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Medical coding is a booming industry and you have found one of the top areas in the medical field where you can make some great money once properly trained. Converting physician notes into medical standard insurance codes is the prime responsibility of a medical coder. By doing this the medical coder makes the entire process of insurance claims easy and efficient. If you are one of those individuals who love to play with numbers and you are great at paying attention to details then undoubtedly you will have a great career in the field of medical coding.

medical coding training A typical certificate course will teach you all the techniques about coding and medicine. An online medical coding course usually covers the medical terminology. As a coder, it is very essential for you to understand and have knowledge about all medical terms. The course will also provide you information about pharmacology and anatomy. All this will be helpful for you to understand the different services that the physicians provide.

A medical coding certificate will teach the necessary knowledge on all the advanced and basic coding languages. ICD-9 and CPT-4 are some of these important coding languages that you need to understand and learn. An online medical coding course prepares you for hospital apprentice, certified professional coder apprentice or certified coding associate exams. Most of the online medical coding programs can be completed in less then one year or in one year time period. An online medical coding course that informs you about outpatient and inpatient records is highly recommended.

The field of medical coding is expanding rapidly over the last few years and it doesn't look like there is an end at site. One of the biggest advantages in this field is the fact that it does not have too much competition. If you are good at your work then you are bound to have a bright future as a coder.

Most of the people who hold a medical coding certificate or a degree get a job in the insurance billing department. This billing department can be of a private billing firm or a healthcare facility. As long as people keep buying health insurance, medical coders will be on demand. Most people who are already employed typically opt to take the course by distance education to allow them to keep working in their field while gaining the experience necessary to become a coder. Don't wait another minute and research the top schools we have listed that offer coding courses.


Medical Coding Curriculum

When taking your medical coding course you’ll be introduced to lots of different courses so you can fully understand all aspects of the coding industry. Most schools will train you on the following topics.

Medical Terminology – To be a strong coder you’ll need to have a good foundation of medical terminology. You’ll be taught about the different abbreviations and how to use them. Being able to pronounce medical terms including their word structure are the focus of many introduction courses.

Anatomy and Physiology – Courses cover anatomy, pathophysiology and even laboratory medicine. You’ll learn about the human body and get an introduction to both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codebook. Here you’ll learn about the different codes and how to they are used.

Career Possibilities

The growth rate for health info specialists is now over 21% and the need for medical coders is strong in the industry.

Opportunities Exist in:
- Healthcare Clinics
- Hospitals
- Government and Local Agencies
- Hospice and Retirement Homes
- Insurance Companies
- Dental or Optical Offices

Your job title won’t always be medical coder. In fact medical coding might just be part of your job responsibilities.

Responsibilities Include:
- Medical Coding Professional
- Claims Processor
- Medical Coding or Billing Clerk
- Administrative Assistant

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