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Homeland Security Certificate Program

Homeland Security Certificate Programs

A certificate program in Homeland Security provides a comprehensive review of the Department of Homeland Security, it's agencies, laws, authorities and actions. This program prepares the student for entry-level positions in law enforcement, security, protective services, and other such careers in local, state, or federal jurisdictional arenas. Courses in hazardous materials identification and handling are presented, as are courses on domestic and international terrorism. Acts of terrorism and the response and recovery actions of Homeland Security agencies are detailed, including the laws and other legislative actions taken to give authority to the multiple agencies involved.

homeland security training Specialists in homeland security help keep the U.S. borders safe from external and internal threats. After 9/11 many people in this nation were left broken, sad, desperate and confused it is up to homeland security to thwart the terrorists who caused this madness. The terrorist attack caused there to be many jobs in homeland security, so people who enjoy analyzing sensitive information are encouraged to apply. The applicant must be able to communicate with others effectively also, and to be willing to conduct research. It is a rewarding occupation in the sense that when potential threats are identified and prevented, it gives a distinct sense of satisfaction.

Applicants interested in homeland security should have a background in security. Military experience, especially counterintelligence, is also given preference. They must hold American citizenship as well. Little experience is required, but an certificate or higher is preferred. It is a job that has an average salary of approximately $80,000 per year, usually with benefits. There are so many jobs available that it is difficult to cover them all. You need to make sure you find the best homeland security education in order to make the top salaries companies are offering.

The Federal Aviation Administration often seeks qualified applicants to screen airports, as does the Department of Transportation. The U.S. Department of Labor needs people, for example, to control the flow of illegal workers. Then there is the Capitol Police that protects Washington, D.C. They protect against and detect threats in the nation's capital. Another possibility is the C.I.A., who in part gathers intelligence about threats to U.S. security. There are further jobs in the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense. To protect the agencies themselves, there is a possibility to work in the Federal Protective Service. Another security threat that always exists is computer crime, which is monitored by the National Infrastructure Protection Center. Those computer jobs are quite well-paid, often six figures.

Also, the General Services Administration provides the government with office furnishings, buildings, vehicles and computer equipment to supply their everyday needs. They hire individuals to ensure that this equipment is safe and protected. For more experienced applicants who are interested in education, there is the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Instructors are often needed to teach federal officials. Although jobs in this category may be trickier to obtain, there is always the possibility of getting into the F.B.I., under the broader category of the Department of Justice. In the U.S. Customs Service, there are many jobs at borders and airports guarding against illegal arms, child pornography, drug smuggling, cybercrimes, money laundering and homeland security. Yes, those people who check you at the border and at airports are employed by homeland security, specifically Border and Transportation Security. Similarly, the U.S. Coast Guard protects the watery borders of the U.S.A. and it is also part of homeland security. The list goes on: For security jobs, "Homeland Security" is probably the broadest job category with the greatest potential.

If you have a desire for justice and you want to be a part of protecting your homeland, homeland security should be a definite career option. Get the best homeland security education from a top accredited school.


Training in homeland Security

Security as we know it changed on 9/11. For only the second time in the last century we were attacked on US soil. Tons of funds were allocated with protecting the American people and because of that jobs opened up that either never existed before or jobs that only had a few positions were now faced with a shortage.
Due to the shortage schools nationwide started working with state and federal governments in order to properly train individuals for these new positions. Training in topics such as disaster readiness and counterterrorism were all new. Fast forward to today and the different types of certificate or degree training programs have changed. You can now start with a certificate in homeland security to qualify for certain jobs and then continue with your education to qualify for others.

Courses in Homeland Security

Each school will be different in terms of what they teach but below are some of the more common topics you’ll find when you research your certificate program.

- Introduction to Homeland Security
- Cyber Terrorism and Security
- International Terrorism
- Psychology and Political Science
- Criminal Justice
- Border Security
- Computer Hacking
- Law Enforcement

Careers in Homeland Security

As mentioned above the need for homeland security jobs have continued to increase over the years. Below are the Top 3 Careers in Homeland Security:


1. Police Officer – Becoming a police officer in law enforcement has always been a demanding job but now many officers are tackling areas in homeland security. You’ll need to take special testing in order to become a police officer but the possibilities are endless in terms of what type of officer you’d like to become. Some work on desk jobs, over the computer catching predators where others take the more traditional route.

2. TSA – The department of homeland security first wanted to secure the air. This meant the introduction of more TSA employees. The overall task was pretty amazing as a single airport now would employ 100’s of new workers. Many of the certificate programs listed will include a module or training section on TSA including the requirements to make this your career.

3. Immigration and Customs – Protecting our borders has always been a big political issue but after 9/11 the government strengthened our borders even more. More men and women were hired for land, sea and air missions.

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