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Healthcare Services Certificate Program

The certificate in healthcare services one of many certificate programs in the Health care Administration field. This particular program builds on the foundation of the successful completion of the certificate in Health Care Administration program. This program will provide a more targeted, specialized skill set relevant to the concentration of Long Term care as well as a more focused look at Health Care Administration.

The program teaches the student many general foundational skills in areas such as mathematics, humanities, communication arts, social science and life sciences. The skills they have gained from those courses include general skills like critical thinking, writing and utilization of information. These skills allowed the student to properly and easily advance into more targeted and specialized courses.

healthcare services training Learning the skills needed from the concentration courses that made up the core of the certificate program, these specialized skills include the ability to examine the United States Health care system, examining and discussing the state of health and disease, health care law and ethics, psychology and the financial operations of the health care system,. The student learned these specialized skills in various targeted classes such as Introduction to Health Care, the Language of Health Care, the Psychology of Health Care, Health and Diseases, Financial Mattes for the Health Care Professional and Communication Skills for the Health Care Professional.

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When the student completes the certificate and demonstrates their ability and proficiency in the basic areas of Health Care Administration, they are ready to advance to the BAS of health care Administration with Long Term Care as the concentration area. This degree program will focus on specialized administration skills and other skills related to the health care specialty of Long Term Care. These administration skills include the legal and ethical aspects of health care, finances and human information resources.

The continuum of Long Term Care has grown to encompass a wide range and variety of comprehensive health, mental health and social services throughout a wide variety of organizations. And as such, the concentration courses in Long Term Care will include a comprehensive overview of the specialized skills related to the area including concepts of the aging process, analyzing the legal and regulatory challenges of facility planning and development, and a examination of issues surrounding federal regulations and funding services.

The courses in which the student will learn these specialized skills for Long Term Care include Long Term Care Administration; Dimensions of Health Care and the Older Adult; Facility Planning; Public and Community Health; The Financing of Health Care; Health care trends and Marketing; Health Care Quality Management; Legal Issues-Regulations and Compliance and Ethical Issues-Health Care and Social Responsibility.

When the student completed the BAS of Health Care Services Long Term Care degree program, they can continue with their education at a higher level knowing hey now have the specialized and fundamental skills necessary to operate in the specialized field of Long Term Care. Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to demonstrate these specialized skills and be ready to enter the profession of the Health care industry in Long Term Care.