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Augusta, Georgia is on the eastern side of Georgia, located in the piedmont section of the state. The population in the area is 197,872 according to the 2012 US Census. This area is known for medicine, biotechnology and cyber security, making it a hub for many people who want to go into these career fields. However, there are several other companies and industries within the city as well.

Colleges in Augusta GA

There are several colleges along with career schools and technical colleges that call Augusta GA home. A few of the more popular choices include:

Paine College
Paine College is a private university that is related to the United Methodist religion, founded in 1882. They provide degrees that are considered liberal arts. They have the Schools of Arts and Sciences that offers degrees in Humanities, Mathematics, Sciences, Technology and Social Sciences. The School of Professional Studies offer degrees in Business, Education and Media Studies. This school is relatively small in size, with 848 students attending here. They do have a competitive admissions policy, which ensures that only the best and brightest are attending this school. They require a $25 application fee, along with an essay and written recommendations to get enrolled. On average, they receive 1,400 applications and accept around 300 or so of these applicants. The tuition for the school is $13,332. US News states that it is ranked RNP in the category of National Liberal Arts Colleges. However, high school counselors rank this college at 214.

Augusta University
For those who are looking for a career in the health care world or education, they will find that Augusta University is ranked as one of the best in the area. The university was founded in 1828. A few of the more interesting facts about their curriculum is that they are home to the Medical College of Georgia which is the 9th largest in the US, along with the 13th oldest medical school in the United States. This school also has the largest College of Nursing in the state, along with the only dental school: The Dental College of Georgia. They also offer the College of Science and Mathematics, James M. Hull College of Business, College of Allied Health Sciences, College of Education, The Graduate School and Katherine Reese Pamplin School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Enrollment size is around 8,500 students for the Fall 2016 enrollment period. In the Fall of 2016 they conferred 906 bachelor’s degrees, 463 masters, 39 specialist degrees, 94 doctorates, 296 first professional degrees and 76 certificates/other. In total, they offer 43 undergraduate programs, 34 graduate programs, 18 doctoral and professional programs, and 47 certificates.

The school enrolls around 8,532 students total. New freshmen for Fall 2016 accounting for 788 students. The in-state tuition is $8,422, while out of state tuition is $23,130. The school does not have a ranking when compared to the other school throughout the nation. However, high school counselors have ranked this as #196 in terms of where to attend for graduating seniors.

East Georgia State College
East Georgia State College started off as awarding only two year degrees. However, they have expanded to award some bachelor’s degrees as well. The college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The main campus for East Georgia State College is located in Swainsboro GA, however, they have added an Augusta, GA location in order to serve more students. The school was founded in 1973. One interesting note about East Georgia State College is that their tuition is based on the number of hours that you take. A typical student that goes full time will take at least 12 hours. For those who are taking 12 hours, the total cost would be $2015 for in state, while out of state students would pay $5053, which does include any technology fees and the like. Their tuition outline is meant to serve those non-traditional students who may only be able to go part time, while they work, and is also meant to help military students who may be active duty.

As of right now, the East Georgia State College only offers two bachelor’s degree fully to students. These are Bachelor of Arts in Fire and Emergency Services Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. However, they do offer their transfer pathway program that works with other universities in the area. Those who utilize this program can take their basic courses for two years, then transfer for their four-year degree to another school. For example, many in the Augusta area would transfer to Augusta University to finish out their four-year degree. For those who are ready to apply, the application fee is $20, and the acceptance rate with this college is 59%. According to uniRank, the school ranks as #1572 out of the country, along with being ranked as #5199 in the world.

Strayer University – Augusta Campus
Strayer University is a national college that has location throughout the United States that was established in 1892. The Augusta campus has several accreditations; thus, students can rest assure that they are going to a well-respected school. While Strayer University is known for its high number of programs that are seen at the school, when looking at the Augusta campus, they only offer a Bachelor of Business Administration. They also offer a diploma in acquisition and contract management. However, many students who take classes via Strayer are going to take these online. For those in the Augusta area, having a branch of the school nearby could prove helpful if they are need of assistance. Strayer was designed to help working adults get the education that they deserve. Thus, the idea of online and in classroom classes was born.

The tuition rate for Strayer University is based on the actual course, rather than the area. For those who go full or part time in order to get their degree or certificate/diploma, they are going to pay $1435 per course. In order to receive a bachelor’s degree, 40 courses must be taken. The enrollment size for the entre university is considered rather low, however, many students prefer this to get the attention that they need. According to UniRank, Strayer University has a 391 ranking in the entire United States. They have a 985 ranking when looking at schools around the globe. The admission policy is not selective, allowing many working adults to return to school without having to worry about meeting certain requirements.

Virginia College – Augusta Campus
Virginia College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. Virginia College is a private for profit college and was founded in 1983 in Roanoke, Virginia. Along with having a few brick and mortar locations throughout the United States, they offer several of their degree programs online. Thus, many students find that they can take a combination of in person classes and online classes to achieve their degree. An interesting offer is their career placement assistance. The school also offers small class sizes, as well as day and night classes. The application process is rather easy. They only require that you fill out a form to get started. In order to qualify you simply must have a GED or a high school diploma, along with the desire to learn and earn your degree. The average cost is around $16,400 per year.

The Augusta, Virginia College campus offers only three programs to students: Business and Office, Health and Medical, and Cosmetology. Within these fields, they offer a combination of associates, bachelors, certificates and diplomas. There are several other colleges, careers training facilities and the like that are located in Augusta, GA. However, these colleges are only offering diplomas, certificates or associates degrees to those who attend.

Top Employers in Augusta GA

There are several employers in the Augusta, GA area. Some of these employers are listed below:
1. Textron Specialized Vehicles
2. Covidien
3. International Paper
4. Kellogg’s
5. FPL Food
6. Procter & Gamble
7. Thermal Ceramics
8. Resolute Forest Products
9. Boral Brick
10. PotashCorp
11. Fort Gordon
12. Augusta University
13. Richmond County School System
14. University Hospital
15. August Universal Health System
16. Richmond County Government
17. Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center
18. East Central Regional Hospital
19. Doctors Hospital

The largest employers in the city are Augusta University, the Savannah River Site, and the US Army Signal Center at Fort Gordon. Augusta University employs over 7,000 people. The University Hospital and the Medical District of Augusta employs over 25,000 people. The Augusta area is one that has seen considerable wealth, despite the economy. In fact, many of those businesses that are in the area is seeing their business increase, rather than having to worry about their business falling under. Some of the other businesses in the area who are known throughout the United States that have their headquarters in this area include CareSouth, T-Mobile, Solo Cup Company, Automatic Data Processing, International Paper, Teleperformance, Sitel, E-Z-GO, Elanco, Club Car, and John Deer.

Top Professional Industries in Augusta, GA

There are several careers that are seen in this area that are considered hot careers. These hot careers are going to almost always ensure that the person can find work. The top careers along with their average pay in the area are below:
1. Management Occupations with an average of $96,560
2. Architecture and Engineering Occupations with an average earning of $83,430
3. Legal Occupations with an average salary of $69,080
4. Computer and Mathematical Occupations with an average earning of $66,640
5. Life, Physical and Social Science Occupations with average earning of $66,050
6. Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations with an average earning of $65,720
7. Business and Financial Operations Occupations with an average earning of $61,420
8. Education, Training and Library Occupations earn on average $47,410
9. Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media Occupations earn $45,010
10. Installation, Maintenance and Repair Occupations earn on average $41,150
11. Community and Social Service Occupations earn on average $39,420
12. Construction and Extraction Occupations earn $39,330
13. Farming, Fishing and Forester Occupations who earn on average $36,750
14. Production Occupations earn on average $36,060
15. Protective Service Occupations earn $31,460
16. Office and Administrative Support Occupations earn on average $30,630
17. Sales and Related Occupations earn $28,660
18. Transpiration and Material Moving Occupations earn $28,220
19. Healthcare Suppler Occupations earn $25,390
20. Personal Care and Service Occupations earn on average $21,570
21. Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations earn $21,370

For those who are looking to make the most of their career in Augusta, GA, then these are the industries that are going to be thriving. Thus, they can be easy to enter and work your way up to earn the maximum that these professionals in the industry get paid.

Top Careers & Training in Augusta

Due to the number of industries that call this area home, along with the top employers that are seen in Augusta, GA, there are several careers in which a person can expect to find. These are careers that are considered safe options to enter into if you plan to stay in the Augusta GA area after graduation.

Teacher (Elementary and Middle School)
Augusta GA is home to 61 schools that belong to the Richmond County School District. This does not count the private schools, technical schools, community colleges and universities that are home to the area. For those who work in the Georgia area as a teacher, they are going to find that they can make anywhere from $20,000 to $90,000 per year depending upon the tier that they belong to. College professors are going to make more than a kindergarten teacher, which should be taken into consideration. The education that is required in order to become a teacher is going to vary. For those who are teaching at those lower levels, they will find that Bachelors’ degree in Education is going to be sufficient. Once you reach the High School age, most teachers are going to be focusing on one subject. Thus, many of these teachers are going to have a Bachelor’s in Education, along with a major in the subject that they teach. For those who want to be a college professor, they will need their Master’s or their Doctorate degree. Most colleges will not accept anything less than this, as they want to ensure that students are getting someone who is knowledgeable in their area of study.

Nursing (LVN and PN)
There are a high number of nursing homes, hospitals and private doctors in the August GA area. Thus, the field of nursing always makes up a large number of professionals in an area. There are several difference types of nurses, however, the most common are the CAN (Certified Nurse Assistant), Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), and Home Health Nurse (HHN). These various nursing professions are going to differ in the jobs that they can perform, along with the salary they get paid and how much education the nurse has received. For example:

- A Certified Nurse Assistant is going to have a certificate or diploma for their education requirements. They are going to be working under a registered nurse, and they are going to find that this position is in high demand. Earnings for this position can be as low as $9.00 per hour or as high as $17.00 per hour.
- Registered Nurse: This is considered the most flexible type of nursing career. They can perform various duties. Those who are RN’s may want to specialize in certain types of care to focus or make themselves more valuable on the market. The salary is on average $69,800. To get this career, you will need to have a bachelors or associates degree, along with passing a national license exam.
- Licensed Practical Nurse: This falls between a certified nurse and a registered nurse. Most LPN’s are getting their education from technical or career schools in which they take only career related courses. The salary for this position is around $43,640.
- Licensed Vocational Nurse: This is the nurse that provides a lot of the bedside care for the patient. The training for this position is usually about one year in length and can be found at most community colleges. The salary for this role is $43,640.
- Home Health Nurse: A home health nurse travels to the home of the patient to help with whatever needs may be needed. In most cases the nursing career is going to require that the person go to school for at least two years. Many home health nurses are transitioning from other areas of nursing and have a bachelor’s degree. The salary for this type of position is around $53,400.

Wireless Network Engineer
While almost every career in the technology niche is something to watch, the career of a wireless network engineer is one career path that is going to continue to grow. Why is this? Mainly since this person is responsible or helping to make everything wireless, which is something most businesses and individuals want to succeed with. On average, this career path earns $60,850 in the Augusta GA area. However, this is expected to grow as the need for these individuals are going to increase. For those who are interested in this career, they most often need a Bachelor’s degree in a technology field. Those who wat to advance will find that on the job experience, as well as continuing your education could prove to be helpful in this field. With the number of technology firms that are available in the Augusta, GA area, there are several options as to where a person could end up working, and could develop a strong role in the company.

Operations Manager - Project Management
This is the heart of a company and they are the management personnel that may wear several hats at the same time. Those who are operations managers are often thought to spend their time on dealing with the machines that are in the company or with the actual goods that are being sold. However, this is a misconception. Most operations managers only spend 10% of their time dealing with machinery, goods or services. The rest of the time they are dealing with people. They may be dealing with customers or even those who work underneath them. Therefore, these operations managers are often considered a ‘people’ person. Training wise, many people work their way up to this field. For those who are trying to do this out of college, they are going to find that a degree in business along with a minor in a discipline that works with people such as psychology or the like could prove beneficial. The earnings of an operations manager will vary. Those who start out may make $40,000 per year, while those who have been in this position for several years could earn up to $98,000.

There are several architects that live in the Augusta, GA area who are working in the area and those who surround it. These architects are designing new buildings, homes and even working with existing buildings to spruce these up. This type of career will require a Bachelor’s degree to get started. Many of those who are in this field choose to open their own firm to provide services. Which in these cases, a person may decide to get their Masters in Business so they are ready for all aspects of this type of career. As far as what an architect may earn every year, on average they earn $76,930 per year. This is considered one career that is growing at an average speed, thus there will still be a need for these professionals in Augusta, GA.

About Augusta GA

For those who ready to go to school and perhaps even start their adult lives here, the city was established in 1736. A few interesting facts about the city:
1. It was named after Princess Augusta of Saxe Gotha, the mother of King George III of Great Britain
2. It is about 150 miles from the Atlantic Ocean
3. It is also known as The Garden City of the South, due to the many large private gardens that were seen in the early 20th century
4. Fort Gordon, a US Army Signal Center and the US Army Cyber Center of Excellence are two military installations here
5. The city does have the Augusta Regional Airport
Not only does the area have a lot of interesting people who have come from here, along with a rich history, there are several area attractions that make this an area that many love visiting. For those who attend college here, it often feels second nature to just settle down here and start their career. Here are a few of the area attractions that are sure to impress:
1. Phinizy Swamp Nature Park
This is a nature park that hosts special events throughout the year, is open for Birthday parties and is free to the public to visit at any time that they like. There are 14 miles of biking and hiking trails for those who are interested. There are also tons of wildlife to see in the area including alligator, bobcats, and several different species of birds.
2. The Morris Museum of Art
What makes this unique when compared to other museums is that this is dedicated to the works of those who are from the American South. The museum has over 5,000 pieces to view. It is a one of a king museum that is showcasing the unique works of the area.
3. Riverwalk Augusta
Those who are new to the area or who simply want to get out, are going to find that the Riverwalk Augusta is a must see. This is offering pedestrians access to the Savannah River and focuses on the beauty of the scenes around you!
4. Sacred Heart Cultural Center
Many teachers bring students to this area in order to discuss the architecture of this area. In addition, it is often rented for parties, weddings and other celebrations.
There are tons of parks and other recreational activities that are seen here. Those who do decide to spend some time here are not going to be sorry for this decision!

If you are interested in going to school in Augusta, CA you are going to find that there are several top-notch colleges in the area that can easily prepare you for any career that you may be interested in. And once you graduate, finding a career in this area should be relatively simple, as there are tons of industries represented in Augusta GA who are always looking for the young and bright to help fill their ranks. Augusta, GA is a great town that has that small town, Southern charm to it, but also has some rather high technology and professional’s careers to choose from.



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