.


Top-rated careers in Shreveport include: Financial Managers, Sales Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Medical and Health Services Managers, Architects (Except Landscape and Naval), Elementary and Secondary School, Education Administrators, Systems Software Developers, Management Analysts, Computer Systems Analysts, Engineers, Electronics Engineers (Non Computer), Civil Engineers, Logisticians, Other Social Workers and Sales Engineers.


Top Industries in Shreveport, LA


According to the leading advisory firm known as KPMG, Shreveport was named number one in the nation for lowest costs in business investment across variety of key industries. This 2012 rating has subsequently boosted Shreveport’s notoriety as a leading hub of commerce and trade.


Among the highly rated in profitable careers in Shreveport are:

1. Advanced manufacturing: with all of Northwest Louisiana holding an important place in the competitive manufacturing industry, the city provides many logistical advantages including low cost of land, accessible transportation, easy access to interstate routes and regional airports. Additionally the city is an excellent hub of international trade; offering company needs more advantage for international commerce.

2. Biotech and Life Sciences: another highly profitable industry within the state, the presence of notable and well respected health and science universities and training centers including Louisiana State University’s Health Sciences Center, Louisiana Tech University, the University of Louisiana at Monroe College of Pharmacy and the Biomedical Research Foundation all work together to form a notable reputation for the city of Shreveport. Additionally, large-scale pharmaceutical companies such as Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and Red River Pharmacy provide many employment opportunities for a growing medically trained population.

3. Defense: this sector of employment is considered highly sought after throughout Northwest Louisiana. Due to the presence of Barksdale Air Force Base south of Bossier City, more than 10,000 people are able to seek employment for one of the nations most strategic military operations. For those looking to go to work in the support sector, Shreveport also provides unique opportunities for knowledge-based military/technical jobs do organizations like National Cyber Research Park’s Cyber Innovation Center (CIC). The development of new programs has awarded such organizations a grant of roughly $2.35 million by the United States Department of Homeland Security. This incredible allocation of funds grants many opportunities to move on to technical employment after graduation from local universities such as Louisiana Tech University.

4. Digital Media and Software Development: the industry of digital media in Louisiana is thriving through organization such as Moonbot Studios, one of Louisiana's first large-scale animation Studios. Notable for its 2012 Oscar win for best-animated short film, Northwest Louisiana has a growing reputation as a hub of the film and digital media industry.

5. Energy: the state’s natural resources industry is among the strongest assets Louisiana has to offer. Known as one of the countries biggest hubs for gas and oil production, the state sits on an incredible amount of natural resources, thus solidifying its place in the energy industry. Companies like Haynesville Shale are among the driving forces of locally based employment. With thousands of jobs dedicated to fulfilling the critical role in the nation's energy needs, this key industry will not go out of style.

6. Film: Northwest Louisiana has put the area on the map in a major way through the diverse resource and talent base put into the highly competitive film industry. Many tax incentives have put digital media and film at the forefront of government considerations is large-scale productions with versatile A-list actors have been filmed and produced in Louisiana.

7. Healthcare: Northwest Louisiana also serves as a major medical hub for over half the state as well as eastern Texas and southern Arkansas. The collective local industries employ more than 25,000 health professionals. With easy access to create training programs and advanced medical degrees, residents are ideally situated to pursue a career in medicine. The medical industry as a whole is one of Shreveport’s top economic drivers.


With a bustling financial services industry, accountants and auditors can expect higher wages in Shreveport, Louisiana. Other leading industries in Shreveport include: Mining and Logging, Construction, Manufacturing, Trade, Transportation, and Utilities, Information, Financial Activities, Professional and Business Services, Education and Health Services, Leisure and Hospitality and Government.

Top Trade Schools in Shreveport, Louisiana


• Louisiana State University in Shreveport: a branch of the Louisiana State University system, this University offers 25 undergraduate degrees, 12 Masters degrees and even one doctoral degree. The University caters to a nontraditional population of students and offers a variety of online courses in additional ways to her in various certifications. The University even offers a 100% online based masters program for a master of nonprofit organizations, Master of education in curriculum and instruction, Master of business administration and Master of health administration. The average cost of undergraduate tuition and fees is roughly $6168. The University's acceptance rate is roughly 67.7% and the graduation rate is roughly 31.6%. Located at 1 University Pl, Shreveport, LA 71115.


• Ayers Career College: accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (C.O.E.), this technical College offers a variety of flexible training programs with many scheduling options. Reaching out to students in more ways, hands-on programs work to accommodate student scheduling and offer more opportunities for convenient career training. Programs include Electronics Technician, HVAC Programs, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Medical Assisting Programs, Medical Assistant, Medical Technology Programs, Medical Office Specialist - Diploma Program, Pharmacy Programs and Pharmacy Technician. Located at 8820 Jewella Ave, Shreveport, LA 71108.


• Diesel Driving Academy: This private, for-profit 1 to 2-year training academy provides high quality career training in driving/transportation careers. Majors include Truck and Bus Driver and Commercial Vehicle Operation. Total enrollment is 181. The percentage of students receiving any financial aid is98%, the percentage of students receiving Federal Grant is 98%. The average federal grant is $2,700.00 and average state aid is $5,967. The percentage of students receiving state aid is 16%. Located at 4709 Greenwood Rd Shreveport, LA 71109.


• Centenary College of Louisiana: this private college offers four-year degrees in the arts and sciences. It is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Majors offered include a Bachelor of Arts: Studio Arts, Art History & Visual Studies, Biology, Communication, Economics, English, French, Geology, History, Individualized Major, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Theatre. Science-related degrees include Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Business Administration, Chemistry, Geology, Individualized Major, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Psychology. B.S., B.A. combined degree in Engineering. Total undergraduate tuition and fees are roughly $33,500 USD. The university’s acceptance rate is 65.7% and total enrollment is 585.
Located at 2911 Centenary Blvd, Shreveport, LA 71104.


Housing for Graduates in the Area


In Shreveport, Trulia estimated the median home price to be roughly $125,600. This median is lower than the national median. Currently, there are roughly 88,512 housing units available in Shreveport. For college students and prospective residents, the stats are in their with roughly 34,234 housing units occupied by renters. Shreveport offers excellent potential for affordable rent. The estimated number of individuals who own homes in Shreveport was roughly 43,492. The median home price was $125,600 and the median monthly mortgage was roughly $1,150.


According to Trulia, the general stats are as follows:

Home Price $125,600.00 $175,700.00 28.5%
Avg. Mortgage Payment $965.82 $1,081.03 10.7%
Apartment Rent $761.00 $920.00 17.3%


As far as overall cost of living, the average monthly rent in Shreveport is $761. Again, this number is lower the national average. 71.1% of owners and 45.7% of renters can expect to pay less than 30% of their annual income on home/rental expenses. This affordability extends to the metropolitan area as well as in the outlying areas. Roughly 77% of homes will cost less than $200,000; making owning a home a realistic goal in Shreveport. General cost of living index also bodes well in the city with allocation of funds lower then national averages on cost of retail goods and services, groceries, health care, housing, cost of public/private transportation and utilities.


Job Market Growth in Shreveport, Louisiana


The large number of employment opportunities is among the city’s greatest draws. Additionally, the low rate of unemployment is a great indicator for the city’s overall health. Low unemployment rates also indicate that the cities economy is better geared towards attracting and retaining qualified workers in local industries and trades. Unemployment rate is only 8.99%. In contrast, the number of employed individuals in the city at large is roughly 86,646 with only 7793 unemployed individuals. With a strong military presence, there are 94 individuals employed by the US Armed Forces.


Shreveport is notorious for holding an important place in the oil industry through Standard Oil of Louisiana. Standard Oil of New Jersey eventually absorbed this locally based company. To this day however, the natural resources industry of Shreveport remains one of its most profitable. After a takeover by Pennzoil in 1968, the subsequent merger made the city into a large service economy as well as a gaming industry. Host in any gambling and casino areas, and before Hurricane Katrina, tourism and gambling were among the leading industries in the city.


Top Employers and Top Wages in Shreveport, LA


Shreveport and is home to a thriving and diverse economy with many high-growth industries represented. Among these high-growth industries are film and digital media. Shreveport has a rich history as being considered part of the Hollywood South with important sectors of advanced film and media production. Additionally, the city is home to many advanced manufacturing foundations providing profitable careers and notable products to the overall region. Industry experts in a variety of specialty nations have taken notice of the city as a potential headquarters or employment base.


Among the state’s top employers are: Barksdale Air Force Base, Benteler Steel/Tube, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, International Paper, Moonbot Studios, Roy O. Martin Lumber Company, Teleperformance, Twin Engine Labs, Verallia North America, Willis-Knighton.


In a 2014 study of the city’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Shreveport metropolitan area’s top employers were as follows:

1. Barksdale Air Force Base with 10,284 new hires
2. Caddo Public Schools with 6,815 new hires
3. State of Louisiana with 6,549 new hires
4. University Health with 6,200 new hires
5. Willis-Knighton Health System with 6,145 new hires
6. Bossier Parish School System with 2,926 new hires
7. City of Shreveport with 2,729 new hires
8. Wal-Mart/Sams Stores with 2,006 new hires
9. Christus Schumpert Health System with 1,800 new hires
10. Harrah's/Horseshoe Casinos with 1,800 new hires.


Things to Do

Many popular attractions near Bossier City are easily accessible to college students and locals looking for entertainment and community events. Home to one of the state’s three horse racetracks, Harrah's Louisiana Downs, there are many opportunities for event spectating. Many Shreveport-Bossier based casinos can be easily found including Sam's Town Casino, Eldorado Casino, Horseshoe Casino, Boomtown Casino, and Diamond Jacks Casino. For those looking for a bite to eat, a place to stay or sights to see, the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau has worked to provide an excellent comprehensive tourism guide. This guide is full of information on local restaurants, events, accommodations and attractions.

Sports have an extensive history in Shreveport; particularly baseball. Home to the affiliated Minor League Baseball since 1968, the most notable team was the Shreveport Captains of the Texas League. With a rich history in professional sports, Shreveport also offers several amateur sports club. Shreveport is also home to a variety of theatres, performing arts groups and museums. Popular recreation spots and major attractions include: Barksdale Global Power Museum, Barksdale Air Force Base, Bossier City, Chimp Haven, Clyde Fant Park, Cross Lake, Ford Park on Cross Lake, and Gators and Friends.



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