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Located in Connecticut, Bridgeport is considered the largest city in the state. It is located in Fairfield County. The population of the area is around 145,000 people, making it in the top 5 most populated cities in the New England area. Those who come here are going to find that there are tons of things to do, the area is beautiful, and is one area that has room from growth. Since the demise of the industrial period in history, Bridgeport, CT has been quickly finding ways in which they can once against dominate the economy. Thus far, the city is on the right path.

Colleges in Bridgeport, CT
There are a few colleges in the area, and given the size of the area, this comes as no surprise. Here are a few of these colleges to consider!

University of Bridgeport

This University started out as the Junior College of Connecticuter in 1927. It wasn’t until twenty years later that this became the University of Bridgeport, and this was due to the number of veterans that flooded into the school after World War II. Today, the school offers undergraduate and graduate programs to those who are in the area. The school has a strong statement to put “students first”, which is an appealing statement to many potential students.
There are several undergrad programs offered here at the University of Bridgeport. For example, business degrees such as a BS in Business Administration, BS in Accounting, BS in Marketing, BS in Management and Industrial Relations. There are also several BA in Mass Communications, which include Journalist, Public Relations, Communication Studies and International Communication. Several health degrees are offered, which is always a thriving sector in the career world. These degrees including Nursing, both the RN to BSN and Traditional BSN, Dental Hygiene, and Health Sciences.

It should be noted that those who cannot attend the University of Bridgeport in person can utilize one of their online programs. They have been ranked as one of the best when it comes to what they offer online. However, there online programs are limited compared to what they offer on campus. They offer General Studies, RN to BSN Nursing, Denial Hygiene and Professional Studies online only.

To apply to the University of Bridgeport, there are certain requirements that must be met. These requirements include:
- An SAT score in which the person scored from 200 to 800 on each part of the test
- ACT scores must be sent to the school as well
- They do encourage that you have two letters of recommendation
- They also suggest that you have a personal statement written
- The application fee is $25, non-refundable

The tuition for this college, will be based on what program you go into. Dental students have a different fee. However, on average, this cost around $15,075 for full time students. Fees that are also charged include a student government fee, general fee, one-time orientation fee for incoming freshmen only, PAL deposit and health insurance fee as well. According to US News, this school is in the Regional Universities North area, the total enrollment is around 5,433 students, and the school has a ranking of #193 for its engineering program. IN addition, the school has a #32 ranking for their online graduate computer information technology program, along with a #105 ranking for Best Online MBA Program, and a #110 for Best Online Bachelor’s Program. They are not ranked solely on their program offerings on campus.

St. Vincent’s College
Accredited by the Office of Higher Education and the New England Association of Schools and colleges Inc, St. Vincent’s College is another great option for those who are in the Bridgeport, CT area. The school was originally founded in 1905, and it was found as the St. Vincent’s Hospital Training School for Nurses by the Daughters of Charity and has always been known as a great nursing school. This is a school that has a lot of holding in the community, and is rich in the Catholic Church. They provide this religious faith to all their teachings within the school.

In terms of what the school offers, they offer a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences as well as an RN to BSN. These degrees are also offered in an online or hybrid format for those who are interested. The school offers numerous certificate programs that are all related to the health field in one way or another. For those who are interested in going to this school, they are going to find that there is a one time $20 application fee for those who are looking to get a degree. The person must also have:
- A minimum 2.0 GPA average
- Required math and science courses must have a cumulative 2.5 GPA
- Minimum SAT score of 400 in Math and 400 in English
- An ACT score of 17

For those who are accepted they will have to undergo a criminal background check, along with a health screening check and drug test. On average around 85% of those who apply are admitted to the school. The cost of attending the college is going to be $605 per credit hours for classes in which you take. The in-state total is usually $14,630. The total enrollment in the school is around 675 people. For those who are shopping around for colleges and universities sin the area, they are going to find that these are the two main schools to consider. There are a few other community colleges in which you can choose from. However, those who are living here often go to these community colleges and then transfer to get their four-year degree from one of the institutions above! The good news is that those who attend a local college are going to find that they often have a better chance of landing a career with a local business, as local businesses love to hire those students fresh out of local schools!

Top Employers in Bridgeport CT

There are several major employers that call Connecticut home. However, in the Bridgeport area, you are going to find that healthcare options, finance employers and the like are going to dominate the list. Here are a few employees to consider, as they are the top employers in the area:
1. People United Bank with 750 people employed
2. Sikorsky Support Services Inc is a helicopter service support with 500 employees
3. Prime Line is a sign manufacturer with 400 employees
4. Lacey Manufacturing Co Inc is a metal stamping business employing 400 employees
5. Casco Products Corporation is a motor vehicle part with their headquarters in this area. They employ around 300 people.
6. Label Systems Inc who manufacturer specialty paper and employs 155 people
7. Rexam Closure Systems Inc who manufacture plastic products, along with other things and employ 150 people.
8. Imedx Inc is a computer calculating service that employs 150 people.
9. DRS Fermont is a defense contractor who employs 150 people.
10. St. Vincent’s Medical Center employs 3000 people
11. Bridgeport Hospital employs 2,622 people
12. University of Bridgeport employs 875 people
13. Bridgeport Health Care Center employs 500 people
14. Houstanoc Community College employs 482 people
15. Prime Line employs 310 people.
16. Derecktor Shipyards employs around 300 employees
17. Watermark Retirement Communities employ 165 people
18. There are around 20,000 people who work within the government in numerous positions in Bridgeport CT.

This list grows with each financial fiscal year. The town continues to invest more into their economy, encouraging new businesses to start up or to grow their operations to the city to provide more jobs. While the economy took a hit in the early 2000’s, they are starting to grow back from this, stronger and better than ever!

Where are the Jobs in Bridgeport CT?

One of the most common questions that is asked of those who are just getting into the labor market is what sectors are these jobs in? This can be great knowledge for those who may just now be entering into the college world, as it could affect their decision on which major they want. The unemployment rate in Bridgeport CT is around 4%, which is average when looked at via the national level and surrounding areas. So where are these people working? The answer:
- Over 14,000 people are working in the Construction and Mining fields
- 40,000+ people would in the manufacturing fields
- Over 70,000 people are working in the trade, transportation and utilities fields
- Around 12,000 people work in the information field
- Over 40,000 people work in the financial industry
- Over 60,000 work in the professional and business services fields
- Over 55,000 work in the education and health services
- 32,000+ work in the leisure and hospitality fields
- Around 40,000+ make up the government jobs in the area
- Other services account for over 15,000 people
When it comes to the industry in which the most jobs are in, those who are looking to be employed in this city are going to find:
- 25.3% of jobs are in the Educational, Healthcare and Social Assistance sector
- 13.5% of jobs are in the Retail Trade sector
- 11.3% of jobs are in the Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, Accommodation and Food Services
- 10.2% of jobs are in Professional, Scientific and Management, Administrative and Waste Services
- 9.4% of jobs are in Manufacturing
- 7.4% of jobs are in Construction
- 6.1% of jobs are in other services
- 4.8% of jobs are in Finance and Insurance and Real Estate sectors
- 4.4% of jobs are in Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities
- 3.1% of jobs are in Public Administration
- 2.5% of jobs are in the Information fields
- 1.8% of jobs are in Wholesale Trade
- .2% of jobs are in the Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting and Mining fields
So, when it comes to the Bridgeport, CT area, you are going to find that the most popular types of jobs include:
- Nursing
- Teachers
- Social Workers
- Dentists
- Doctors
- Business Managers
- Business Administration including Receptionist, Secretaries and the like


A Look at Popular Careers in Bridgeport, CT
With the industries that are popular in the Bridgeport CT area, there are several jobs that are always going to be looking for new talent. This is great for those who are just graduating from the area and want to go ahead and live here. Here is an in-depth look at some of the more popular careers in the area and what a person would have to do to belong to this career path!

The nursing field is one that is considered a hot job in almost every area of the United States. There is always a need for consistent nurses who are ready to work in the field. Within Bridgeport, Bridgeport Hospital, along with the retirement homes in the area are going to be some of the main employers for those who have a degree in nursing. In fact, there are over 2.5 million nurses throughout the United States.

For those who are interested, they can receive a certificate to get them starting in the world of nursing, they can get an associate’s degree in nursing which can allow them to advance slightly, while a bachelor’s degree can offer more flexibility. Most people are going to opt for the bachelor’s degree as it offers the most flexibility when it comes to what you can do and where they can work. Nurses are going to be working in doctors’ offices, clinics, intensive care units, government agencies, at a school setting, in a business setting, and they can also become private nurses for home health care. Thus, this is a versatile career path that many people take.

Those who do decide to go into the nursing field are going to find that this is a stable career that gives you a chance to work several different shifts, transfer to new locations easily and have various levels of responsibility. Compensation for a nurse, varies, depending on location, education and what setting she or he is working in. However, on average nurses make anywhere from $43,000 to $63,000 per year, with the top 10% of nurses earning over $75,000 per year.

Those who enter into the education field know that they are getting a job that is going to last for several years, and is one that they can move to a new location with, or even advance within after they have put in the time to do so! There are those who teach at the elementary, middle school or high school level who often only need a Bachelor’s degree to get these types of positions. The person may eventually get their Master’s degree as a way to move up on the pay scale for teachers in their area. However, for the most part, the person has a Bachelor’s in Education with a degree specific grade or subject.

For those who have a Master’s in Education, they may find that teaching at the college or university level is a great job. In fact, those who do this are going to see an increase in the number of available jobs on the market, as the need for these people tend to increase as more people are going to universities and colleges. This is even a job that can be done in addition to teaching at an elementary school if the teacher is okay with working part time at nights.

A salary for a teacher is going to greatly depend on his or her qualifications, education and experience. Many teachers start out making $20,000 per year. However, there are just as many teachers who earn over $50,000 per year as they advance and teach harder subjects. Some college professors can earn around $70,000 per year.

Social Workers
Social workers often have a degree in healthcare, but they also have a passion for communicating with patients and helping them in any way that they can. For those who are entering this field, a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work is the common way to get these jobs. However, there are those who have a Bachelor’s degree in related fields like Psychology and Sociology who are also eligible for these fields. There are several positions that will require having a Master’s degree, which is something to consider for later!

This type of job is going to pay on average, $46,800 per year. And it is also one field that is going to continue to grow. Social workers do not only work in hospitals, but they also work in long term care facilities, mental health clinics, community centers, with the government, military bases, substance abuse clinics, correctional facilities, child welfare agencies and via employee assistance programs. These workers are here to listen to a person and provide whatever help they can. Thus, communication skills are a must have for a person in this field!

With the number of healthcare businesses in the area, it is no wonder that dentists and/or doctors make up a huge portion of the jobs here. This field also includes those who are assistants. For those who want to go with being a dentist or doctor, they will require a lot of schooling. This is why many people start out as being assistants, and then begin to further their education. Assistants in these fields often have a Bachelor’s degree of some sort. They will find that this work is going to be very demanding. They are the right-hand person of the doctor or dentist; thus, they must be ready to assist at anything that may be needed.

In terms of how much a person can expect this career to pay them, it all really depends on where they are working. These assistants can be seen in hospitals and private practices. Those who start out may only make a bit over $25,000 per year. However, those who have expanded their education to become a dentist or doctor could see a salary that is around $90,000+ per year!

Business Managers
Given the retail trade in the Bridgeport, CT area, the need for business managers is high! Those who own these stores often want someone who has experience and knowledge in running their business. These business managers are responsible for employees and the business itself. They are going to find that they spend their time ensuring that all operations run smoothly. Many business managers have nothing more than a high school diploma and have worked their way up through a company. However, as the competition for these jobs increase, the higher education is a must have. Most people who graduate college with a Bachelor’s in Business will find that they more than qualify for this type of position.

Salary wise, this all depends upon what type of company that a person is managing. For those who work with larger corporations it is not unheard of to earn $100,000 per year. However, for those who are managing a small boutique business, they may only earn $40,000 per year.

Business Administration
The business administration is field is huge! There are tons of jobs that are included in this sector. For example, secretary, receptionist, office managers, project assistants, operations management, marketing specialist, executive director, independent consultant, and the like. These types of jobs are going to vary in what they pay a person. Depending upon what type of job the person ends up with, they could earn anywhere from $40,000 to over $110,000 per year.

For those who are in this career path, in the Bridgeport area they are going to find that there are numerous companies that are looking for someone in this field. In most cases, the person has a Bachelors in Business or Business Administration in order to qualify for these positions. This job industry is expected to only grow as the economy increases and more businesses are opening up in need of these types of professionals. These professionals are often the backbone of day to day operations in a business and are much needed. Thus, these jobs can be considered as being high stress!

About Bridgeport, CT
Those who decide to go to school here, and develop their career here will find that Bridgeport CT has a lot to offer! There are several things to do in the area for those spare moments when not studying. These activities include:
- The Adventure Park at The Discovery Museum which is rated #1 among those things to do in the area!
- Beardsley Zoo
- Bridgeport Bluefish Baseball Club
- Seaside Park
- Captain’s Cove Boardwalk
- Discovery museum
- Downtown Cabaret Theatre
- The Barnum Museum
- St. Margaret’s Shrine
- Various lighthouses to view
- The Klein Memorial Auditorium

For those who live here, there are 13 neighborhoods that belong to the city of Bridgeport. The average median household income is $42,420, which is slight lower than the rest of Connecticut. For those who purchase a home here, they are going to find the value of a home in the area is around $176,000, which is also slightly lower than the other cities in the state of Connecticut. For those who rent a home here, the average rent is $1,122. This is considered one of the more affordable cities in Connecticut, that also offers numerous employment opportunities.

It should be noted that those who are in Bridgeport are going to be seeing some changes in the next few year. The city itself wants to encourage businesses to come into the area, thus they are constantly working with businesses located throughout the state or in other states to bring their operations to this area. This is something that should be valued highly by those who graduation from local universities. Why is this? Because it means that Bridgeport CT has potential for more jobs! In fact, the local program looks to invest around $3 million into development projects! The city itself is ranked as the #140 city in Connecticut, and is ranked as the #25,625 city in the United States. According to Area Vibes, the city has a 56-livability score, and is noted for having lots of local amenities. For those who visit here, they are going to find that they love it, and they may even want to live here. In the end, Bridgeport CT is a thriving city, and one that is growing as the year’s pass. With the colleges that are in the area, along with the top employers now and the industries that are only continuing to grow, it is a great location for those who are starting out in a career, or for those who wish to make a career change. For those who are considering this area, they are not going to be alone in making this consideration!