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As we all know, New York is one of the largest and most important cities in the world. In this article, we will go over New York’s most significant industries and career opportunities, as well as some of the city’s trade schools and colleges.

New York City’s Most Important Industries
One of New York City’s most important industries is financial services. Some of the best paying jobs in the city are in this industry. In fact, professionals in this industry in New York City have a median salary that is about four times the amount of those working in other industries. New York City has more than 330,000 workers in the financial services industry. Downtown New York City is where most financial services jobs are located. In fact, in excess of 90% of positions in commodities, securities, and investments of other kinds are in that area.

We have all heard of Wall Street, and if you’re thinking about perhaps living in New York one day, you might want to know what kinds of jobs and careers are offered in this famous industry area. According to Paul Clarke in his article “The 11 Hottest Jobs on Wall Street in 2015”, investment bankers continue to be in great demand on Wall Street, and receive outstanding salaries. You will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in business and preferably an MBA as well, in addition to a great deal of experience in the field, to work as an investment banker. Private equity professionals (who hold an MBA) are also doing extremely well. Compliance analysts are also in demand, in addition to project managers for initiatives regarding regulatory change and business analysts. You will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in business, and preferably an MBA as well, if you want to work as a business analyst. Structured products analysts and venture capitalists who focus on technology businesses are also in demand. People working as internal auditors and data scientists are also doing very well on Wall Street. You should be aware that all of these Wall Street jobs tend to require, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in a business field, and often additionally need an MBA and experience, as well.

As many as 20 million people in New York City have jobs in the health care industry, and this industry is expected to continue growing quickly. While there are many jobs in this industry in New York, you should be aware that health care workers in this city have a lower median salary than those in other states. There are more than 647,000 workers in professional and technical services in New York City. Professional and technical services includes a wide variety of different professionals and workers. Examples include accountants, lawyers, marketers, and mechanics. You should be aware that people working in this field tend to be especially vulnerable to fluctuations in the economy.

Retail trade is another very large industry in New York. There are many different sectors in this industry including, for example, auto retail, food and beverage, electronics retail, and clothing. New York City has at least 75,000 retail businesses, and more than 800,000 workers have jobs in the industry. As you are probably already aware, retail is generally extremely vulnerable to weaknesses that arise in the economy (such as recessions).

Manufacturing is quite strong in New York City, especially on Staten Island, in the area immediately east of Newark, and in the Five Boroughs area. New York City has manufacturing businesses in the areas of glass, elevator parts, clothing, and other product types. There are also jobs in technical manufacturing (including making, for example, general software engineering tools, computer products, 3D printing, mobile devices, and video games. Jobs in technical manufacturing tend to pay well. As a city with a large population, New York has many opportunities in educational services (both public and private), at the elementary, high school, and college and trade school levels. The legal profession is a very promising one in New York City. Legal occupations generally in the city have a median salary of $124,840.

New York City’s Most Promising Careers

As an extremely large city with an economy to match, New York has many promising career paths. Let’s go over some of the best ones here. According to, accountants and auditors enjoy a large median salary of $84,620 in New York City. Accountants and auditors are responsible for the preparation and analysis of financial records and documents. The skills of these professionals are essential for the smooth and successful operation of every business. To work as an accountant or auditor, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting (or a related field). You will also need to obtain special certification to practice. The specific certification you pursue will depend on the designation you wish to earn. The most common professional designation in this field is that of Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Professionals working as actuaries in New York City have a median salary of $120,120. Actuaries are professionals who examine and manage risk. This makes them highly valuable in many different fields. Actuaries use their knowledge of numbers to evaluate how likely something is to happen, and to reduce the likelihood of something negative coming to pass. They also have ways of making the impact of negative events less significant. Actuaries are college-educated professionals who have specialized training and certification in their field. $104,330 is the median salary of construction managers in New York. Construction managers are responsible for the overall management of construction sites and employees. These professionals are usually required to have a bachelor’s degree in a field that is directly related to construction, as well as a great deal of experience.

New York computer systems analysts make a median annual salary of $95,210. Computer systems analysts are skilled and highly trained professionals who are essential in helping companies and organizations create and use the computer systems and procedures that are most efficient and effective for them. Human resources managers in New York City have an impressive median annual income of $118,770. These professionals have a wide variety of important responsibilities, such as providing lines of communication between management and employees, recruiting and hiring new staff, and taking part in strategic planning for the company. To become a human resources manager, you will need a bachelor’s degree in addition to several years of experience in the field. Some positions require a master’s degree.

Market research analysts in New York City make an average of $71,350 per year. These professionals help determine the sales potential of products and services, based on their study of market conditions. As a result, market research analysts are needed by any business that makes and/or markets a product or service. To work as a market research analyst, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree. It is possible that you will need a master’s degree for some positions. Financial planners in the city enjoy a median annual salary of $106,440. To gain employment in financial planning, you will need at least a college degree in a related field (such as finance or business). Whether you will be required to have the Certified Financial Planner designation will depend on the company you wish to find work with. To obtain the Certified Financial Planner designation, one needs to complete a special educational course or program and pass a difficult exam. Three years of experience in the field is also required.

The median salary of registered nurses in New York City is $85,970. Registered nurses are responsible for the coordination and provision of patient care. They also help provide patient and public education. To work as a registered nurse, you must have the necessary state licensing. State licensing requires the completion of an accredited bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, or diploma program in nursing.
In New York City, software developers have a median salary of $107,300. Software developers are professionals who create and produce ideas for software programs as well as the software itself. Software publishers and businesses specializing in computer systems design are some of the most common employers for software developers. If you want to work as a software developer, you will need a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Statisticians in New York City have median annual pay of about $73,010. A statistician is a knowledgeable and highly skilled professional who understands how to compile, interpret, and generally work with statistical information. You will need a bachelor’s degree in statistics, at minimum. You would probably find a master’s degree very helpful.

New York City’s Colleges and Trade Schools

Fashion institute of Technology: New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology is known and respected all around the world. Students at this school can study fashion, design, art, business, and communications. The school’s five academic divisions include the School of Art and Design; the Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology; the School of Liberal Arts; the School of Graduate Studies; and the Center of Continuing and Professional Studies. Examples of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s many fascinating undergraduate programs include Graphic Design; Fashion Design; Fine Arts; Fashion Business Management; Textile/Surface Design; Photography; Jewelry Design; Home Products Development; Accessories Design; Entrepreneurship; Toy Design, and many others. The Fashion institute of Technology has outstanding partnerships with the fashion industry, giving its students incredible opportunities.

Helen Fuld College of Nursing: Helen Fuld College of Nursing, established in 1955, is well-known and highly respected throughout the country. This fully accredited nursing college has excellent facilities, and will qualify you for work as a licensed practical nurse, an associate degree registered nurse, or a baccalaureate degree nurse. Helen Fuld College of Nursing students do their practice nursing at a wide variety of different facilities in the city. Examples include Bellevue Hospital Center; Harlem Hospital Center; Institute for Family Health; U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; Queens Hospital Center; Isabella Geriatric Center, and many others. Helen Fuld College of Nursing offers a special mentor program that might interest you. If you participate in this program, you will be assigned a mentor alumnus. This alumnus will be a person who has some similarities to you with regard to your overall experience of the school.

New York City College of Technology (founded in 1946) is organized into three schools (the Schools of Arts and Science, Technology and Design, and Professional Studies), and offers 53 degree (bachelor and baccalaureate0 programs. Some examples of programs offered at this institution include Dental Hygiene (Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene); Biomedical Informatics (Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Informatics); Accounting (Associate of Applied Science in Accounting); Marketing Management and Sales (Associate of Applied Science in Marketing Management and Sales); Entertainment Technology (Bachelor of Technology in Entertainment Technology); Hospitality Management (Associate of Applied Science in Hospitality Management or Bachelor of Technology in Hospitality Management). New York City College of Technology had 17,282 students in the Fall semester of 2016.

New York City is a Great Place to Be!
As we have learned here, New York City is a dynamic and incredibly vibrant large city with many opportunities for education and career development. Whether you want to work in financial services and banking, healthcare, or one of the professional services, this city is definitely a place you will want to consider.


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