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Mobile, Alabama is an old Southern town that has very deep roots. What many people do not know is that it is the only saltwater port in Alabama and is incredibly close to Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. The city has a very rich history in the shipping and trading industries and many people do not know just how many boats go in and out of the city. Mobile is also known for its history during the Civil War and during the time of segregation. The entire state of Alabama is known for its part in the Civil Rights Movement and attempting to break many prejudices during a time of turmoil and hate. What many people may not know about Mobile is that there is a lot of opportunity here to grow in their career. There are plenty of schools here that are well known for having some of the best educators in the country. Along with being a very culturally sound city, Mobile offers quite a bit of opportunity, art, and entertainment for those who visit and those who decide to stay.


Mobile Colleges and Trade Schools


Mobile, Alabama has a great set of schools to choose from. Their trade schools are very focused on specific careers and the education that their students need to be successful at these jobs. Once the students graduate from these trade schools, they try to make sure that they are able to place students with the job that they have worked so hard to get. The main colleges and trade schools in Mobile specialize in many different top industries.


Fortis College has several programs including: Nursing, Medical Technologists, Dental, Healthcare / Medical, Business, Information Technology, Skilled Trades, Beauty and Wellness and Commercial Driving. Although Fortis College is a fairly small school, there are about 300 students that attend these classes to receive their Associates Degree. There is a lot of emphasis on job placement at Fortis College as well.


Another popular trade school in Mobile is Bishop State Community College which offers college classes and also a set of technical programs and workforce development. Bishop State offers degrees in Social Sciences, Business, Education, Industry Training, Construction, and Engineering. They focus quite a bit on getting their students ready and trained for their new career as they focus on work placement as well. Bishop State’s population as of 2011 was 3,982, in state tuition $4,260, out of state $7,650. It has 100% acceptance rate and 18.7% graduation rate. Which is nice when you don’t know exactly what you want to do, you can keep your options open here.


Training Programs in Mobile

The trade schools in Mobile are well integrated into the city. From business training to truck driving, from USCG aviation training to nursing. There’s a lot to choose from and there is no shortage of information on all of it. The colleges and trade schools here have many opportunities to their students and these schools want to see their students succeed. Because of the wide variety of subject matter that can be studied in Mobile, it is seen as one of the best places to train for a future career. Along with the educators in this city, the job market seems to be growing more and more. Being a coastal city helps to produce more jobs each year as the trading industry grows. What a better way to learn a trade then doing so in a city that is constantly growing and building?


Training for a career in Mobile is a great idea also because of the many different job placement programs that the trade schools offer. These schools pride themselves on being some of the best when it comes time for their students to find work. From ultrasound technicians to salon stylists, there seems to be a job for anyone that graduates from the trade schools here in Mobile, Alabama.


Research Careers in Mobile, AL


The main career niche is their entrepreneurs, and tiny businesses. Out of the 195,111 people in the city 35,428 businesses have fewer than 10 employees working for them, businesses that have 10-50 people are about 13,434. So out of the total population 48,862 businesses have 50 employees or less, that’s a lot of small businesses. In total there are 51,910 businesses in Mobile, Alabama alone. Entrepreneurs pretty much run the city of Mobile with their small businesses, which for those wanting to start their own business looks good for them.


Along with small businesses, there is a myriad of opportunity for the work force in Mobile. There are quite a few hospitals in this city which means that they need to have employees. Trade schools here in Mobile will train their students to be technicians in laboratories, ultrasound technicians, and dental hygienists. The opportunities are practically endless when it comes to the medical field here in Mobile.


Being a coastal city also means that there is a lot of work in that industry. Along with the trading industry, students that go to one of the trade schools can look into a career in the oil and gas industries and shipping industries. There is a lot of work that does need to be done in these industries and a great career can come out of this. There is a lot of money to be made especially in the shipping industry being so close to the water.

Mobile, Alabama Industries

Mobile has a great selection of industries; some do need a college or trade school education but not all of them do. Medicine and Research are both industries that have been booming in Mobile, and do require some type of education to get into these fields. The amount of small businesses just keeps growing in Mobile as well. Going to a trade school to learn more about owning and operating a business is a great way to get a business off the ground. The schools here in Mobile will help pave the way for all business owners and students who want to go into the many industries here.


In Mobile, one of the industries that are growing fairly quickly is the banking industry. There are new banks opening up all over the city. There are also opportunities for new businesses to get loans and expand. With these new expansions, banks will need even more employees to help them. Trade schools and colleges here in Mobile can teach students the business tips that they need in order to be a success in the banking industry. Mobile is also a city known for manufacturing. There are quite a few different types of manufacturing plants here. There are factories for ship building, aircraft building, ship repair, steel mills, soft drink production, chemical productions, and carpet manufacturing. Trade schools in Mobile do have plenty of classes that students can pick up the skills to work at any of these factories. As the city continues to grow, these industries will as well. This will mean more and more jobs will open up for students straight out of trade school.


The industry on the rise across the country not just in Mobile is the healthcare industry. This is one of the few fields that are always in need of people. The average high school graduates do care giving to Doctors, Pharmacy Techs and Hospital care. The schools here in Mobile will prepare all of the medical students for their dream jobs. They will see just how much they can learn and grow when they decide to go into the medical industry. The population is growing in Mobile along with the amount of hospitals. This is why it is a great idea for students to go into this field.

Another field that doesn’t show signs of slowing down for finding employees is technology. Computer system technicians are an occupation that has become much needed. Because of all of the different items that use computers or some type of computer software, this is an occupation that is not slowing down any time soon. Computer software is everywhere in the world and even in Mobile, Alabama. This makes the software designers in high demand all over the state. The trade schools here in Mobile can help to their software students into the work force very quickly.


For those who like to drive and travel there is also a need for truck drivers. Long and short haul drivers are in need across the country. There are quite a few perks to taking on a truck driving job. For those who love to travel, this is a great way to do so and get paid to do it. The pay scale is very competitive and veteran truck drivers can honestly say that they love their jobs. After many years of driving a truck, many drivers can also choose the days that they want to work. Trade schools here in Mobile will be able to educate their students on the proper ways to drive a truck and safety rules and regulations.


Housing Market and Rent Cost in Mobile, Alabama
The housing market at first glance is generally inexpensive in Mobile. More than half of the population in the city owns their homes. There are also plenty of renters of homes, apartments, and townhouses. The prices of homes and apartments have dropped quite a bit because of the number of jobs that are starting to open up in Mobile. The average cost of a home to buy in Mobile is $125,000. This is much lower than the national average which is around $459,000. All in all, it is very inexpensive to live in Mobile and with the jobs available; this is a great city to move to.


Job Market and Growth
The job market in Mobile seems to be growing. Just like any city, there is unemployment, but overall, it is pretty low. Jobs are growing in many different industries and with the right education; new employees will be very prepared for their new jobs. As the manufacturing industry grows, the need for qualified workers does as well. Trade schools know exactly what these industries need and can give their students the perfect education.


Top Employers and Wages
As of 2015, the weekly paycheck in Mobile was around $628. As of 2017, minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. One of the top employers in the field of education is the University of South Alabama with 5,000 employees. In healthcare, Providence Hospital employs about 2,150 employees, and the Springhill Medical Center employs about 1,200 employees. In aircraft refurbishing, ST Aerospace Mobile has about 1,300 employees. Top call center is RYLA INC. with up to 1,200 employees. In manufacturing, Austal USA has 1,040 people hired on, Kimberly Clark Corp has 700 hired, Evonik Degussa has 670 employed, Ciba Corp has 525 employees, and C&G Boatworks has 500 people on board. Atlantic Marine is a shipbuilding and repair company who hires 500 or more employees. Press Register is a newspaper company that hires 500 people to work for them.


Thing to Do While in Mobile
There are quite a bit of things to do and visit while in school. The USS Alabama (BB-60) is a World War 2 battleship museum. The historical museum of Mardi Gras or you can go to the Mobile Carnival Museum. The historical district is a large area for visiting. A full size replica of the historic fort Fort Conde is fun place to check out, along with both the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion and Mobile Botanical Gardens. There is the Mobile Museum of Art and the Old City Hall museum. Overall, Mobile, Alabama is one of the fastest growing cities for employment and education. The different industries that are located here give Mobile the income that its economy really needs. The community here is very tight knit and they all do their very best to make sure that Mobile is safe and successful. Students who attend trade schools here will find that they can go up their career ladder very quickly just by choosing a school in Mobile.