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If you are interested in losing weight while you go to school and you want to be in great shape for the rest of your life then you will want to strongly consider becoming a fitness trainer. This career is going to give you the tools that you need to remain active and healthy while you help others do the same. Individuals that have considered this career path in the past will want to know what this type of certificate is going to entail.

fitness training course There are many different fitness trainer courses that are going to give you over 300 hours of classroom instruction. You will also be able to get more than 200 hours of gym time so that you know how to implement what you are learning. This is a great way to perfect your methods and to be a wonderful fitness trainer when you are finished with your schooling.

Fitness Trainer Schools & Training Classes


Individuals that decide to take these classes are going to obtain a wealth of information. Courses may include learning about business and management as well as communication and unique teaching methods. Anatomy, physiology and even nutrition will be taught as well. Motivation, first aid and CPR are other courses that will help you round out your level of expertise.

If you are interested in running your own business then you will also enjoy the courses that are geared towards advertising and marketing as well. These are not really classes that you might think about when you are thinking about being a personal trainer but when you think about what it takes to run your own business you will see just how important these aspects are as well as learning about exercising and the human body.

Most of the courses that you will find can be taken during the day or even in the evening hours. This is great for individuals that already work but would still like to consider a career as a personal fitness trainer. With courses offered at different times, there is no reason for you to avoid going back to school in order to improve your health. This type of schooling really can be a win win for everyone. Some educational institutions are going to also help with job placement when you are finished with your schooling. That is great because you are going to have some assistance finding the job of your dreams. If you want to work in a health club, at a new spa, on a cruise ship or even in a local country club then your school may be able to help you find the perfect location for you. Look into any of the fitness trainer courses that the schools offer below. They are a great and easy way to get started.

As you can see, there is no reason for you to avoid getting a certificate like this. Finding an exciting career will be easier than you thought and you will be in the best shape of your life. You may find out that this career choice is one of the best decisions you have ever made for yourself and your family. You will feel great every day while you help others feel the same.


Campus Locations:


- Carson, CA 

- Riverside, CA

- Orange, CA

- West Covina, CA

- Fairfield, CA

- Roseville, CA

- Elk Grove, CA


Programs Offered:


- Fitness Specialist 



Fitness Training Certifications

When you pass your training program at the school you selected you’ll receive a diploma. This diploma or certificate is a great thing to show potential employers as it shows you went through an official training program and are knowledgeable about how to properly train someone. Below are several additional certifications you could receive. It is important to realize that not all programs are campus based. Many now offer 100% online training and you can receive your training in half the time as other schools and at your own pace.

NCCA – The National Commission for Certifying Agencies lists certified schools that are accredited. It is not necessary that you take any of the schools listed but by taking a training program from an accredited school it will further give validation to the certificate or diploma that you receive upon graduation.

NASM – They offer specialized courses you can take in order to become a personal trainer. Their CPT or certified personal trainer package trains you in about 2 month which can be done online.

Fitness & Nutrition Careers

One of the great things about the fitness industry is you have a wide variety of career paths you can take. Because you can focus your training in on one or more of these areas it really opens up your career to something that you feel comfortable doing. Below are some of the top areas that many graduates go into.

Group Fitness Trainers – As a group fitness trainer you’ll be teaching a class. These are the more common career track as most want to work for one of the larger gyms and teach a class (aerobics, Zumba, etc.)

Individual Trainers – Many graduates want to become an individual trainer. As an individual trainer you take a vested interest in reaching the goals of your clients. This could be to drop weight, tone up or even to train for an upcoming event or competition. As an individual trainer you can still work in a gym but it also opens up an opportunity to work at home or at the clients’ home or work.

Nutrition Trainers – This has become a very in-demand career as the need to have a balance of the proper nutrition while you train has never been more important. You’ll keep detailed track of calories, fat, sugar intake and more. You’ll set up what your client eats and how much in order for them to hit their goals.

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