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Sacramento is the state capital of California, the Golden State, and the city offers a wealth of opportunities to its citizens. Approximately 490,000 people call the city home, representing a wide range of cultures and traditions. In fact, it was once named by Time magazine as the most diverse city in America. Additionally, over 35,000 businesses have establishments in the area, providing numerous options to those who enjoy living, visiting, and shopping in the area.

The city of Sacramento has also been associated with multiple nicknames including:
• City of Trees
• The Big Tomato
• The Camella Capital of the World
• And Sac or Sactown

With a variety of neighborhoods available, each representing a slightly different feel, you are sure to find an area that speaks to your personal taste and interests. The city as a whole also favors environmentally friendly development and design, including functioning as a leader in the clean fuel source energy revolution thanks to SMUD.

Recreational options also abound whether you prefer to spend your leisure time outside or indoors. The local culture and cuisine give the city a unique flare, especially when it comes to the popularity of farm-to-table dining and craft cocktails, along with the prevalence of museums and an art-focused community.
To help you better understand everything that the city of Sacramento has to offer its residents, here are some key aspects regarding what it is like to call Sacramento home.

Primary Industries and Employment Opportunities

Sacramento is a city that offers a wide variety of opportunities to its residents. This includes a range of openings in both the public and the private sector. Government positions play a large role in the city’s economy, as well as opportunities in the healthcare and technology industries.

As the state capital of the state of California, Sacramento has the highest concentration of government jobs available (per capita) than any other city in the state. This makes it an ideal choice for those interested in public service. Jobs within state and city government can cover almost any industry and skill set, ranging from information technology and computer operation to administrative and policy creation to facilities and construction, and much more.

The private sector also offers a vast array of opportunities to those interested in living and working in the city. Health care industry job opportunities are available with the UC Davis Health System, Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region, and Kaiser Permanente. These organizations look for employees who can fill medical-related positions as well as administrative and office-based duties, making them some of the largest employers in the Sacramento area.

For those interested in more technical positions, employment opportunities are often available through the Intel Corporation, one of the largest employers in the area, and AT&T California. Intel’s research and development campus is located just outside of the city, in the nearby suburb of Folsom. The facilities span over 1.5 million square feet and includes seven buildings. AT&T offers opportunities to those interested in technical positions as well as sales. In the financial sector, positions are available with banking giants like Wells Fargo. This includes standard retail positions within numerous branches as well as focused on operations and specialty services. Sacramento is also the home to the Blue Diamond, the almond brand, headquarters.

Living and Working in Sacramento

California is known for having a higher cost of living than many other areas in the United States. However, Sacramento is generally considered more affordable than some other cities, including San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles. In fact, the 2015 average home price in Sacramento fell below the state of California’s average price.

However, the city is still home to above average rent and home prices when compared to the average across the United States. It can also cost more to purchase many basic necessities like groceries and gasoline. It is important to factor these costs in if you are coming from a higher area, as it can be a significant impact to one’s budget it you aren’t properly prepared.

With that in mind, California offers a significantly higher than average minimum wage when compared to the rest of the nation. This can help compensate for increased pricing of housing as well as products and services when living and working in the Sacramento area.

Neighborhoods within Sacramento

Most large cities are comprised of multiple neighborhoods, each with its own feel. That means you can choose a neighborhood that suits your current situation and lifestyle, providing you with more opportunities to focus on the things you love.
For those interested in a neighborhood with a young and trendy vibe, then Midtown may be ideal. It crosses classic architecture with modern design, creating a sense of newness while maintaining the integrity of the area. Midtown is home to a number of restaurants, shops, and bars, and has a strong arts presence throughout.

The Folsom neighborhood offers excitement for the outdoor enthusiast. Folsom Lake and American River provide access to rafting, kayaking, and scuba diving. The area also features a number of bike trails, including the 32-mile Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, making is an excellent choice for those interested in endurance biking while also having opportunities for those interested in BMX. If you intend to work for the state government offices in the Downtown area, then West Sacramento combines a preferred location in regards to commuting and more affordable housing options. General suburban-style shopping is available throughout the area, attracting many young professionals and those starting families.

Davis, home to a University of California campus, offers unprecedented biking-friendly access throughout the area, making it an excellent location for those who want commuting options that don’t involve owning a car. The college ranks highly when compared to many national and international offerings, and features an active enrollment of over 30,000 students each year.

Educational Opportunities

UC Davis is home to the Aggies, offering 104 undergraduate majors and 99 graduate programs. The institution focuses on research and education, and is home to a world-renown faculty. Aside from the University of California in Davis, there are a wide variety of higher education institutions throughout the Sacramento area. Here are just a few of the available options:
• Sacramento State
• Asher College
• Consumnes River College
• Union Institute and University

While the educational quality of Sacramento State is highly regarded, it is also known for one of their most famous college dropouts. Actor Tom Hanks attended acting classes at the University, but ultimately did not graduate.

The programs offered at each educational institution available in the city vary, as well as the costs of tuition. For example, Asher College focuses on IT, Medical, and Business career training opportunities while Consumnes River College has a wider variety of program options ranging from advertising to theater to geology.

Degree programs are available for students at every level. This includes quality professional development and certificate programs, undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and doctoral opportunities.

Things to Do in Sacramento
Sacramento offers over 230 days of sunshine, making it an ideal city for heading out on foot or bike to see everything the area has to offer. The city hosts numerous events throughout the year, some even receiving worldwide acclaim. Additionally, sporting events, wine tastings, cultural experiences, and a variety of outdoor activities are all only a stone’s through away.

Annual Events
The Sacramento Music Festival takes place annually over the Memorial Day weekend. Formerly known as the Jazz Jubilee, the event has branched out to include music across multiple genres. Come and enjoy some of the 100 bands focused on jazz, pop, or rock that fill the streets with music every year. The California State Fair comes to Sacramento every July. You can enjoy classic fair experiences like midway games and exhibits, or enjoy the live entertainment and other attractions that make this 150-year-old tradition part of the city’s heritage.
If you prefer a more active event, the California International Marathon comes to town every December. The race runs from Folsom through to the State Capitol. Often, this event is used as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon, making it a great opportunity for those dreaming of taking on some of the most challenging and competitive marathons around.

The National Basketball Association’s Kings hail from the city of Sacramento, allowing residents to appreciate a professional-level team without having to leave town. In fact, a new arena is being developed in the downtown area, showing the city’s pride in everything the team has to offer. The city also welcomed a professional soccer team, the Sacramento Republic FC, which debuted in the 2014 season. On the minor league baseball side, Sacramento hosts the River Cats. Tickets are affordable, making it a great outing for even cash-strapped college students and young professionals with or without children.

California is known for its wines, and Sacramento is no exclusion. As a wine region, the area has emerged as a thriving destination for oenophiles from near and far. Since the market isn’t fully commercialized, many local vineyards offer free tastings to visitors, as well as direct access to the owners and operators that make the local wines available for all to enjoy.

Museums and Zoos

The area has 28 museums that call the city home, offering a range of informative displays on everything from the history of medicine, the California gold rush, the story of the Transcontinental Railroad, and art from a variety of notable eras. The State Capitol also functions as a living museum, allowing visitors to explore the history of the city as well as witness history in the making. To make accessing the various museums easy, the city offers a free museum day in early February every year. That makes it a great day to go out and explore everything these museums have to offer.

Cultural Offerings
Theater and the performing arts have a home in the city of Sacramento. Local performance spaces host a variety of plays and musicals ranging from small independent productions to Broadway sensations. You can also visit the Sacramento Opera or the Sacramento Ballet for stunning displays of expertise and skill.

The Downtown neighborhood provides access to the Sacramento Convention Center, home to the Community Center Theater and Music Circus. The Convention Center also plays host to a variety of events such as anime conventions, comedy performances, home and garden shows, and much more.

Dining and Nightlife
The Sacramento experience extends beyond daylight hours to offer invigorating nightlife experiences sure to appeal to almost everyone. Large nightclubs operate alongside small bars. Craft cocktails are commonplace, and concert venues of all sizes line the streets. For those looking for an unforgettable dining experience, Sacramento is considered by many to be the Farm-to-Fork capital of the nation. Fine dining opportunities can be found next to niche art galleries and small bookstores, or go for something more casual by enjoying one of the city’s finest burger or pizza joints. There is also an active debate regarding which local ice cream purveyor truly offers the best version of this favorite dairy treat, so you may have to try them all and decide for yourself.

Enjoy All That Sacramento has to Offer
The city of Sacramento provides residents with a broad array of opportunities for work, fun, education, and more. That makes it a great place to come for a visit, build a career, raise a family, and even retire. Come enjoy the friendly people and the various cultures that all exist within the cities distinct neighborhoods, and explore the local art scene and fantastic cuisine, all while basking in the warm California sun. With so much to offer, it is a wonder more people haven’t consider calling the Sacramento area home.