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Covering 81.4 square miles with an estimated population of three hundred thousand and five hundred people. Riverside ranks as the 12th most populous city in California and 59th most in the United States. It is without a doubt the largest city in California’s Inland Empire metro area. Surrounded by small and large mountains that get a bit snowed at times, Riverside has breathtaking scenery. Being just a few minutes’ drive from the pacific, Riverside residents also get the beautiful feel of the beaches of Southern California. Riverside city gives some of the best assortment of socio-economic conditions. It provides a vibrant economic industry for smart skilled graduates brought forth by highly professional colleges. Historic museums and an arts center and others have the social aspect wholly covered. In addition to providing a good education platform through the top universities, Riverside also ensures that graduates are able to find employment within the city.

Why Consider Career Training in Riverside

Riverside not only has some of the best colleges and universities in California, it has most career fields covered. With roughly twelve training institutions providing two or four year courses, any student can pursue a course of their choice to achieve their dreams. Nick named The Highlander, University of California Riverside (UCR) is a public research university that pioneers and offers research studies in biological pest control, the use of growth regulators ( for citrus farming) , citrus diversity and entomology as well as science fiction and photography. Riverside community college is another great place offering numerous academic, extracurricular and arts courses. A large scope is presented here, including career certificates that can lead directly to a career or to a four-year university transfer and also associate’s degrees. For an integrated Christian Education that upholds student intellectually, professionally, spiritually and socially, California Baptist University would be the most ideal place. It offers majors in liberal, fine and performing arts, behavioral sciences, business, Allied health, Christian ministries and Engineering. Alternatively, if in need of skills that are essential in getting ahead in work or life in general, Brightwood College in Riverside, CA will be of most help.


Brightwood College offers education programs that enable you adequately prepare for a new career or improvement in your current position. For an affordable and quality health career training, North-West California college that has specialized in allied health programs such as dental assisting, medical assisting, pharmacy Technician among others. Most graduates are harbored with the trouble of finding jobs after their training and time in colleges and or universities. This is not usually the case in Riverside since the employment industry is vast and conveniently diverse. In a nutshell, it is by very minimal chance that a graduate can lack employment or a career opportunity in Riverside. As explained later, most (ninety percent) of the workforce produced by the education finds something to do in Riverside. Be it production, manufacturing or tertiary part of the industry. But training and working may not cover all reasons for someone to stick around and happily pursue a career in Riverside. The low living cost is a major attraction to many people seeking jobs in Riverside. The low cost of production is a major boost to the entrepreneurial and production center not to mention the strategic position of riverside and its demographic structure that provides a good market. Aside from the economic comfortability aspects, trainers or students as well as career men and women in Riverside are able to engage in social activities such as hike to the surrounding mountains, walks along the pacific or attending festivals or art fairs and art shows hosted within the city. Riverside provides a rare ideal environment for academic excellence in the universities and subsequent career success in the local industries


Popular Career Opportunities in Riverside

Riverside California career niche is broad and very diverse ensuring that all graduates and skilled people are employed. They include: food and restaurant sector that covers the catering aspect of life. Healthcare and medical sector for the well being of the people. The retail, sales and marketing sector for businesses. Customer service, automotive and warehouse for the production sector, law enforcement and security. Other sectors include hotel and hospitality, accounting and finance, administration and office support, transportation, personal care and services and finally, salon/spa/fitness.

As per the Bureau of labor statistics of 2016, December, Riverside has a commendable high rate of employment assuring civilian labor of a good income in their career path. The above named opportunities are just a part of the broader picture. According to statistics, Riversides employment rate is high enough that more than ninety percent of the work force produced by the education systems is absorbed into the industry. Local graduates do not have to go past Riverside boundaries to secure careers they earlier on set to pursue. No skill or man power goes to waste or lies around awaiting an employment opportunity. An added advantage to graduates seeking employment in the Riverside’s job market is the tremendous support the industry gives to people. As you begin your career, mentorship and guidance is provided to ensure your achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Start ups and entrepreneurs particularly get significant financial, moral and skill assistance. This has put Riverside California on the map as the Hub of creativity and technological innovation. As such, more career opportunities are continually realized.


Top industries in Riverside

Workforce in riverside is provided by enthusiastic graduates who were once eager to join Riverside colleges in their various fields. All graduates want to be inducted in the top industries they once dreamed to work in. some of the top industries include;

1. Advanced Manufacturing
Riverside’s vibrant manufacturing sector boasts to be a producer of some of the world’s most technological advancements. This sector has done tremendously in injection molding, safety preparation, medical device manufacturing and products for the aerospace industry. Riverside has strategic advantage as it is located centrally to key south California markets that are easily accessible by air, rail, highway and local ports. It is also located in foreign trade zone #244 that is newly expanded. Working to their advantage, Riverside public utility rates for water and electricity are lower compared to those serviced by others. the lower cost of production gives the Riverside manufacturing industry significant headway. Several industrial parks such as the Hunter Industrial Park, Sycamore Canyon Industrial park and Airport Industrial areas give support to the manufacturing centers.

2. Agriculture and Food
This is also a very wild industry in Riverside. Proud to be successful citrus farmers since the 19th century, riverside has grown this part of the industry admirably well exploring production of; citrus crops, tree and vine crops, vegetable, melon and miscellaneous crops, field and seed crops, livestock and poultry products, aquaculture and many others . It hosts a number of food and beverage processing facilities including Inland premium packers, Fresh and Easy, Ludford’s Inc. Pepsi bottling Group, Food Tech and the OSI Group. Coupling the cost advantages of Riverside’s municipally owned utilities and lower costs of living and doing business, Riverside continues to lead in this sector as more food processing industry leaders continue to establish and grow more facilities. The above mentioned companies form a vital part of the city’s strong manufacturing sector and represent some of the world’s best technologies.


3. Health and Medical
As per the Examination Medical Services Inc. (EMSI) data, there are up to 111,579 healthcare jobs in Riverside. Riverside has several major medical facilities and is conveniently close to others for example, Riverside community Hospital, Riverside Medical clinic Kaiser Permanente among others. Being one of the fastest growing Cities in the state, the area is statistically not well served by the available facilities. Therefore it is acknowledged for growth in the industry to meet the demand through creation of more infrastructure and training of more health personnel in the available colleges. Riverside health care sector has developed a modern and more efficient way of interacting and delivering services to patients. The riverside physician network is a notable and highly respected independent association that offers residents of the greater Riverside Area access to a list of physicians (primary) covering a wide range of specialties from which the patient can chose. Its main policy is putting patients first before any other needs. Riversides’ health sector is set with a huge number of professionals who work together to deliver services to the people. The sector awaits more graduates, nurses, doctors lab technicians from the local universities to boost the number of health care personnel.


4. Profession and Services
Riverside was ranked the 6th happiest place in the nation for young professionals in 2013 and also won the Intelligent Community of the year award in 2012. This shows the success of the professional industry in the city. Having grown the professional and business service industry employment by 90.09% in a decade, the city offers support of many legal, brokerage, architectural, accounting, banking and engineering firms. It is the county’s backbone for the fastest growing county in California. Business in the City is highly boosted by a good freeway system, BNSF and UPSP rail access, high-speed fiber optic telecommunications and city-owned electric and water utility. There is also a corporate jet and an aviation airport.


5. Retail and Restaurants
Riverside has a civilian population of more than 310,000 people whose average income is 72,811$. The student population is over 50,000 with four universities and colleges. This demographic outline provides an ideal market for the retail and restaurant industry. It’s strategic location (at the center of the fastest growing region in California) earns it recognition as a retail hub with its own flare of success. Riverside has a number of retail shopping centers such as the open-air Riverside Plaza and the Main Street downtown.


6. Technology and Entrepreneurship
Termed a city of innovation, Riverside has and continues to mother the growth of technology companies becoming the focal place of innovation in Inland Southern California. Riverside’s technology industry is proud to have a number of globally recognized innovative companies such as Luminex software and Ambryx Biotechnology. Regardless of your company or partnership size, Riverside is determined to help tech-start ups develop into fascinating innovative companies. This commitment has helped it get awards such as being ranked 2nd by the Forbes magazine in 2013 for being a hotspot for technological growth. The city has local incubators equipped with necessary support and equipment where start ups can actualize their brilliant ideas. Thereafter, financial assistance and guidance is provided to ensure the start ups do not collapse along the way. The accomplished local technology networks give these young entrepreneurs mentorship and a platform to air their ideas, views and or grievances.

7. Film and Television
Many films such as Eagle eye, Never land and others have been shot in Riversides. This is due to the beautiful scenery of the city created by unique architectural features. Hollywood being near has made it easier for film studios to find it easier to film in the city. This industry provides employment to graduates from performing arts programs and related courses.

8. Arts and Culture
Riverside California is home to several historic parks and museums such as the California Citrus State Historic Park, Entomology Research Museum at the University of California (it is however not open to the public). The art museums present in Riverside, like the Riverside Art museum enrich the artistic side of the city. Creative minds and art enthusiasts are catered for in this industry. The city provides a platform to showcase and sell their works of art. Several festivals are done through the year. National heritage is promoted. During these celebrations, jobs are created and certain industries greatly thrive. Annual art shows are done to exhibit fine displays. During such times, it is estimated that around seventy thousand people are attracted.

Job Market and Growth in Riverside CA

In a decade, the professional and business industry employment industry in Riverside has grown by 90.09% and the unemployment rate reduced to an estimate of 5% generally. This clearly portrays the commendable ability of Riverside to create jobs that meet the workforce produced by the universities and colleges. Riverside California provides assurance of employment to any skilled professional in whichever field. With thousands of existing employment opportunities and more being created, it is without a doubt the place to start and be best at your career. Not only do you get jobs in Riverside but also all the necessary support to engage in entrepreneurial activities for job creation. The favorable demographic population, strategic location and affordable utility and living costs provide optimum conditions for the success of any graduate or passionate person driven to be successful and accomplished.


Top employers in Riverside California

Based on the number of employees and subsequent success in the related areas, some of the top employers in Riverside include;

1. University of California, Riverside.
With an impressive number of 5,336 employees, University of California is widely known for its ethnic diversity and unwavering stand and determination to be the best research university in the nation. The university employs staff adequate enough for all the departments to sufficiently serve over 19000 students enrolled in the university. This University is exemplary in both Curricular and co curricular activities. Its graduates are readily accepted in the job market.

2. Riverside Unified School District
Coming second is also an academic institution with 3,553 employees. Riverside Unified School District has employed world class lecturers, professors support staff and other employees to ensure activities run smoothly. The school has won several awards up to the national level and is recognized for its prowess in sports and visual and performing arts programs.

3. City of Riverside
This includes employees by the city determined to provide services to all residents of Riverside. Including the City manager’s office, community and development department, finance department, general services, human resources, innovation and technology among other departments endeavor to give the city the best conditions for their socio-economic activities. City of Riverside has been awarded severally for their well-done service to the City. In 2016 it was in the top ten metro for retaining metro grads list.

4. Kaiser Permanente
This is one of the best health care facilities in Riverside. With 1700 employees, Kaiser Permanete provides health services to people at a very affordable cost. They employ highly competent and qualified staff to ensure your health is closely and expertly monitored. With enough physicians at their disposal, Kaiser gives the patient the opportunity to chose a doctor they are most confident and comfortable with. it is highly rated in the state as a top health care organization. Kaiser takes in skilled employees who will be helpful in driving their mission of providing quality acre for its members and their families, and to contribute to the well being of its communities.

5. HUB International Insurance services Inc.
This company is driven to helping people work through the hardships of managing their insurance needs and planning. It has 1500 employees. Ranked 8th among the world’s largest insurance brokers. Combining broad experience from a number of skilled employees, the HUB has created a set of insurance programs that meet specific needs of certain professions and professional associations. It gives people access to the right insurance for their profession and or affinity group.


Top Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities

1. University of California Riverside.
Ranked the one of the best research public university in the region, University of California Riverside offers degree programs. It had an enrollment of 21,539 students in 2015 pursuing the various disciplines offered in the University. It was given an acceptance rate of 66.2% due to its very good track record. It is usually ranked as one of the most diverse university in as far as ethnicity is concerned. The Highlanders, UCRs sports team does the university proud in the Big West Conference. UCR are provides a holistic kind of personal improvement-curricular and co curricular.

2. Riverside City College.
Riverside City College (part of the Riverside community College District) is a historic institution that gives the student a variety of courses and helps the student to delve into smart progress towards achieving set goals and dream careers. Riverside community College has improved its graduation rate from 31.4% since 2014. It gives its students the best of teachers to equip them with the best of skills necessary for the job market. RCC produces locally and state approved certificate, associates’ degrees and associate degree for transfer. This is achieved through offering of pre-college, transferable and career –technical courses. Focusing on a learner-centered ideology, it promotes critical thinking and information competency.


3. California Baptist University.
Founded in 1950, California Baptist university as a private college with an undergraduate enrollment of 6,630. It was ranked 37th in the 2017 edition of Best Colleges in Regional Universities west. It is a top private Christian college offering master’s ,bachelor’s and certificates programs which can also be obtained online. It offers 75 bachelor programs, including 159 concentrations and 50 minors;30 master degree programs, with 46 concentrations. It also offers two doctoral programs. The university is organized into various schools. They include college of Health Science, college of Architecture, Visual Art and Design, college of Arts and Sciences. It also has an Engineering college with various departments. Like La Sierra universities, California Baptist University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleagues and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and colleges.


4. Kaplan College University.
This is a system of schools organized and operated by Kaplan Inc. Kaplan University offers a wide range of programs all vital in preparing graduates for the workforce demand in their respectful industries. Programs available in Kaplan include Criminal justice, Paralegal, computer networking, accounting and business administration among others. programs undertaken earn the student a certificate, associate’s degree, bachelors degree or masters degree.

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