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Grand Prairie TX is the fifteenth most popular city in the state of Texas with a population of around 175,396, as of the 2010 Census. An interesting fact about this city is that its name is derived from the French language meaning “Big Grassland”. The city was first established in 1863 and is in Dallas, Tarrant and Ellis County within Texas. This is a humid subtropical region, which is one of the main reasons that so many people like to move here or go to school here. They enjoy the dryer weather, along with all that the area has to offer.

Colleges in Grand Prairie
Due to the large area that encompasses the Grand Prairie TX, there are several colleges that are in this area for students to attend. There is a total of 114 schools, including those two-year institutions, four year universities and dedicated career schools. It is important to note that Grand Prairie area includes schools that are close to the downtown area of Grand Prairie.

University of Dallas
Located just 5.7 miles from the Grand Prairie downtown area, the school was opened in 1956 through the Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur and the Diocese of Dallas. This is a Catholic institution that accepts students of all faiths. Currently, the school enrolls around 1,300 undergrad students, and around 1,200 grad students. The school has been on the top 10 list for Catholic colleges in the West according to the US News and World Report, along with be ranked as one of the best of 15 Catholic colleges throughout the nation by Forbes. These are high honors, and often makes this one of the first schools people consider if they are looking for something that is faith based.

For the 2016 – 2017 year, the tuition for this school was $37,230. The school is rather selective in who they allow to go to school with, with an acceptance rate of 64%. Other stats for the school include:
- Student faculty ratio of 10:1
- Around 65.6% of classes have fewer than 20 students
- 4-year graduation rate is 66%
- Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, American Academy for Liberal Education and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business The undergraduate programs at the school include programs in the humanities, arts, business and science fields. They also offer master’s and doctoral programs in business, ministry and liberal arts.

Dallas Baptist University
Located 6.4 miles from the Grand Prairie TX downtown area, Dallas Baptist University is yet another university that is associated with this area. The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. In addition, they are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Collegiate Business Schools and Programs. The school is a member of several associations and holds many accreditations for individual programs that they offer.
Dallas Baptist was founded in 1898, but was then referred to as Decatur Baptist College.

A few quick facts about Dallas Baptist University:
- 5,156 students call Dallas Baptist University home
- The student faculty ratio is 13:1
- The average class has around 13 students
- 84% of those who attend do get some form of financial assistance
- Tuition is around $26,180 for the 2016-2017 school year
The school offers 72 undergraduate program, with many of these being accelerated bachelor’s degrees to help a person get started in the career world even sooner. Bachelor degrees that are offered include Bachelors of Arts, Arts and Science, Business Administration, Business Studies, Music, Musical Arts, Music Education and Science degrees.

The University of Texas at Arlington & at Dallas
The University of Texas is a huge school that is located throughout the Texas area. For those who wish to attend this huge university, they are going to find that they have two options that are both within 23 miles of the city center in Grand Prairie, Texas. There is the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Texas at Dallas.
The University of Texas has around 57,000 students throughout the world, and they offer over 180 Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees. An interesting fact about this University is that 65% of those who attend this school stay in the Texas area and contribute around $12.8 billion to the region to the economy on an annual basis. The schools which make up the University of Texas include:
1. College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs
2. College of Business
3. College of Education
4. College of Engineering
5. Honors College
6. College of Liberal Arts
7. College of Nursing and Health Innovation
8. School of Social Work
9. College of Science

The University of Texas at Arlington has around 30,633 students attending. The in-state tuition is $9,616, while the out of state tuition is $23,460. The school is rather selective, with around 64% of those who apply getting admitted to the school.
The University of Texas at Dallas was founded in 1969, and they have around 15,575 students attending here. Despite being of the same college family, tuition is a bit higher here with in-state tuition being around $12,162 for the 2016 and 2017 year. The school ranks as #146 in the nation. Around 61% of those who apply are admitted at this branch. This University is one that is highly respected and many students attend. However, for those who are looking to attend here, be sure that the branch you want offers the program that you need!

Southern Methodist University
This is a private university that is located less than 22 miles from the center of Grand Prairie TX. The school has around 11,000 students who travel from all over the world to attend this school. The school was founded in 1911. According to US News, the school ranks as #56 in the nation. And #2 in the state of Texas. The school has several different colleges within it to help offer over 100 types of degrees to students. Some of these colleges include:
- Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences
- Cox School of Business
- Meadows School of the Arts
- Lyle School of Engineering
- Dedman School of Law
- Perkins School of Theology
- Annette Caldwell Simmons School Education and Human Development
The tuition and fees for 2017 are $50,358. The school has a very selective acceptance rate. With around 49% getting accepted during a semester.

Texas Christian University
Texas Christian University was founded in 1873, and is a private university. There are around 10,394 students enrolled here. This school is relatively selective in how many people it admits each year with a percentage rating of 49% getting admitted to the school. The school offers colleges and schools in:
- Business
- Communication
- Education
- Fine Arts
- Honors College
- Liberal Arts
- Nursing & Health Sciences
- Science & Engineering
- University Programs
There are 119 undergraduate areas of study, 53 master’s programs, and 28 areas of doctoral studies. A few interesting facts about the school include:
- 76% receive financial aid
- 13:1 is the student to teacher ratio
- The school has a 76% graduation rate

The estimated cost for tuition, room and board, and the like is $55,630. Forbes ranks this university as #191 overall. They also name is as #42 in the region, #98 in research universities, and #153 in private colleges. There are also numerous community colleges that many students attend for their general education, and then transfer to one of the larger universities that are in the area.

Scholarships Available in Area

Each school within the Grand Prairie, TX area will have their own scholarships that incoming freshmen and upper level classman can qualify for. However, there are a few that are given by the community to those who qualify.

1. Thomas M. Stetson Scholarship: This scholarship is only for those who intend to pursue a degree in a ground water related field. It is only available for incoming freshman. The award is for $2000.
2. AOTF Texas Scholarship: This scholarship is made available by the American Occupational Therapy Foundation. It is given to those who are enrolled in an occupational therapy program that is accredited in Texas. Those who qualify show strong academic performance and demonstrate a financial need. The award amount varies for every year.
3. Grand Prairie Sister Cities Scholarship: This is given to high school seniors who are going into fields that promote cultural exchange such as International Business, etc. This is for a $2000 award. The student must have a 3.5 GPA or higher.
Top Employers in Grand Prairie TX
For those who are looking to move into this area and find a career they are going to find that there are several different employers who call this area home. Some of the top employers within the city include:
1. Grand Prairie Independent School District
2. Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
3. Poly-America, Inc
4. Bell Helicopter-Textron
5. Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie
6. City of Grand Prairie
7. Vought Aircraft Industries
8. Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc
9. Hanson Pipe & Products
10. Wal-Mart

These are just a small sampling of what employers who are in the area. There are several other careers that are found throughout the area. For example, many seasonal careers are seen here, such as working with the Parks and Recreation department of the city in providing instruction in aquatics, becoming a camp counselor or the like.

Top Industries & Careers in Grand Prairie TX

Grand Prairie TX has an average household income of $56,475. For those who are looking at staying in the area upon graduation, they will find that the unemployment rate is 3.6%. This is relatively lower than the other areas of the United States. The top industries and how much of the economy in which these jobs make-up of the market is:

- Education Services and Health Care and Social Assistance make up 18.1%
- Manufacturing makes up 12.7%
- Retail Trade makes up 11.5%
- Professional, Scientific, Management, Administrative and Waste makes up 9.4%
- Arts, Entertainment, Recreational, Accommodation and food services make up 8.3%
- Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Rental and Leasing makes up 8.2%
- Transpiration, Warehousing and Utilizes make up 8%
- Construction makes up 7.8%
- Other services, except public administration makes up 6%
- Wholesale trade makes up 4.5%
- Public Administration makes up 3.1%
- Information makes up 2%
- Agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting and mining make up .5%

With these given industries being more successful in this area, it leads to several different careers in which a person can have. These careers include teacher, nursing, social worker, engineer, management positions, and business administration is going to be one career that is found in just about any industry that was mentioned. Let’s look at these individual careers that could be great possibilities for those students who have yet to graduate and go into the work world.

Many graduates look at becoming a teacher when they graduate thanks to the high demand and stability that this career offers. There are several types of teachers, from those who teach young children to those who are professors on the college level. The level in which one teaches is going to dictate just what their career salary is per year. Those who are teachers are going to find that the minimum for being a teacher is a Bachelor’s in Education. For those who want to teach on the college level they are going to find that it may require a masters or doctorate, depending upon the individual college.
For 2016, the average salaries for teachers include:
- Kindergarten teachers earned $52,620
- Elementary school teachers earned $55,800
- Middle school teachers earned $56,720
- High school teachers earned $58,030
Keep in mind those who are on the college level is going to earn more. In addition, remember that when teaching, the school district in which you work is going to dictate just how much you are going to earn every year. Those school districts that are crowded and funded often pay more than those rural schools that may have fewer students and do not have the funds to offer these types of salaries.

Nursing is one of those career fields that a person can take as far as they want to take. There are those who are entry level who may only have a certificate as their form of education, while others may have their doctorates to be doctors in a private or public institution. Nurses are those who are hands on with the patients. Many people praise nurses as being one of the most respected professions out there, as they are always putting others before themselves. Nursing jobs are also in super high demand. It is estimated that the field will grow by 16% in the next five to eight years, higher than other career options on the market. School wise, most nurses find that a two-year degree can get them started in this field. However, more and more companies are requiring their nurses to hold four year degrees to practice. Thus, this is something to keep in mind. The average salary of nurses in the Texas area include around $50,082 to $85,164, depending upon the type of institution that the nurse is working in, the amount of education and years in the field.

Social Worker
Social workers are those who looking to help people. They may be nothing more than a shoulder for people to lean on, or they can be involved with helping people to get over addiction and start their life over again. A social worker also provide crisis intervention, helps in coordinating treatment plans for those who need this, and could potentially be the one person that saves the lives of others. It is a high stress job in which emotions can be rather high when dealing with these unfortunate situations that you may see. However, for those who do this, it is often considered very rewarding work. The salary will depend upon what type of social worker that a person is. There are those who work with schools who are paid less than those who may work in high stress environment. However, the salary can be anywhere from $42,000 to over $58,000. The interest in this field is increasing, and the outlook for this in the industry is rather high.


Engineers can work in several sectors including manufacturing and even certain businesses who are need of this professional. These professionals often have at least a bachelor degree, though many who are in higher level positions often have masters and above. This is a highly competitive field, but one that pays relatively well. Those who are go into engineering are going to earn around $74m000 to $130,000, depending upon the location of their job and their experience and schooling.

Management/Project Management

The management field is a very broad field. There are managers and those who perform these types of duties in almost every type of employment out there. At the retail level, these managers help to keep stores running. Managers in the office can be those who are plant managers at manufacturing firms and the like. Thus, it is a very diverse field. This makes it harder to narrow down what the salary could be. For those who are interesting in being involved in management, they are going to find that a two-year degree can be a great staring point. However, in order to move up in the ranks of the business, more education will be needed. Many people decide to go back to school while working as an entry manager in order to get their degrees to advance. This is always something to consider, as many schools in the Grand Prairie TX area have continuing education courses designed for adults who are going back to school!

About Grand Prairie TX
Grand Prairie TX is one of those areas that seems to have the best of both worlds. It is super family friendly, with many people knowing their neighbors and giving this small town feel to the area. However, it is also one of the largest cities in Texas, offering several employers and career options that are found in major cities. For those who go to school here, it is often just assumed that they will stay in the area to get their career, as many employers are looking to hire gradates of area colleges. With this being said, here are some of the more interesting activities and facts about the area!
1. Theaters: For those who love to take in a show or two, maybe even a concert of their favorite performer, they are going to find that there are several options in this area. There is the NOKIA Theatre Grand Prairie, Uptown Theater, Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie, and movie theaters to take in the latest blockbuster hit.
2. Grand Prairie Farmers Market is something that most residents look forward to, as it provides access to great fruits and vegetables at affordable prices!
3. For kids, the Green Meadows Petting Farm is a must see, as many kids love going here numerous times per year in order to get to know the animals and ultimately enjoy themselves via family friendly activity.
4. There are several golf courses in the area for a nice relaxing weekend for those who love this sport!
5. Other activities include indoor shooting ranges, museums and the like in the area.
The ultimate aspect to remember is that they do have tons of things to do and see in the area. Meaning that there is a little something for everyone! Those who go to school here will receive a great education and be prepared for the future work world. And if they decide to say in the area, they are going to find that they can easily spend the rest of their lives here and never get tired of Grand Prairie TX!


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