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Whether you are starting out on your own, or looking to start a family, there are many excellent reasons that the state of Connecticut has much to offer and the City of Danbury in particular. Geographically, Danbury is located just between two major cities, Boston and New York. It has excellent options for transportation and close proximity to highways, multiple international airports, railroads and more. Connecticut offers a unique and Charming environment with highly desirable classic New England characteristics. the city of Danbury in particular has excellent and accessible resources for students looking to start a career and take full advantage of the commercial operations and personal considerations the city has to offer.


The workforce in Danbury consists of over 79,400 workers. most of these workers are in special Industries including goods-producing Industries, service industries including trade, utilities and transportation, professional and business services, government services and Leisure and hospitality industry jobs. Other top careers in the city of Danbury include culinary arts, health and dental, pharmaceutical jobs, law positions and even forensic investigator positions due to the close proximity of the University of New Haven in the city of Danbury.


Top Careers in Danbury


One of the most important things to remember is that many of the entry-level careers requiring only a high school diploma or GED equivalent, an associate's degree or a higher education certificate have many opportunities for advancement. Not only do such positions offer unparalleled access to experience necessary to pursue higher pain related careers comma they also afford individuals the opportunity to earn a living wage while pursuing future opportunities. Due to the cost of living in Danbury Connecticut, many individuals set about pursuing a career that not only will support themselves and possibly their families, they keep their eye on careers with room for advancement.


According to the US News & World Report, as of the year 2016, some of the highest paying and most popular careers in the city of Danbury, Connecticut included dental assistance, legal assistance, computer systems analysts, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and elementary and secondary school teachers.Some of the top Employers in the city as of the year 2016 included Danbury public schools, Western Connecticut Health Network, GE commercial Finance, UTC aerospace systems, Cartis, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Pitney Bowes, Western Connecticut State University, the City of Danbury and Praxair.


Career Training Programs in Danbury


The presence several highly regarded higher education institutions in Danbury, Connecticut provide students with degree programs that can be made affordable through a variety of financial aid options. search options include state and federal aid, public and private loan options, scholarship and Grant programs and even if you assistanceship programs to allow students work experience and on-the-job training while earning their degree. Some of the most popular, sought after, well regarded and accessible degree programs towards top careers in Danbury, Connecticut include the following:

Paralegals and Legal Assistants: As of 2015, the median annual pay for paralegals and legal assistants was roughly $48,810 per year with an hourly pay rate of up to $23.47 an hour. the minimum job training and work experience required is none and the typical entry-level education is an associate's degree or higher. Luckily for students in the area of Danbury, several local universities have much to offer in the realm of law programs, legal studies and career training programs. As of 2014, the Nationwide estimated number of jobs in the field was roughly 27,9500 and the job outlook between 2014 and 2024 projected 8% job growth in the field with an employment change of roughly 21,200 workers.


Primary duties of a legal assistant or paralegal is to do all of the necessary tasks that support lawyers, which may include organizing and maintaining files, drafting documents and carrying out a great deal of legal research. The primary work environment legal assistants and paralegals can expect is within many types of large-scale and small-scale organizations including corporate legal departments, government agencies and local law firms done in the city of Danbury, the law industry is booming with the presence of many law offices and public and private practices to assist clients on varying levels. The primary expectations of a legal assistant or paralegal is to work full-time, off and more than 40 hours a week, in order to successfully meet all necessary deadlines.


To become a paralegal or a legal assistant,Prospective employees should possess at least an associate's degree or a certificate in paralegal studies. However, it is the case that many Employers in Connecticut favor employees who possess higher education in the form of a bachelor's degree or prior law experience working in another Legal Office. Alternately, individuals who possess special education related to the field or special certification directly relevant to law may have better chances of finding employment.


Pharmacy Technicians:

As of 2015, the median annual pay for a pharmacy technician was roughly $30,410 with an hourly rate of pay at roughly $14.62. the minimum typical entry-level educational requirement is a high school diploma or GED equivalent and usually there is no work experience in a related occupation necessary. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as of the year 2014, there were roughly 370 2500 jobs in the field across the United States and a job outlook between 2014 and 2024 reflecting an estimated 9% growth in the number of jobs available in the field.Employment change is projected to increase by roughly 34700 jobs across the United States by the year 2024.


Primary duties of a pharmacy technician include dispensing various prescription medications to health professionals and consumers. generally speaking, the work environment of pharmacy technicians is off and within a grocery or drug store, a medical practice or Hospital. pharmacy technicians are often hired after a certain amount of on-the-job training or after they acquire a certification through a post-secondary educational program.In Danbury, Connecticut, there are many organizations that regulate the licensing and certification of pharmacy technicians. processes of certification often require passing an exam or completing a formal degree program that certifies technicians in the field. the career outlook for pharmacy technicians is growing faster than the job growth rate of other Healthcare occupations as there is increase demand for many prescription medications and, in turn, and increase demand for qualified pharmaceutical technicians to dispense medicines and grant pharmaceutical services.

Elementary School Education Administrators:

The median pay for kindergarten and Elementary School teachers as of 2015 was up to $54,550 a year. the minimum typical entry level education required for such positions is a bachelor's degree and lucky for many, little to no work experience in a related occupation is required to begin work in the field. However, it is often ideal to have at least some on-the-job training through an internship or residency to successfully commands larger chunks of income. according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs available in the field Across America was roughly 1517400 jobs as of 2014. the job outlook for careers in the field is expected to grow by 6%, just about average with many other careers, between the years 2014 and 2024.


The primary duties of a kindergarten or Elementary School teacher includes preparing young students for future academic achievement by teaching them all the basic subjects including Reading, Writing and arithmetic. in Danbury, Connecticut, as with many other major cities Across the Nation, the usual work environment for a kindergarten or Elementary School teacher is to go to work for a school district through a variety of public or private schools. Teachers will generally work school hours when students are present with the exception of some night and weekend work as needed to prepare lesson plans or grade papers. Most kindergarten and Elementary School teachers can expect to have the summer time off.


To become an elementary school or kindergarten teacher, the primary criteria in Danbury, Connecticut as with most other areas of the state is at least a bachelor's degree, ideally in a field related to education, communications or teaching. Additional criteria may include state-issued certification or license sure to teach in a public or private school. employment growth varies by region and bodes well for current and future opportunities in the state of Connecticut in the field of teaching.


Computer Systems Analyst:

The median pay for computer system analyst is upwards of $85,800 per year with an hourly pay of up to $41.25 an hour. The minimum necessary qualification for entry level education guaranteeing work in the field as a bachelor's degree and there is no work experience necessary in a related occupation, nor any on-the-job training required. This particular career is on the rise in the state of Connecticut, especially in the city of Danbury. The estimated number of jobs currently worked within the field as of the year 2014 was roughly 567 800 with a job outlook of a 21% growth in the number of employment opportunities within the field, much greater than the national average for other employment opportunities in other careers. Computer system analysts will also balance business and information technology 2 assist others in understanding the limitations and needs of both facets of business. the primary work environment of a computer system analyst is to work full-time. As of 2014, roughly one-in-five computer system analyst work 40 or more hours a week.


To become a computer systems analyst, the ideal minimum qualification is a bachelor's degree in computer and information science or a related field. However, this is not always required. Some organizations will employ individuals in information technology or various areas of computer programming with unrelated degrees such as business or liberal arts degrees. in the state of Connecticut, the job growth rate continues to soar. Computer systems analysts may work in cybersecurity and mobile networks as well as cloud computing. The increased demand for such workers is a lucrative opportunity for many pursuing new degrees in the state of Connecticut.


Nurse Practitioner:

This field of work, encompassing nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners and nurse midwives, commands and medium salary of up to $104,740 per year and a median hourly rate of pay of up to $50.36 per hour. The minimum entry level education required for work in the field is a master's degree and there is no minimum work experience in a related occupation or on-the-job training required.As of 2014, there were an estimated 170,400 individuals employed across the country in these fields end an employment change of roughly 53400 new jobs estimated between the years 2014 and 2024. The job outlook for this career was roughly a 31% growth in the number of jobs available, making this a very desirable and lucrative current and future occupation.


Primary duties of nurse midwives and nurse practitioners includes practicing advanced nursing protocol after obtaining licensure as an advanced practice registered nurse. such employees are usually responsible for coordinating patient care and providing primary and specialty caregiving. the scope of practice varies throughout the cities within the state of Connecticut and the specific medical practice one goes to work for. the work environment for a nurse midwives, nurse anesthesiologist and nurse practitioners encompasses a wide array of healthcare settings including hospitals, schools, physicians offices, and clinics. Most advanced practice registered nurses will work full time.


To become an advanced practice registered nurse, one must earn at least a master's degree level certification and obtain licensure in the field through the state and National certification programs. To successfully obtain licensure, one must pass certification exams and meet all eligibility criteria within the state of Connecticut.The job outlook in the field is projected to grow much faster than all other occupations mainly because of the mounting effects of various Healthcare legislations but increase the emphasis placed on preventative care. with a growing demand for qualified Health Care Professionals in general, and the aging baby boom population, there is greater emphasis placed on maintaining active and healthy lifestyles and practicing preventative medicine. Related occupations include nurse assistants, registered nurses, dietitians and nutritionists.


Top Colleges and Universities in Danbury


Secondary education is a top priority for individuals living in Connecticut due to the abundance of highly competitive and very prestigious local universities to pick from. abundance of academic programs through the state of Connecticut offers new and Innovative opportunities for high school graduates. in the state of Connecticut, the percentage of high school graduates who go on to college-level courses is roughly 78%, which is an astonishing 15 points above the median National percentage of students going on to secondary education, which is roughly 63%. Another great bonus to the city of Danbury in particular is that for those choosing to move on to higher education, there are excellent career opportunities in the Danbury area for recent graduates. For individuals looking to set up house, start a family or start their career in Connecticut, there are excellent opportunities to the notable local colleges and universities.


Western Connecticut State University

Best public university in Danbury, Connecticut is made up of 4 schools and one primary division, the School of Business, which encompasses the justice and law administration program. other schools include the School of Arts and Sciences, the school of Professional studies, the School of Visual Arts and Performing and the division of Graduate Studies. The Western Connecticut State University system works in partnership with several other colleges and community colleges in the state of Connecticut including Eastern and Southern Central Connecticut State Universities. the total enrollment was roughly 34,000 students as of the year 2014.


Programs: Students have a variety of program and undergraduate degree options through the School of Business including degrees and accounting, finance, justice and law administration, management, management information systems and marketing. additional master's degree programs available through the school business include an MBA, master of Business Administration, and MHA, master of Health Administration and an MSJA, a master of science in Justice Administration. The School of Arts and Sciences offers degrees in elementary education, secondary education, American studies comment anthropology and sociology, biology, chemistry, Earth science, English comparative literature, English professional writing, communications, theater arts, history, mathematics, social science, Spanish, psychology and political science. The School of Performing Arts offers a conservatory level educational program through affordable cost courses at this public university. with its ideal location just 60 miles away from the downtown New York area, the school is ideally positioned to draw upon resources and talent from the major city well in reaching the local arts community through the preservation and growth of high-quality arts programs and competitive theatre and arts education. this department includes both classrooms and programs and exhibits that diversify the arts community and inspire students to create and learn.


The School of Professional studies offers multidisciplinary educational programs that place students at the Forefront of many popular careers within the state of Connecticut as well as throughout the nation. The program integrates Theory with practice and preparatory measures to help students achieve their professional goals and contribute to Growing Industries such as social welfare comment education and health The Graduate division of Western Connecticut State University is also a regional leader in graduate education in fields such as the arts, sciences, professional studies and business studies done the division of Graduate Studies not only offers an outstanding curriculum and high quality programs, they provide students with excellent faculty leaders and professors.


The Institute also utilizes state-of-the-art Tech equipment and programs as well as flexible scheduling of courses so that students are provided with the optimum learning environment. graduate programs include a doctorate of education with instructional leadership, a doctorate of education in nursing, a master of arts in Earth and planet sciences, a master of english, history, mathematics, fine art, visual arts and professional writing.


Financial Aid: At Western Connecticut State University, many financial aid options are offered to qualified students to help meet their needs and compensate educational expenses. Be trained faculty at the financial aid and student employment offices are available to assist every student as they determine the right types of financial aid for them and their eligibility status for certain programs available. Although not every student will qualify for assistance, students are always encouraged check for their eligibility status. variables affecting the application process and eligibility status are reliant on many student circumstances such as family income, assets and liabilities, the size of one's family, the number of family members attending the school and many other factors. the university allocates a certain number of funds for students in every Academic Year and determines the amount of 8 each student will receive. therefore, it is essential that all prospective students applying for aid to meet the application deadlines in a timely fashion to ensure the best opportunities.


The University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut (UConn) is a public research University based in Storrs, Connecticut. it is also known as a land grant University serving more than 32,000 students throughout its five campuses and 8000 graduate students in a variety of Masters and doctorate programs.In addition to its notable and highly-regarded academic programs, the University of Connecticut offers a wide array of sports programs and scholarship opportunities for qualified students and athletes. At the University of Connecticut, the school's main focus is for students to find a desirable and lucrative career path after attending the University and completing a degree program successfully. Career Services to the University of Connecticut are operated through the university itself and allow students to network with many local employers, entrepreneurs and discover various on the job training programs and potential internships.


Programs: The University of Connecticut offers over 100 majors and degree programs to choose from including 8 undergraduate degrees, 5 professional degree programs and 17 graduate degree programs. Students are also able to pick and choose from roughly 87 various minors which include areas of study not available through many formalized majors. the University of Connecticut participates in the New England Board of Higher Education's Regional Student Program (NERSP),Which allows students to participate in 5 other universities throughout the New England area and reduces their rate of out-of-state tuition while they pursue their intended majors; if those majors are not offered through the in-state colleges and universities. The University of Connecticut is also affiliated with special admissions programs within the Connecticut community college system and is designed to provide additional academic opportunities to qualifying students to community colleges. Many transfer credits can be applied from various community colleges to one's major at the University of Connecticut. Popular degree programs include Liberal Arts and Sciences, business, engineering and Agricultural and natural resources. There are over 1000 transfer students who are admitted to the University of Connecticut on an annual basis.


The university offers excellent opportunities to graduate and postgraduate students including degrees in nursing, business, dental medicine, medicine, engineering, social work, agriculture, Pharmacy, law and Fine Arts. The University of Connecticut is particularly notable for its School of Law providing students with focused study through clinical education, employment, practice and externships in a variety of law niches. Students can explore specific studies including corporate law, environmental law, intellectual property law, criminal law, family law, juvenile law, litigation, torts and insurance, labor law, tax law, legal Theory, property and land law, information technology law, child advocacy and policy law.


Financial Aid: Scholarships To the University of Connecticut are often merit-based or based on individual student needs. Scholarships May range from only paying a portion of annual tuition to completely funding all educational costs associated with the student in question. Scholarships to this University do not need to be repaid and can come from a variety of sources. Scholarship funding sources can include private scholarships donated from outside organizations to departmental scholarships and University merit-based scholarships or state scholarships. Scholarships are usually awarded through each student individual School / academic department and not by the University of Connecticut's office of student financial aid services.


Private scholarships applicable to tuition and funding at the University of Connecticut can include a variety of sources including corporate, governmental, social, for turtle organizations, professional and Civic organizations or trade organizations. For students to be considered eligible, they must meet all these specific criteria for a specific private scholarship. To increase the possibility of obtaining a scholarship, students are encouraged to research and network with local organizations, libraries and high school guidance offices 2 maintain a list of possible scholarship sources and network with private scholarship organizations.


Scholarships awarded directly through the University of Connecticut's are offered to undergraduate students to the admissions office and based on a variety of factors including SAT scores, grade point averages, ranking in their class and other criteria. The undergraduate Admissions Office notifies all eligible students of their Awards status via an acceptance letter to the university. Students must meet the December 1st deadline to be considered for any University of Connecticut merit-based scholarships.


University of New Haven

The University of New Haven is a co-educational, private and non-sectarian university located in the city of West Haven, Connecticut. It also borders the largest city of New Haven as well as Long Island. According to the US News & World Report, the University of New Haven was named the 100 best university within the Northeastern United States and also earned a top-tier ranking for its engineering programs. it competed and succeeded in a list of America's best colleges and supports liberal arts education programs along with professional training.

Programs: the University of New Haven operates through 5 degree Grand and colleges, the College of Business, the College of Engineering, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Criminal Justice and forensic science and College of lifelong and eLearning for adult and online students. Undergraduate degree programs have been recognized on a national level and are most notable for granting students acreditacion and career opportunities in engineering, Criminal Justice, music and sound recording, marine biology, forensic science and more.


For individuals who feel that forensic science is there calling, or have an interest in programs like CSI or feel that National Security is a desirable career path, the University of New Haven has amazing and Innovative opportunities for students to make their dreams come true. the Dr. Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and forensic science is highly notable as Dr. Henry C. Lee is considered one of the most influential forensic scientist anywhere in the world. He has worked on prominent cases such as the Jon Benet Ramsey case, the OJ Simpson case and many more.Students can earn their degrees in various facets of forensic science including National Security, investigations, National Security and Emergency Management. Graduates from these degree programs have access to some incredible and thought-provoking career opportunities and have the potential to hold incredible jobs for both private and public sectors of government and security.


Financial Aid: University of New Haven offers comprehensive financial aid programs that allow students to receive assistance in many forms including scholarships, part time employment, grants and student loans. Funds are available from a variety of state and federal governments, private sponsors, and from University resources. According to recent statistics, roughly 85% of the University of New Haven's full-time undergraduate class qualify for some form of financial assistance and are able to receive it.


Additional forms of accepted student aid through the University of New Haven are federal Pell Grants. The grants for the 2016 - 17 Academic Year range from $590 to $5,815 depending on student eligibility as assessed by the US Department of Education. For all federal Pell Grant recipients, the University of New Haven grants a seven-day issue for a refund of each credit balance during the start of each academic term so that students will be able to purchase supplies and books in a timely fashion. If students do not wish to receive their Pell Grant refund within the seven days, the refund will then be processed through the standard refund policy.


The University of New Haven also offers access to federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. These grants provide additional assistance to students who are eligible for the Pell Grant and are selected by the University of New Haven to receive the federal Pell Grant. The University of New Haven also offers the Roberta B. Willis Scholarship Grant Program. this is a need-based program specific to Connecticut residents who are enrolled in the university on at least a half-time basis. Another University of Connecticut based award is the University grant-in-aid, which is awarded on the basis of need. Additional scholarships for athletes are awarded through the University of New Haven athletic department paste on a student’s athletic ability. These words can range from a full scholarship with tuition, board and room to a partial scholarship which funds specific educational programs.



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