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Clifton, New Jersey is one of the larger metro areas in the state and is located just 10 miles to the west of New York City. There is a total population of around 84,000, making the area feel sizable without the crowding associated with the nearby New York City metro area. Established in 1917, the city of Clifton is poised to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2017.

Clifton Economy
Functionally, the city of Clifton operates more like a suburb of the larger New York City metro area or some of the more populated portions of New Jersey, like nearby Newark. The area features a range of standard amenities, allowing residents to conduct the vast majority of their daily lives within the city. Many choose to seek employment in the New York City area, and simply make Clifton the place they call home. However, there are opportunities within the city for those who prefer to remain in the local area as well as those interested in commuting to nearby Newark, New Jersey instead of New York City.

Major Industries in Clifton

Clifton is tied into the major industries throughout the state of New Jersey as well as opportunities available in nearby New York City. That means residents have a wider variety of options than may be suggested based on the size of the city itself.
However, the local New Jersey population is highly educated in the areas of science and engineering. In fact, it has the highest concentration of science and engineering professionals per square mile in the world.

Food Production and Processing
The state of New Jersey is home to some of the leading food companies in the world. Both the Goya Foods and Arizona Beverages facilities are within commuting distance of the city of Clifton. In fact, the Arizona Beverage Company received significant funding in 2016 to help expand operations within the state. Also located in the state is one of the largest food companies, Campbell Soup Company, which has been located in the city of Camden since 1869. Other notable companies that have headquarters, distribution, and/or research and development facilities in the state of New Jersey include:
- Nestle Health Science
- Pinnacle Foods
- Unilever

Flavor, fragrance and ingredient manufacturers, a subset within the food production and processing industry is also prevalent within the state of New Jersey. Some of the larger manufacturers in this sector include:
- Firmenich
- Frutarom
- Givaudan
- IFF International Flavors & Fragrances
- Mane
- Robertet
- Sensient Flavors
- Takasago
In total, approximately 128 firms focus on flavor and fragrance manufacturing and hold gross sales well over $5 billion. Additionally, the concentration of jobs in the flavor, fragrance, and ingredient manufacturing in the state of New Jersey is three times the national average, making the state a leader in this sector.

Life Sciences
Many people don’t realize that New Jersey is considered a global hub for life sciences. Over 115,000 residents of the state are working in the industry, employed across over 3,100 facilities. It is estimated that the industry contributes over $30 billion to the New Jersey economy. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies have a strong presence in the area. During 2015, over half of the new FDA drug approvals were from companies with facilities operating in New Jersey. Additional, 12 of the top 22 research and development companies have facilities in the state, and the area is ranked second in regards to funding received from the National Institutes of Health.

Healthcare & Medical Industry
New Jersey has multiple nationally-ranked hospitals as well as research and development facilities throughout the area. Large-scale healthcare systems and university medical schools help further advances in medical science and associated technology. Some of the notable research facilities located in the state include:
- Center for Integrative Proteomics Research
- Coriell Institute for Medical Research
- The Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey
- Princeton University
- Rutgers University
The State University of New Jersey

Over 140,000 full- and part-time positions are available within the healthcare industry, making it a major industry within the area that indirectly supplies more than $20 billion into the state’s economy. The state also has 13 teaching hospitals with four medical schools including:
- Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
- New Jersey Medical School at Rutgers
- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Rutgers
- Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine
These schools support many research activities within the state based on their close proximity.

Technology and Information Technology
The state of New Jersey is the source of numerous inventions related to technology including:
- Barcoding
- C++ Programming Language
- Fiber Optics
- LCD Technology
- Transistors

Currently, the state is also the home of multiple Information and Communications Technology giants and leaders in the Financial Technology sector. In total, more than 25,000 business operating in the state are associated with technology and accounts for over nine percent of the total private sector employment within the state. The approximately 5,000 Information and Communications Technology organizations have led New Jersey to have the second highest concentration of professional working in that arena. Some of the companies operating in the sector include:
- AT&T
- BellWorks
- DRS Technologies
- Honeywell
- Panasonic
- QualComm
- Verizon New Jersey, Inc.
Additionally, over 80,000 computer programmers and 110,000 software developers have found opportunities in the Garden State. Efforts and developments in the area of technology are supported by the strong broadband communication infrastructure, currently ranked third in the nation, as well as the presence of leading educational opportunities at schools like Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Montclair State University, which is located just outside of the Clifton city limits.

Financial Services
The close proximity to Wall Street makes Clifton and the state of New Jersey ideal for financial service companies. Overall, over 180,000 individuals work in the financial services and insurance field in the state, bringing in approximately $35 billion to the New Jersey economy on an annual basis. The technology field has supported developments in Financial Technology, helping to bolster operations located within the area. Additionally, the state features a higher than average level of education amongst its residents when compared to the national average, making it a logical choice for complex business operations requiring strong workforces with advanced education. Some of the largest employers operating in the financial services sector in the state include:
- Bank of America
- Citigroup
- Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ
- JP Morgan Chase & Company
- MetLife
- Prudential Financial, Inc.
- TD Bank
- Wells Fargo & Co.

In fact, 14 of the state’s largest employers are part of the financial services industry, making it a critical part of the larger economy.

Logistics in Clifton
New Jersey’s location on the east coast of the U.S. has it ideally placed for growth in the logistics sector. Distribution and transportation can be covered through a variety of mechanisms including a robust highway system, railroad access, nearby international airports, and sea ports. Some of the companies that feature large-scale distribution centers in the state include:
- Barnes & Noble
- Coca-Cola
- The Home Depot
- Hyundai
- Ikea
- Subaru
- Toys R Us
- Volkswagen
- Williams-Sonoma
In total, over 25,000 logistical, transportation, and distribution centers call the state of New Jersey home in order to take advantage of the proximity to the U.S. Northeast Corridor, providing employment opportunities to more than 365,000 individuals.


Manufacturing Careers
Over 10,000 manufacturing business operate within the state of New Jersey, ranging from pharmaceutical giants to small-scale machine shops. In fact, over 90 percent of the goods exported by the state are from the manufactured goods and products sector. Some of the most notable production centers are in the following areas:
Computers and Electronics
Numerous nationally recognized companies have chosen to house some of their operations in the area including:

Part of the appeal of the area includes the logistical benefits of the location as well as the strong infrastructure to support technology needs.

Vocational Schools and Colleges

Though Clifton doesn’t have a strong educational presence on its own, institutions in nearby cities provide significant opportunities to residents of the city.

Montclair State University
Located in nearby Montclair, Montclair State University is a large, four-year, public university with a population of just over 16,000 undergraduates and more than 4,000 graduate students. With the large population comes a significant amount of choice in regards to available majors. Some of the fields of study include:
- Accounting
- Business Administration
- Computer Science
- Information Technology
- Nutrition and Food Science
- Pharmaceutical Biochemistry
- Sustainability Science
Many degree programs that are available support employment potential in some of the state’s largest industries, providing easier transitions from academia to the workforce.

Passaic County Community College
A two-year, public community college, Passaic County Community College is located in the city of Paterson, just a short drive from Clifton. Over 8,300 students attend classes at the college and several thousand more take courses online. A wide variety of programs are available to students interested in completing associate degrees including, but not limited to:
- Business Administration
- Electronic Engineering
- Health Science
- Information Technology
- Medical Informatics
Many of the associate degrees are transferable to four-year educational institutions, allowing courses taken at Passaic Country Community College to count towards a higher level degree. Multiple career certificates and short-term training programs are also available through the college, providing options to those interested in specific technical training.

Felician University
Located in the nearby city of Lodi, Felician University is a small, four-year, private Franciscan university with an undergraduate population of just over 1,600 students and a graduate enrollment of around 340 students. Undergraduates can choose from a variety of programs including, but not limited to:
- Accounting
- Biology
- Business Analytics
- Cybersecurity
- Healthcare Administration
- Health Information Management
- Natural Science & Mathematics
- Nursing
Some of the onsite facilities available to students include a nursing skills laboratory and various performance and theater facilities.

Career Opportunities in Clifton, NJ

With the wide variety of industries present within the state of New Jersey and the close proximity to New York City, employment opportunities are available in a large array of professional fields. Science, technology, and finance all play strong roles within the larger community, as well as organizations focused on the needs of the populations such as healthcare and education. To help explore some of the options available, here are opportunities based on the state’s largest Fortune 500 employers.

Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson has their corporate headquarters located in the city of New Brunswick. Positions are available in a variety of administrative, and management categories including opportunities for professionals working in the following sectors:
- Finance
- Information Technology
- Internal Audit
- Procurement
- Strategic Planning
- Training and Development

Prudential Financial
The headquarters of Prudential Financial is located in Newark, New Jersey, making it a commuting option for those living in Clifton. Based on the nature of the business, opportunities are most prominent for those with education and experience in the financial sector. However, administrative, business, marketing, and other positions are also available to support larger business goals. Professional interested in the following fields may find opportunities with Prudential Financial:
- Actuary
- Human Resources
- Information Technology
- Legal Services
- Marketing and Public Relations
- Operations
- Procurement
Sales oriented positions may also be found throughout the state depending on local need.

Located in nearby Kenilworth, Merck has a wide range of opportunities for corporate operations as well as scientific positions. Some of the career fields that may be available include, but are not limited to:
- Analytical Research and Development
- Audit
- Biologics
- Bioprocess Formulation
- Chemistry
- Compensation
- Paralegal
- Process Development
- Quantitative Pharmacology
Additional opportunities may also be available throughout the state of New Jersey including fields like information technology, clinical research, marketing, and administrative services.

Enjoy Working in Clifton


Clifton, New Jersey allows residents to enjoy the feeling of a smaller community while still having access to the opportunities associated with major industries and large metropolitan areas. Most people living in the area have access to suitable resources, and there is quick access to New York City and Newark. As with any city, the local area has a need for many public services including K-12 teachers, local government officials, retail employees, restaurant workers, health care specialists, and more. So, while the city of Clifton may not be well-known on its own, its prime location make it an excellent option for anyone interested in pursuing educational opportunities or careers in one of New Jersey’s major industries.