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Trade Schools & Colleges in Dallas


Dallas is one of Texas's largest urban centers as well as the major city within the state. Dallas is ranked the fourth is most populous metropolitan area within the United States. Dallas is also ranked as the third most populous city in the state of Texas, after Houston and San Antonio and the ninth most populous city in the United States. The city has a long history of being influential and important in a variety of industries including oil and cotton. Dallas also is home to numerous railroad routes. While most of the city is located in Dallas County, certain sections of the city are located in Collin, Denton, Kaufman and Rockwall County. According to a 2010 statistic by the United States census, the city of Dallas has a population of roughly 1,197,816. The city's population was projected to increase to roughly 1,300,092 as of the year 2015.


Reasons to Consider Career Training in Dallas


Dallas is considered a major center of economic growth and commerce. The Dallas-Fort Worth/Arlington metropolitan area has an estimated population of roughly 7,102,796 as of mid-2015. The Dallas Metropolitan economy has eclipsed Washington DC and has subsequently become the fifth-largest metropolitan economy in the United States. The Dallas metropolitan area has also become a national leader since the year 2013 as it possesses one of the largest year-over-year increases in employment. Subsequently, the city of Dallas has been ranked the fourth largest employment center in the United States just behind Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. As a hub of employment, Dallas offers many valuable opportunities in telecommunications, energy, banking, commerce and healthcare. A hub of medical research, Dallas's economy is largely based upon the health care system and research facilities within the city and state. Transportation and logistics are also among the highest paying and most prominent industries within the state. As of mid-2016, the Dallas metropolitan job count reached roughly 3,523,400 jobs. With so many jobs available in nonagricultural fields, the necessity for skilled workers with postsecondary education and advanced degrees is rising.


The city of Dallas is also home to the third largest concentration of highly ranked companies and Fortune 500 companies in the United States. This ranking is just behind New York and Houston, Texas. The globalization and world cities study group and network named Dallas a ‘beta plus’ world city. Dallas was also named the 14th best city in the world by GDP ranking by the organization for economic cooperation and development.


Dallas's location is ideal due to its navigator will link to both the seaside and inland areas. Its North Texas location makes the metropolitan area the main core of activity between the southern regions of Texas and the inland regions. Due to the major railroad construction between Dallas and Fort Worth, the area allows easy access for transport of letter oil, cotton, cattle and more. Dallas's reputation as an ideal transportation ground has been greatly increased by the four major interstate highways that converge over the city. Dallas's proximity to the interstate highway system greatly increases its reputation. Reinforced by its notoriety as a strong financial and industrial center, Dallas has a thriving economy. Dallas is also a major inland port and home to one of the largest and most busy airports in the world, the Dallas/Fort Worth international Airport. Many job opportunities rest in the city of Dallas in a variety of diverse and sought-after industries. With a strong educational system, opportunities for obtaining higher education are made straightforward and highly available throughout the city of Dallas.

Popular Career Niches in Dallas


The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area has one of the highest concentrations of industry headquarters in the United States. Many industry headquarters belong to publicly traded companies and Fortune 500 companies. Dallas-Fort Worth area has shown a strong metro economy for over 18 years prior to obtaining high levels of media attention and publicity. Among the top Fortune 500 companies with headquarters in Dallas are Energy Transfer Equity, HollyFrontier, Southwest Airlines, Tenet Healthcare, Texas Instruments, Dean Foods, Trinity Industries, and Energy Future Holdings. Some of the most profitable companies to work for in the Dallas area include Exxon Mobile, Kimberly-Clark, Fluor (engineering), Commercial Metals, Celanese, and Pioneer Natural Resources, American Airlines, Regency Energy Partners, Atmos Energy, Neiman Marcus, 7-Eleven, Brinker International, Primoris Services, Radio Shack, D.R. Horton, AMS Pictures, id Software, ENSCO Offshore Drilling, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Chuck E. Cheese's, Zales and Fossil.


Unskilled workers may also find career nations in the city of Dallas through the corporate headquarters of many popular nationwide companies including HP Enterprise Services, Frito Lay, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, and JCPenney. Jacobs Engineering, one of the many Fortune 500 companies with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, was just ranked number 235 for being one of the largest engineering companies in the world. Jobs related to engineering are among the top rated careers in Texas and the city of Dallas in particular.


Within the medical sector, Dallas has pioneered medical research facilities including highly notable organization: Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This organization holds the title of being the largest breast cancer research organization in the world. Founded in Dallas and maintaining its operational headquarters in the city, those interested in careers related to health and medicine/medical research will be able to find their career niche within the city.


Additional popular and profitable industries in Dallas include retail and sales/marketing. Dallas has a higher concentration of shopping centers than any other US city. Dallas is also home to the second largest shopping center ever constructed within the United States, Highland Park Village, erected in 1931. Dallas has to other major shopping centers: the Dallas Galleria and Northpark Center, located in North Texas. Many high end stores are based in Dallas's malls and are uniquely situated to draw business from tourists and major spenders in the region. Those with degrees tailored towards retail, marketing, sales or communications stand a greater chance of gainful employment in the city of Dallas.


Top Industries in Dallas, Texas

Dallas maintains a highly concentrated network of telecommunication companies. Dallas is home to more than 5,700 telecommunication companies including Alcatel, AT&T, Ericsson, Fujitsu, MCI, Nokia, Nortel, Rockwell, Sprint and Verizon. A list compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics named major industries in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The list was compiled by ranking and size of workforces. Top Dallas Texas industries are as follows:

• Trade, Transportation, and Utilities
• Professional & Business Services
• Government
• Educational & Health Services
• Leisure & Hospitality
• Financial Activities
• Information


Within the transportation sector, the Dallas metropolitan area offers many employment opportunities in a variety of pivotal sectors. The Dallas- Fort Worth international Airport is ranked as the third busiest airport in the world in terms of air traffic/movement. It is also ranked sixth in the world in terms of the number of passengers coming through the airport. The US Department of Transportation and the Bureau of transportation statistics also rank Dallas-Fort Worth international Airport eighth in the United States for international air travel. As a hub of transportation not only by plane, but also by car, bus and railroad, Dallas’s transportation industry is one of the key industries in the state. Opportunities for training and certification in a variety of transportation related jobs/careers are among the most sought after and highly paid in the state.


Colleges & Trade Schools in Dallas, Texas


• Central Texas Commercial College: this commercial college has a mission to offered the best possible career training and curriculum to help students acclimate to a competitive career climate and find employment after graduation. Equipping students with the best skill set possible through personalized training, graduates will possess the skills necessary to go to work in key industries in the Dallas/Texas area. Programs include legal secretary, word processing, administrative assistant and medical office assistant. Central Texas commercial college also offers career counseling and placement assistance. Certificates provide students with a leg up in the business world and the skills necessary to go to work in a variety of careers.

Central Texas commercial college is located at 9400 N Central Expy Ste 200
Dallas, TX 75231.


• El Centro College: this community college is based in the Dallas County community college District of Dallas, Texas. The college offers a wide array of programs including EMT paramedic, legal assistant, radiographer, medical assistant, registered nurse, legal assistant, general studies and ultrasound technicians. The college offers certificates and associate degrees. Offering flexible education, the college operates to an online extension with distance learning programs and certifications available online. Students have extra access to flexible curriculum and scheduling with weekend courses, credit for experience, AP credits and a certain number of accepted high school credits. El Centro College also offers career counseling, remedial services and placement assistance. The student body is roughly 6680 students and 4,239 full-time equivalents. Estimated undergraduate tuition and fees for in-state students is roughly $1665 as of 2014. Out-of-state student tuition and fees is roughly $4695 of 2014. The college's graduation rate is roughly 9% as of 2014. Located at 801 Main Dallas, TX 75202-3604


• PCI Health Training Center: an important leg of Dallas's bustling healthcare sector, programs offered by PCI training center include Dental Assistant (only offered at the Richardson location), Medical Assistant and Medical Office Assistant. The college provides a wide array of certificates in highly sought after medical fields with many opportunities for career advancement. Notable extra services offered by the college include career counseling, placement assistance and financial aid. Financial aid is only available for those who qualify.


The student body is estimated to be roughly 445 (all undergraduates. Estimated undergraduate tuition and fees for in-state students is roughly $14,934. The college's graduation rate is roughly 90%.


• Richland College: this community college is part of Dallas County community college District and Lake Highlands near Dallas, Texas. Programs offered through the College include general studies, applied horticulture, office data entry, computer networking, general studies, business management and real estate. Richmond college offers certificates as well as associate degrees. Students have greater access to flexible learning through distance learning, credit for experience, AP classes, some high school credits accepted and weekend classes available. The college also offers career counseling, placement assistance and study abroad options. The college is also a member of the national athletic Association. The student body consists of roughly 15,311 students with 9668 full-time equivalents. Total enrollment as of 2013 was roughly 19,287 students. Undergrad to Richard and fees for in-state students is roughly $1665 as of 2014. Undergraduate tuition and fees for out-of-state students is roughly $4695 as of 2014. Located at 12800 Abrams Rd Dallas, TX 75243-2199.


Career & Job Growth in Dallas, Texas


The job outlook in Dallas, Texas is quite positive both in the here and now and in the future. According to Sperling's best places, the unemployment rate in Dallas Texas is roughly 3.90%. The job growth in Dallas specifically was roughly 3.09%. Future job growth over the next decade is predicted to be an astonishing 42.29%

Dallas Texas is sales tax rate is roughly 8.25% and income tax 0.0%. The income per capita including adults and children is roughly $27,917 and median household income in Dallas, Texas is an estimated $43,359.


In the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington metropolitan area, job growth and unemployment rates similarly bode well for future prospects. Unemployment rate in the metropolitan area is roughly 4.0% and job growth is an estimated 2.42%. Over the next decade, the future job growth is expected to be roughly 40.84%. In the metropolitan area, the income per capita is $29,766 and the median household income is roughly $59,175.


Compared to United States national averages, the Dallas, Texas economy breaks down as follows:

Dallas, Texas United States
Unemployment Rate 3.90% 5.20%
Recent Job Growth 3.09% 1.59%
Future Job Growth 42.29% 37.98%
Sales Taxes 8.25% 6.00%
Income Taxes 0.00% 4.60%
Income per Cap. $27,917 $28,555
Household Income $43,359 $53,482
Family Median Income $46,479 $65,443


Top Employers and Top Wages in Dallas, Texas

Some major companies in and around Dallas include:

Mary Kay Cosmetics
Michael's Stores
Neiman Marcus
Perot Systems
Pier 1 Imports
Pizza Hut (owned by Yum! Brands, Inc.)
Radio Shack
Sabre Holdings, the owner of the Sabre System
Southwest Airlines
Texas Instruments
Wyndham International
Zale Corporation


Local and state government hold an important place in the local economy and provide many valuable employment opportunities for skilled workers. Other major business organizations responsible for employment and job growth in the Dallas area include: The Dallas Business Association (DBA), The Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce, The Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau and The North Dallas Chamber of Commerce.



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