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Houston was founded in 1836 and made a city in 1837, it is the capital city of Texas and is the major founding city-state of the United States of America. It has the most population number in Texas and the fourth in the US, also it is the biggest city in the Southern United States.

Top Industries in Houston
Houston is the base, has the most important industry sectors around the world, and is the top most manufacturing city in the United States of America. Also, the world’s largest medical complex is found in Houston because it is home to Texas Medical Centre, which offers clinical services, education, and research activities. It has 54 medical institutions that offer medical education. NASA’s Johnson Space Centre is located in Houston; it is an aerospace center and transfer site for technology developed by NASA. In the energy industry, Houston continues to grow its manifestation in renewable and traditional energy technology forms.

Aerospace and Aviation Industry
The Johnson Space Center, one of the largest NASA facility centers, is located in the city of Houston, Texas and is responsible for developing technologies that has been useful in space exploration and the energy industry as well. It also employs almost 3,000 federal civil servants and over 14,000 contract personnel from across the world. The best US high technology specialists in engineering and science come from the Space Centre. The aviation industry of Houston has more than 150 aircraft, vehicle manufacturing, and technology and space research industries.

Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Industry
The future of the USA technically lies in Houston, as it is the place with the largest concentrations of industrial space and has the potential of dealing with any future demands that might arise. There are more than 6,000 industrialists located in Houston that employ almost 250,000 skilled workers to work in various departments in their industries. Houston houses over 400 software developing companies that cover a huge consumer base in space science, biotechnology, energy and development operations areas. The city’s business accelerators like the Houston Technology Centre expedite the areas’ technological entrepreneurship. Houston has over 10,000 manufacturing institutions, and for four succeeding years, the Industry Magazine ranked it the Gold Medal World-Class Community. Houston’s Hewlett-Packard employs the most number of people in its operations in the city compared to any HP facility globally. For a continuous access to the major resin technologies and producers, the coast of Houston-Gulf has nearly 40% of the US aptitude for base petrochemicals.

Biotechnology and Healthcare Industry
Texas was ranked the fourth strongest state in the development of biotechnology because of its strong technology infrastructure, research facilities, financing industry and the existence of commercial companies. It is the place where nanotechnology was established, and in its handling ability in significant research and commercialization, it is among the top ten metro areas. There are over 190 biotechnology companies, academic corporations and life sciences companies. Some of the country’s top research facilities are located in Houston together with over 130 innovative health clinics and hospitals. The Texas Medical Center is Houston’s biotechnology and central healthcare point with over 60,000 health care specialists working there and attending to over five million patients from across the world each year. Most of the healthcare center in Houston consistently are ranked among the nation’s topmost healthcare institutions. The Medical Centre also houses the UT Research Park, which is a mutual project between the UT Health Science Centre and the University of Texas M.D Anderson.

Energy Sector
Houston is the world’s capital of the oil and gas industry the reason the global center for oil and gas industry is located there including exploration, transmission, production, marketing, supply, and technology. More than 5000 energy firms do business in Houston. It is also the energy headquarters in the United States with its topmost growing sector being its non-hydrocarbon based fuels and petrochemical industry technology and advancements. This is because of the results of all the innovations and research conducted over long periods making fuels the fastest growing sector driven by the critical mass of energy produced over time. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturing centers for petrochemicals. Almost 90,000 architecture and engineering experts encompassing the energy industry are employed in Houston. The city is an affiliate of the World Energy Cites Partnership association between 13 energy concentrated global cities. Over 200 institutions in the Metropolitan area of Houston are the producers of plastic and rubber products, and the city leads in the US manufacture of the three major resins. The energy companies and its members make up the largest a number of arts bodies, charities and museums representatives ensuring that Houston gets more attractive to make a conducive environment available for the employees and residents.


The Houston metro is where 13 out of the 26 largest private employers’ headquarters are located. It ranks third among areas in Fortune 500 companies base operations in the MSA. Among the 13 headquarters is the Shell Oil Company, The Methodist Hospital System, BP America, UTMB Health, Baylor College of Medicine, Pappas Restaurants, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes Incorporated, Saint Luke’s Episcopal Health System, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, National Oilwell Varco, Texas Children’s Hospital and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre

Distribution and Logistics
Houston is the transportation center of the US core because it is halfway located between the US East and West coasts and the connection for trade to Canada, Mexico and the Latin America. The number of businesses in Houston participating in international trade has made a tremendous growth. It is because Houston the best location to establish manufacturing and logistics facilities due to its geographic advantages and its nearness to the key population centers all through the US Midwest.


Houston’s Job Market
Houston’s job market has enabled employment to grow over the past years making it easy to moderate the loss of jobs in the gas and oil industry, which was counterbalanced with gains in health care, hotels and restaurant services. After reporting abysmal earnings for the quarter that ended in June 2016, the drilling activity is said to have modestly increased in Texas following a rebound in the prices of oil. The metro area gained over 13,000 jobs in a period of 12 months in 2016 and an annual growth of 0.4%, which marked an improvement from the previous statistics. An increase in gains in professional and business services was noticed which also included an increase in engineering and architectural sectors which can predict gains in the population growth and construction industry.

Metro are of Houston in 2016 added 14, 800 jobs as per TWC, which replicates a net gain of a certain percentage. Because of the widespread streamlining that occurred at the beginning of 2016, the vision of any increase in jobs was uncertain, but it turned out just okay. There was a sign of a healthy growth in the labour force of Houston as the unemployment percentage showed that there were more people looking for jobs and over the past year, more than 230,000 jobs were added the same in construction and producing industries. Houston airport system international passenger traffic increased due to the significant addition of international services and the introduction of new foreign flag air carriers to the markets and the current carriers escalating international services out of Bush Intercontinental. In the energy industry, there was a huge boost brought about by an increase in rig efficiency, drilling activity, and efficient productivity. Oil, gas, coal and other renewables account for most of the growth in energy supply hence the economic growth in Houston. However, natural gas usage is expected to grow faster than oil and coal shortly.

Why It Would Be Good To Work in the City

One of the motives of working in the city is because of the easy availability of homes in the city. In 2015 over 700,000 people moved to the city from other metro areas. The purpose was to be near home when they are at work, wanting a larger and better home, to form new households and to live in better and safer neighborhoods. The city provides the best environment for one to work peacefully while knowing that their families are safe and near them. The rent charges in the city are lower compared to the charges in the metro areas in Texas. Therefore the cost of living in Houston is much lower as well as the cost of business than in any other major cities in the world.

The city has good public transport services with a whole co-ordination of electric streetcars in action making it speedy to navigate from places of work to home and good schools for children to acquire maximum learning services. Houston has a business-friendly environment that will contribute to the success of your job or businesses as it has people that are helpful and supportive. The manufacturer working in Houston will find everything available to them for the success of any business. The residents of the city are always willing to support anyone that will contribute to the development of the city. In Houston, you will find the most profitable and strategic locations for shops and industrial units vacant for a relatively low cost.

Houston city has training institutes for those looking to establish their businesses or needing any help with their existing businesses, the University of Houston Small Business Development Centre offers workshops and seminars to help develop entrepreneurs Houston is a key centre for gas, oil and the general energy sector as well as the main access to key seaports and business airports for transport and logistics, this is an advantage of working in the city.

It is easier to capitalize on any business, employ people or even fire some in Houston because of the low government protocols and the fewer employment laws that would otherwise limit you from conducting business there. Houston city’s business people buy their goods directly from the manufacturers or directly import them hence giving them the power to compete with other cities and drive their competitors out of the market with their unique skills of conducting successful business activities.

The city has a rapidly growing population characteristic that will give you as many options as there is depending on what your job or business needs and the people you will be working for. The manufacturing businesses located in the city are shepherded with dynamism and shrewdly directed and fortified well. This offers employment opportunities to a large number of skilled people in the city. Houston has medical sector industries, hospitals, field medical practices and cancer treatment facilities enough to offer its people all the health care they need. Enough institutions are located in Houston enough to make a solid education sector.

The usual range of temperature in Houston is conducive especially in the summer; it is rarely cold to the point where it reaches the freezing point for a consecutive two days. The normal winter temperature is 60 degrees, and there is a uniform rainfall distribution as it is in the rest of Texas coast country. The city’s atmosphere is enchanting, and the area is usually free from any hygienic precautions. The summer and winter temperatures are never too warm nor mild to encourage any illness which is a major threat to some of the largest cities in the world during those seasons.

Houston city is the right place to work successfully because of the availability of raw materials and advanced facilities for accelerating the marketing services to business products. Because of its strategic position the city has connections with the North, East, West and South offering a wide area of ready markets and business opportunities.

Top Employers in Houston City, Texas

Memorial Hermann health system
This is the largest non-profit health system in South East Texas with a total of 16 hospitals, three heart and vascular institutes, eight cancer centers and over 20 sports centers, medicine centers, and rehabilitation centers.it also has other outpatient and rehabilitation centers located in different areas all over Texas in the neighborhoods and suburbs. It is among the top employers in Houston city established in 1990 after the Memorial and Hermann systems were joined. It has its headquarters in Houston. According to the 2006 statistics, the health system had employed up to 1, 300 employees and the number since then has grown massively.

The University Of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre
The University Of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre is a degree-offering academic institution, research center and a cancer treatment center situated in Houston. It was ranked the top best hospital for cancer care services in 2016 and is one of the innovative all-inclusive cancer centers in the US. The University Of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre employs over 20,000 people from across Texas and among the best cancer centers in the United States. It is dedicated to researching on the causes, cure, and prevention of cancer. The institution also provides medical training, partnership and job opportunities to physicians and Ph.D. students admitted to The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

United Airlines
Houston’s United Airlines are the second largest airline globally and employ more than 86,000 employees according to 2016 statistics. Its headquarters are in Chicago Illinois and is the establisher of the world’s largest global airline associations. It functions out of nine airline centers with one located in Houston. It was founded in the 1920s by Walter Varney and was responsible for the first scheduled airline service in the history of USA. United Airlines, a grouping of various air carriers has developed altogether since the 1930s. Furthermore, it champions seven major expert sports team and a former benefactor of a Chicago club, which later on contracted a deal with its rival.

Exxon Mobil Corporation
The corporation according to 2015 analysis employs seventy five thousand three hundred employees and was ranked in the Forbes Global 200 as the ninth company on the list. By market capitalization, it is the fifth largest publicly traded international Gas and Oil Company and the world’s ninth largest company in the revenue sector. It is among the world’s largest oil companies and makes a regular production of over 3.9 million barrels of oil equivalent roughly three percent of the world’s oil production. ExxonMobil is the biggest refiner in the world with more than thirty seven oil processing plants in 21 countries which totally produce 6.3 million barrels on a daily basis.


Houston Methodist
It is a non-profit academic medical center located in Houston Texas and was found in the early 90s. It is among the best and all-inclusive teaching hospitals in the US with prominent experts in every sector of the medicine industry. Among its many domains is organ transplant, cancer treatment, cardiovascular surgery and epilepsy treatment among much more. All the money earned is entirely directed towards numerous medical researches by the specialists and progressive patient care services. In the top ten companies to work for, Houston Methodist came position 9 and was also named in Fortune Best 100 Companies to Work for. Modern innovations in surgical, medical and diagnostic practices are offered in Houston Methodist.

Houston Schools, Colleges and Trade Schools

Houston University
University of Houston was endowed in 1927 and is a state research university also the flagship foundation of the University of Houston System located in the southeast of Houston. It is the third largest university in Texas with 43,000 students taking different programs at different levels. It offers over 280 degree programs in its 14 academic colleges on campus, annually it conducts researches that take up to $150 million, and more than 40 research centers are under the management of the university. Over 9,000 degree are awarded to its students every year and there are over 260,000 alumni of the University. The university has a huge impact on the economy of Texas with an input of more than 43 billion annually and generates over 24,000 jobs. The university has over 400 student unions and 17 inter college sports team. It holds a variety of dramaturgical performances including concerts, events as well as lectures.

The Art Institutes Houston
The art institutes of Houston have more than 30 schools situated in different places across the country. They are the American leaders in providing creative education; they offer degree, diploma and certificate programs in fashion, design, culinary and media art programs. They also offer assistance services in networking, job searching, resume writing, interviewing and creating of portfolios to the willing and eager minds. The art institutes usually host job affairs and career days that gives its trainees a golden chance of meeting and interacting with their potential employers. People take their love of art and design to the next level and prepare for future careers through learning at the art institutes. In design they offer graphic design, industrial and interior design while in media arts there is animation, audio production, photography, game design and programming, web design and software development.

Baylor College of Medicine
It is a health sciences institution situated in the center of the world’s largest medical center, the Texas Medical Centre, in Houston which is comprised of Baylor College Of Medicine, a Medical School, School Of Allied Health Sciences, The National School Of Tropical Medicine And The Graduate School Of Biomedical Sciences. It is solely devoted to patient care, education, research and policy associated with ignored tropical diseases. It is ranked position 25 in offering the best Ph. D. program in biological science. Every year around 100 students from foreign schools are enrolled in the institute.

Rice University
It is a private research university that is found in Houston the city of Texas. This educational institution was founded in 1912. In 2007, the university was recorded to have registered 3,000 undergraduate students, over 890 postgraduate students and more than 1,200 doctoral students. In the same year, the university bestowed 1,400 degrees, and it is structured in eight schools that offer 40 undergraduate degree programs, more than 50 masters programs, and almost 30 doctoral programs.


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