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Also referred to as, the Queen City or the Fountain City, Cincinnati is a city in Ohio and the county seat of the Hamilton County, Ohio. It is located on the north bank of the Ohio River in Hamilton County and lies opposite the mouth of the Licking River. With its population of over 290,000 people, it is the third largest city in Ohio and is the largest centered metro area in Ohio. The city has a total area of 206.01 square kilometers whereby 201.86 square kilometers make up the land while the rest 4.14 square kilometers is pure water During the 1990s Cincy was among the cities recorded in the top ten US cities as per the populations and was the largest city in the West by far. Cincinnati is no ordinary city as it was the first main American city that was set up after the American Revolution and the first main local city in the Republic. Sometimes people say it is the first ever virginally American city because of its originality. It is a home to major sports teams and educational facilities like the University of Cincinnati that is among the top 50 universities in the US. Because of its history of fine architecture, the city was called Paris of America in the late 80s.

Ranked as the 65th most populated city in the United States, Cincinnati is in the Ohio state and is the base of Hamilton County. It is also the third largest city in Ohio with a population of well over 298,550. According to research, Cincinnati Ohio is among one of the fastest growing economies in the Midwestern United States. Its economy statistics are not only convincing but also very encouraging. Cincinnati’s unemployment rate is remarkably below the national average at 4.3%. With a median home price of 152,500 dollars, the cost of living in Cincinnati Ohio is 8.2% which is also below the national average. Boosted by a traditional prowess in advanced manufacturing and trade, Cincinnati’s economy continually grows in vast ways clearly showing improvements in a host of industries. The city is keen to offer economic development assistance programs to business planning. This is aimed at helping new companies to be successful start-ups and the existing ones to establish their operations in several parts of the city and county. Cincinnati for has been noted for attracting businesses in recent years. Company headquarters have been established there in recent years. This is owed to their strategic position, technological advancement, a favorable transport sector, quality of life, a very productive workforce among other positive factors. Without a doubt, Cincinnati Ohio is well primed for economic growth.

The City is home to many industries including, technology, healthcare, business (wholesale and retail), manufacturing, insurance and finance, education, government and transportation, arts and culture media and music among others. As such, Cincinnati offers a diverse employment base and gives a formidable economic output.


Technology Sector
Without fear of doubt, Cincinnati is ranked with the best in the technology sector. With its fierce growth in technological advancement, it is one of the ten cities that come very close to becoming the next Silicon Valley. Cincinnati is the place to take your idea, incubate it and develop it to fruition. It is the place to also establish your tech company and get massive support to help it grow remarkably. Already established global companies pioneering innovation in several sectors in the industry give Cincinnati its much deserved commendation of being a leading IT and innovation hub. Over the years the city has grown significantly in the sector and now outranks Silicon Valley and Boston in tech job growth and STEM rankings. Having the second lowest business operating costs, financial incentives, resources and a well-connected business and innovative community, Cincinnati has attracted both minor (start-ups and small) and major technology companies such as Fortune 500 firms. Merging resources, talent and a demand for advancement, Cincinnati is driven to establish new technology in various sectors as well establishing corporate centers of technology and innovation. These areas include; advanced manufacturing that has more than 3000 industry-related companies that raise the demand rate; consumer insights since it is home to 200=consumer products companies and eight of the top 25 ‘big data’ firms in the nation; biohealth and financial services. With an IT professionals’ population of 30,000, the city has no shortage of innovative talent and with 10,000 new jobs aimed at by 2020, it is the best place for an IT genius.


Business Industry

Cincinnati’s business industry can be divided majorly into wholesale and retail trade, insurance and finance. Some production and manufacturing companies that deal in production of commodities sold in and out of the city may also be included. These manufacturing companies have put the city on the map improving its rankings nationally in the manufacturing shipments sector. Cincinnati is known globally for Gamble and Procter soap products and U.S Playing Cards. The favorable economic environment has had Ten Fortune 500 companies base their headquarters in Cincinnati. They include; AK Steel (steel manufacturer), Western and Southern Financial (financial services), Procter and Gamble Co. (consumer goods), The Kroger Co. (grocery stores), Fifth Third Bancorp (financial services ), Federated Department Stores (retail) Ashland Inc. ( chemicals) and three others. More impressively, more than 360 other Fortune 500 companies maintain operations in Cincinnati. Statistics have it that the Cincinnati metropolitan area generates an average of $2.8 billion each year. Cincinnati thrives in local as well as international trade. Its international role in trade is contributed to by more than one thousand area firms generating close to or even more than $6.7 billion in foreign sales. The foreign trade thrives due to inclusivity of foreign firms which are up to 300 in number. The firms are presently owned by companies in Africa, South America, Europe; particularly Germany, France and the United Kingdom, Asia, and Canada. Some of these foreign owned companies include AEG, Bayer, Snecma, Toyota Motor and others. the thriving economic environment in Cincinnati is attributed to incentive programs for new and existing companies. As such, it is statistically proven that Cincinnati is the second most favorable place to establish your business and have guaranteed success in it. Through The City of Cincinnati Employment and Training Division, employment seekers are given in Cincinnati are given vocational, life, and Pre-employment skills training and job placement. As such, the workforce produced is cut out for the Business industry’s skill demands.


Healthcare and Medical Industry
Affordable and quality health care is one of the factors that make living in Cincinnati safe, manageable and enjoyable. As such, the City is mindful of the residents' health. Cincinnati has a number of world-class hospitals with highly professional medical experts. They include University of Cincinnati Medical Center that is ranked nationally in 2 adult specialties and third in Ohio, Christ hospital that is ranked first in Cincinnati, Good Samaritan Hospital, ranked second in the city among others. These medical services have people of all ages covered. Be it adult medical centers or children centers. In all these, teams of very skilled doctors and nurses are at a patient's disposal. What’s more, Cincinnati boasts to be a major medical research center investing significantly in Biohealth. The city already harbors well over 220 companies involved in research, testing and production of medical and products. Cincinnati’s medical companies make life-saving inventions each passing year. The companies include accelerators like biological and Innov8 for health and industry leaders such as Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Also, several medical device manufacturers started in Cincinnati such as Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon, a leading medical device manufacturer. Cincinnati is ranked 11th in the nation for biotech venture capital funding as well as being the best place for start-ups in this industry.


Food Processing and Manufacturing
As continually mentioned, Cincinnati’s strategic position (access to customers and low business running costs) plays a significant role in investments. The food and processing industry is no exception. Cincinnati is home to hundreds of food processing and beverages companies and a number of flavoring companies. Cincinnati has 30,000 skilled employees in this industry with more opportunities being created with each newly established processing or agricultural company or the expansion of another. The Greater Cincinnati region is the headquarters of The Kroger Company which is globally recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of private label foods in the country and fifth largest grocery chain on the globe. Also, a number of brewers are based in Cincinnati. Local and leading brewers alike such as the Boston Beer Company. The food processing and Agriculture is undoubtedly one of the industries that produce a high number of job opportunities. Site Selection magazine ranked Greater Cincinnati as the second most competitive city in North America for food and beverage companies in 2015.

Proudly appearing in the Top 20 North America trade partner, Greater Cincinnati generates up to $17.68 billion each year in manufacturing. This is attributed to more than 2500 manufacturing companies spread throughout the region providing employment to hundreds of thousands of people in and near the region. Cincinnati has fiercely become the manufacturing hub ideal for a manufacturing company. The major manufacturing sectors in Cincinnati are Aerospace, Automotive, Chemicals and plastics and industrial machinery and metalworking. With all these sectors realizing continuous growth each passing year, Cincinnati remains a city to reckon with in the manufacturing sector. Cincinnati is proud to be the place where the Wright Brothers they invented the airplane. This has given the region headway in the aerospace industry. 130 automotive companies are located in the greater Cincinnati region. Automotive companies find the region of significant strategic advantage. This is since they are situated in the area that produces eighty percent of North American light-vehicle parts. The supply chain comes in very handy. Besides, through the location, an automotive company can easily access 58 major automotive assemblies including, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen and other global leaders in the industry.


As seen above, Cincinnati is the city to develop your career if you are seeking employment, establish and grow your business if an entrepreneur or develop your idea and invention. Ranked the 9th best state for business in 2015, the business climate, in general, is the best one could find. The support, strategic and incentive advantage has and continues to boost its industrial advantages in all sectors.

The job market and economic growth in Cincinnati
Cincinnati city has a widely diverse economy; it majors in transportation, health services, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, insurance and finance and education. In the city’s value of the manufacture of shipments, it is highly ranked o the national level and globally recognized for its US playing cards, Procter and Gamble soap products. Top companies that have been listed in the Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters located in Cincinnati; they include companies that offer financial services like Western and Southern Financial and American Financial, manufactures of Chemicals, Ashland Inc., Steel, AK Steel, public utility manufacturers like Cinergy Corp. The fifth one is a grocery stores company, Kroger Co., a pharmacy service company, Omnicare, a consumer goods company, Procter and Gamble and a retail stores company the Federal Department Stores. The metro Cincinnati area’s retail sales go up to $2.8 billion yearly.

Each year, the city generates about $6.7 billion on sales to markets that are outside the United States from the over one thousand are firms that maintain their operations in Cincinnati city. A huge percentage of investment comes from companies from different continents like Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and Canada, a total of over 300 companies in Cincinnati are owned by these foreign countries. The Cincinnati economy according to statistics and data of 2015 had the fastest growth and had been accelerating since 2010. Its professional majorly boosts its economic growth and business services sectors. These two sectors encompass engineering, architecture, legal, accounting and advertising service among other services that backed up almost half of the economic growth. The region might be highly diversified, and demographics that might not work for huge economic development but the results showed the contrary. The densely populated sections of the city are the ones where the economy is hugely benefiting from as of the fact that most people from hot tech areas move there.

The city has a relatively low unemployment rates and the national average and even with its average annual salary being slightly lower than the national average, job seekers in sectors like education, sales and library can earn more money in the city than any other part of the county.

Finding a Training Program in Cincinnati

To a young entrepreneur, Cincinnati city offers a wide range of economic development assistance programs to anyone with the objective of establishing and expanding their businesses within the 13 county regions of Ohio. The Cincinnati Business Incubator organization specifies in helping small business owners by posting workshops and training programs that concentrate on business expertise and techniques for building profits. The city is considered a major inducement in attracting new industries. The greater Cincinnati airport contributes about $4 billion into the local economy. It ominously backs up to the transportation system of the city giving its residents better means of navigation.

Cincinnati city has two overseas trade zones and has the fifth largest inland US seaport that provides local loads services with nearly 52.0 million tons of consignment transported yearly via the city on the Ohio River system. All the major markets can be reached from the Greater Cincinnati through the interstate that links the city with the nation and to the east and west coasts. It also has three major railroad systems that serve the entire region.

More than 1.5 million people work in the city and live within 50 miles of downtown Cincinnati with over 100,000 young experts from the city’s colleges and universities being added to the city’s workforce annually. The city has a very productive, strong, responsible and dedicated workforce, therefore, giving it the power to attract new businesses and making its economic growth chances higher.

The Top Employers
Kroger Company
Kroger is a retail company, and the largest supermarket chain in America established in 1883 by Bernard Kroger in Cincinnati Ohio. Its headquarters are located in the city. It is the third largest retailer globally and the second largest retailer and the 23rd largest company in America. It has a total of 2,778 supermarkets and multi-unit stores located across the US to which it controls some directly and other by use of its firms. The company employs more than 430,000 employees that are mostly represented by employee unions. The company conducts its business and maintains its markets in the entire 34 states with supermarkets, superstores, convenience stores, jewelry stores and department stores. It operates over 30 food processing and manufacturing facilities, 2,122 pharmacies and more than 1,300 supermarket fuel centres.

University of Cincinnati
It is a comprehensive public research university located in the city and established in 1819 as Cincinnati College. Being the earliest institution of higher education in Cincinnati the University has a yearly enrollment of 44,000 students and employs over 16,000 employees. The university garners approximately $400 million annually in research funding and ranks 22nd among public universities in the US. The university focuses on green initiatives and inspires tolerance among its staff and faculty receiving a distinction each year since it started the initiative. The university is divided into 14 colleges and schools offering 100 bachelor’s degrees, more than 600 total programs of study that ranges from certificates to doctoral and first professional education and more than 300-degree granting programs. Among the programs of study offered there includes 114 Baccalaureate, 105 master’s, 66 doctoral and three first Professional degrees. Campus planners know the university today as one of the universities with unique campus settings in the whole world because of its beauty. It is ranked the 12th best university in the United States and the 37th globally as per the number of alumni that are holding CEO positions in Fortune Global 500 companies in the world.

Colleges & Trade Schools in Cincinnati

Xavier University
It is a co-educational, Catholic university located in a Cincinnati territory. It is an undergraduate and liberal arts institution and the sixth oldest Catholic university in the United States. It enrolls more than 4,400 students each year and has graduate enrolments of over 2,000. It covers 190 acres and features both academic and residential malls. The university offers 81 programs within the colleges of Williams College of Business, Social Sciences, Arts and Sciences Health, and Education. At the start of each freshman year, the university gives the students chances to form unions and then afterward urged to associate with others students to choose service opportunities. It requires all its students a mandatory completion of the core curriculum, a combination of Great Books exactitudes and Jesuit ideals. Before completing a bachelor’s degree, all students should have read The Republic, discourse method and the selected sections of the Bible first. Xavier University in 2013 was ranked the top for average six-year graduation in the Midwest, 2nd for upcoming schools and third for alumni giving university. It sponsors eight men inter-college sports teams and eight women sports teams and has a graduation rate of 94% making it the third highest graduation rate university for athletes.

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
CSTCC is a community and technical college situated in the neighborhood of Cincinnati and attributed by The Higher Learning Commission. It was founded in 1966 and has woman president called Dr. Monica Posey MBA EdD. Its academic staff is made up of 666 employees and an administrative staff of 300 with a total number of 12,500 students. The college runs satellite campuses in Harrison, Middletown, and Evendale. Their west campus in Harrison gives aviation and maintenance technology classes. It also offers more than 70 subordinate degree programs and majors and over 40 certificate programs. It belongs to the group of the ten top co-op education programs in the US as per the number of student enrolment. It was the first ever technical and community colleges that completely prohibited on campus smoking activities in Ohio.