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Cheyenne is considered the most unfit populated city within the state of Wyoming. Cheyenne is also the state capital and rest in the seat of Laramie County. As the principal city in Wyoming, the Metropolitan statistical area includes all of Laramie County. According to a 2010 census, the estimated population in Cheyenne was roughly 59,466 people. Cheyenne is at the forefront of an ever-growing Front Range Urban Corridor reaching all the way from the city of Cheyenne to the city of Pueblo, Colorado. This general area between these points has an estimated population of 4,333,742. Cheyenne is ideally situated between Crow Creek and Dry Creek. Cheyenne’s metropolitan area has an estimated population of roughly 91,738. This population has earned Cheyenne its ranking as the 354th largest metropolitan area within the United States.


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Local and state government is one of the driving forces of Cheyenne's economy. With a multitude of downtown government offices, residents and newcomers have many employment opportunities for statewide and nationwide industries and employers. Some of Cheyenne's top employers include the US Air Force, the Wyoming National Guard and F.E. Warren Air Force Base. Within Air Force Base just west of the city, there were excellent opportunities for branching into the highest paying and most respectable careers through continued education and training.


Additionally, manufacturing, construction and railroads are among Cheyenne's top industries. As railroads remain a driving economic force within the city of Cheyenne, many employment opportunities from Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific are offered to Cheyenne's residence. The economic development agency of Cheyenne known as "Cheyenne Leads" has made great strides in boosting the local economy as well as diversifying it in the more recent years. Large-scale chain stores and manufacturers have provided new job opportunities to locals as well as many opportunities for career advancement. Organizations such as Lowe's and Walmart have contributed many job opportunities for trading post headquarters and distribution centers throughout Cheyenne’s city outskirts. To keep up with the cities needs, such abundant sea of distribution headquarters has fulfilled many needs.


In the categories of skilled workers and advanced degree seekers, Cheyenne has pioneered both nonrenewable and renewable energy/electricity resources and research centers. Cheyenne has attracted interest from data centers including Microsoft and the NCAR supercomputing center. Microsoft's datacenter in Cheyenne is powered by biogas. Additionally, the Green House Data's data centers is fully powered by wind energy.

Cheyenne's physical location gives it an abundance of wind, making it an ideal capital for wind energy research and technical pioneering. Wind turbines and wind energy technician programs are abundant throughout Laramie County. For those interested in environmental science, Laramie County Community College offers excellent resources for students to place themselves on the forefront of leading wind energy technology programs. Additional data centers and influential facilities that maintain headquarters in Cheyenne include Great Lakes Airlines and Green House Data.


Popular Career Niches

Among the most sought after and highly paying career nations in Cheyenne are:

Architectural and Engineering Managers
Construction Managers
Physician Assistants
Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists
Systems Software Developers
Computer Network Architects
Mechanical Engineers
Medical and Health Services Managers
Nurse Practitioners
Occupational Therapists
Financial Managers
Physical Therapists
Computer and Information Systems Managers
Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers
Human Resources Managers
General and Operations Managers
Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers
Financial Analysts
First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives


Cheyenne’s many vocational training schools, colleges and universities offer many excellent opportunities for short and long-term career training programs. Opportunities for career advancement are plentiful in Cheyenne as students have many opportunities to enroll in advanced education programs and apply for jobs as skilled workers. Cheyenne welcomes workers positioned at the forefront of important in growing industries. As such, skilled workers may have increased opportunities for career advancement as they branch into higher-paying jobs and long-term positions.


Top Industries in Cheyenne, Wyoming


Cheyenne’s bustling culture and recreation industries provide many job opportunities. A variety of local theaters, orchestras, museums, restaurants and transportation agencies are always in need of new assistance. Top attractions in the city of Cheyenne include the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra, the Union Pacific Depot, the farmer's market, the Depot Plaza, Lions Park, Cheyenne Kiwanis community house and the beaches of Cheyenne. Additional attractions include Brimmer amphitheater and children spray park.


Cheyenne has a highly influential military presence and a long-standing relationship with the military. Technically speaking, the city of Cheyenne was born on the exact same day that Fort D.A. Russell (known today as F. E. Warren Air Force Base) had been selected for the Army posts official site. Working in partnership with the residents and military personnel, Cheyenne has maintained a strong military network working together to enhance both the city and the military base in question. Cheyenne values military personnel and provides many employment opportunities for those looking to work directly or indirectly for the military. Cheyenne recognizes the achievements of those serving in the Wyoming Army or Air National Guard.


Government is a reigning force in Cheyenne. Cheyenne maintains a very strong city Council and works full-time to ensure the best administrative function and legislation. State-sponsored job opportunities are among the most highly paid and sought-after employment positions. The city of Cheyenne as well as Wyoming state websites clearly mapped out job opportunities and application criteria on the web so that more qualified workers are able to find their ideal career niche is working for local or state government. Though the leading industries in Cheyenne include government, military, events/recreation and health care, there are many more desirable and well-paid jobs throughout the city.

Top Trade Schools and Colleges in Wyoming


Laramie County Community College: established in 1968, Laramie County Community College is considered a full-service community college located in Laramie County, Wyoming. This community college has campuses in both Cheyenne and Laramie in addition to outreach centers at F.E. Warren Air Force Base and Pine Bluffs. Degrees offered through Laramie County Community College include: Associate of Arts degrees, Associate of Science degrees, Associate of Applied Science degrees and assorted certificates of completion. The overall graduation rate: 18.3% as of 2014. The average salary after attending undergrad: 32,500 USD as of 2013. The average annual cost for students receiving federal aid: 6,851 USD (2013) and the undergraduate tuition and fees for In-state tuition was 2,832 USD as of 2014. Fees for out-of-state tuition was 6,816 USD as of 2014. Laramie County Community College is located at 1400 E College Dr, Cheyenne, WY 82007.


IBMC College Cheyenne: the Cheyenne campus offers a variety of certificate, degree and diploma programs to help individuals advance their skills in a variety of sought after career paths. Training programs include   business, medical billing and coding, legal, personal training and technology related careers. This college encourages all of its students to develop their skills and enrolled in fast-paced, comprehensive career training programs that will allow them to take the next step towards a rewarding career path and life change. This college is an equal opportunity college placing great emphasis on a diverse student body and excellent access to vocational training. Located at 1854 Dell Range Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009.


Wyoming Welding Tech: this technical training school allows for fast-paced certification in a variety of construction and welding related career fields. This college allows students to obtain specialized certification so that they may graduate with access to higher-level careers, better pay and leadership roles. Wyoming welding tech offers nine certification categories ranging from supervisors and educators, welding engineers and fabricators to inspectors and radiographic interpreters. Exact programs and certifications offered through Wyoming welding tech include: Professional Certifications, Certified Welding Inspector, Senior Certified Welding Inspector, Certified Welding Educator, Certified Radiographic Interpreter, Certified Welding Supervisor, Certified Welding Sales Representative, Certified Welding Engineer, Certified Welder and Certified Robotic Arc Welding.

Located at 323 E 3rd St, Cheyenne, WY 82007.


Career Growth in Cheyenne


According to recent statistics, the unemployment rate in Cheyenne, Wyoming is a mere 4.40% with a projected job growth of roughly 0.60%. Job growth projection for the next decade is expected to be 36.79%. This bodes well for her annual income and salaries as well as the overall job prospects skilled workers can expect in Cheyenne.


The annual income per capita in Cheyenne, Wyoming is roughly $28,485. This figure includes adults and children. The estimated median household income in Cheyenne is roughly $54,845. When comparing Cheyenne’s job growth and household income statistics next to United States averages, overall statistics are as follows:

Unemployment Rate 4.40%
Recent Job Growth 0.60%
Future Job Growth 36.79%
Sales Taxes 6.00%
Income Taxes 0.00%
Income per Cap $28,485
Household Income $54,845
Family Median Income $73,471 $65,443


Top Employers and Top Wages in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Entry-level positions and work opportunities in Cheyenne, Wyoming is growing. Though there is always a demand for skilled workers with higher education in the form of an Associate, bachelors or Masters degree, there are a variety of top employers in Cheyenne who are in need of skilled/unskilled workers. Among the top Cheyenne employers for entry-level positions and unskilled work opportunities are:

• Platinum Supplemental Insurance
• Swift Transportation
• State Industrial Products
• American Consumer Panels
• GP Recruiting
• ScribeAmerica
• Menards
• Chipotle Mexican Grill
• Great Lakes Airlines
• Fastenal
• Fresenius Medical Care
• Airgas
• Axis
• Advance Auto Parts


This said, opportunities for long-term employment, excellent wages and career advancement can be achieved through a variety of top employers for skilled workers in Cheyenne, Wyoming. For those with a specific career certification, an Associates degree, a bachelor's degree, a master's degree or doctorate, top employers in Cheyenne, Wyoming include:

• The State of Wyoming
• F.E. Warren AFB
• Laramie County School District
• Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
• Federal Government Services
• Wyoming National Guard
• Sierra Trading Post
• Veterans' Affairs Medical Center
• Union Pacific Railroad
• Laramie County Community College
• Reiman Corporation Construction
• Blue Federal Credit Union
• Little America
• Great Lakes Aviation
• Magic City Enterprises
• Mountain Towers
• Charter Communications
• Gator Industries


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