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Fortunately, a love for pets and keen eye for style and health give you all the internal requirements needed for a successful career as a pet groomer. Combine your passions with a certificate, and you will have all of the necessary components that can land you that ideal position. Working with furry friends most commonly dogs and cats requires a special type of personality. Since dogs and cats don't understand the concept of beauty, health, sitting still, or this-will-only-take-a-moment procedures, they can be significantly more difficult to work with than humans. But animals' natural warmth and irresistible cuteness more than makes up for any challenges their nature might present. As a natural animal lover, you're automatically in possession of the patience required to transform every animal you meet into a masterpiece. If you need pet grooming classes in your area then use our zip search to find the closest school.


After you obtain your certificate in pet grooming, there waits an interesting array of career possibilities available to you. Frequently, pet groomers will open their own grooming salon where they can seduce customers and hire other enthusiastic employees to care for animals. Sometimes, though, running a business with humans can be more challenging than working with just the animals. If you're not interested in having your own salon, you can be hired at someone else's. Other career options include working at pet-themed stores, operator at a veterinarian's practice, serving at an animal hospital or shelter, or even spoiling pets at luxury hotels. Working at any of these venues provides you with various opportunities to turn any average pet into a gem that's just as pampered as its owner. Working for someone else's grooming service means that you don't have to worry about any portion of the business you get to focus on the animals you love.

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Sometimes we watch satires like Best in Show and laugh at pet owners' antics, or perhaps we secretly scoff at the lavish and unnecessary luxuries rich pet owners bestow upon their beloved animal friends. But somewhere inside of most pet owners is the desire to make sure that their pet, whether a lovable dog or cuddly cat, is properly cared for. We like to spoil ourselves with spa days, special gifts, comfortable clothes and bed, and well-attended physical maintenance. It's only natural that the more we think about these things ourselves, the more we will also redirect these perceptions onto our pets. Start by reaching any pet grooming school below to see what they offer.

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No matter where you work as a pet groomer, it is important to remember that you are not just an individual working quietly with someone else's pet. You're really part of a team. In fact, pet groomers have an excellent opportunity to be among the first care providers to notice any health defects or abnormalities the creature may have. As you bathe, style, brush, and otherwise maintain care for the animal, you have a close-up view of the animal's exterior. This means that anything from an ear infection to a growth to even an unusual mood are more likely to be observed and reported by you.

Pet grooming is a career area that continues to grow. More and more households are spending increasing amounts of money on their pets. Whether medical bills, special foods, or your brand of pampering, pets have been receiving the royal treatment. This means that with your certificate, you will likely have an eager line of pet-owning enthusiasts who are willing to spend their money on your talents. The culture continues to change and place value on the quality of pet care, and this means that you have the opportunity to make sure that these pets deserve the quality of care you can provide.