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Are you considering a career in cosmetology? The excellent news for you is that cosmetology was identified as one of the 30 Best Careers. So, you can start out in your cosmetology education with enthusiasm and optimism. If you are already working in a salon or spa you know that it is valuable to earn additional certification as this will increase your standing as a cosmetologist. It makes you more valuable to your current employer and potentially more attractive for prospective employers also.


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Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics, Skin Care and Makeup

Many beauty schools offer cosmetology night school and this can be an attractive option for a person with a full time job. The obvious advantage to the night school option is that you can continue with your job and earn your cosmetology certification without having to worry too much about changes in your financial position.

cosmetology schools But there are a couple of things to keep in mind when deciding to go with this option: Cosmetology is a physically challenging program and to do a course at the end of the day after putting in a full day at work can be a physical strain. It is also likely that you may not be at your peak performance in terms of mental alertness if you are physically tired. Find more online certificate programs & schools to get started. You may be tempted to take a day off more often than you want to and this can slow down your certification if you do not meet your state's hours' requirements. Make your decision to attend cosmetology night school balancing out the pros and cons as it will be a waste if you do not have the necessary energy to complete the program.

All states have stringent requirements for how many hours of training are needed for a person to get a cosmetology license. Schools, therefore, have strict ways of monitoring attendance and require signing in and signing out. There are also some schools that issues ID cards with which students are required to clock-in and clock-out. In such cases you should clarify whether there is a grace period for late arrival if you have to get to school from your work. This will also help you determine whether you can comfortably manage the time commitment required for cosmetology night school.

If you are a person with stamina and enthusiasm, night school can be a perfect fit for you. You can get the hands-on training that cosmetology schools offer and get the benefit of on-the-job training which will help you become a stronger cosmetologist. It is also possible that your body's natural energy cycle peaks later in the day and so evening may well be your best time for learning. Whether you opt for a general course in cosmetology, or seek specialized certificates, night school will help you feel more confident in your abilities. You can master the components of cosmetology hair cutting, skin care and nails and set forth to make the world a more beautiful place.


Career Opportunities

As a cosmetologists it really opens up a lot of career opportunities. Most enter into the field wanting to just be a stylist and work in a salon but the industry is extremely large and the need for qualified stylists is needed in so many areas of the industry. Below are just some of the top opportunities.

1. Salon Stylists – As expected the #1 area most graduates go into is in a salon. This allows you to gain the necessary experience that will allow you to take your career in other directions. As a stylists you’ll soon learn about coloring and could even make that your main area of interest

2. Makeup – Within salons they have individual who just handle makeup. They not only apply but also teach and sell makeup products to their clients.
3. Management – Every saloon needs a manager and these individuals are often cosmetologists themselves who have worked in the field for a few years and decided to go the management route

4. Shop Owners – Sometimes shop managers after running and operating someone else’s shop decide they would like to own their own salon. Again, this is usually accomplished once you have been a cosmetologists and then worked as a manager. This gives you all the necessary experience with working with other stylists and understanding what it takes as a manager to run a successful and profitable salon.

5. TV/Magazine – One of the more non-traditional career paths is to focus on the TV, magazine, film or online stylists roles. Here you’ll work on-set to take care of hair, makeup or nails.


Cosmetology Curriculum

Most programs you’ll find cover 3 areas of interest. These areas allow you to have a well –rounded education that focus on the most common career paths cosmetologists take.

Hair Care – As expected the biggest area you’ll be focusing on during your training is hair. You’ll cover how to properly cut, style and design different haircuts for your clients. You’ll learn about coloring as well as chemical treatments for different types of hair. Training typically includes braiding as well as flat ironing. More advanced topics that are covered include how to fit and create extensions as well as advanced texturizing.

Skin Care – Many cosmetologist end up working in spas where skin care is a common thing clients ask about. They include facials and peels as well as even makeup. Many training programs will teach you about the proper way to remove unwanted hairs and some cover exfoliation and the nutrition side of skin care.

Nails – Learn basic and even advanced nail techniques including how to give manicures and pedicures to your clients. Programs cover how to install nails and sculpt them to your clients’ needs as well as nail maintenance.

Find the Right School

On this page you’ll find schools that offer cosmetology training programs near you. Search by town or by zip code to find a hands-on school that is right for you. Things to consider before you enroll

Tuition Cost – Tuition will vary from school to school based on the length of the cosmetology program as well as topics covered. You can expect to spend between $4000 and $15,000 for a program.

Job Assistance – No school in the county can promise you a job after you graduate but many have a network of outside businesses that they deal with and supply trained graduates to once you complete your training. Make sure to find out if the school you want to attend offers job assistance or placement. This takes the pressure off of you as many will even provide job leads during your last module of training and help you create a portfolio that you can show your new employer.

Reviews/Feedback – Although every school will have a new negative reviews you want to make sure that the school you want to attend has decent reviews online. Check with Yelp, Google and Facebook to see how others have graded the school. Again, I don’t know of a single school with 100% positive reviews so be sure to read them carefully and you can even connect with those who gave positive reviews to ask them specific questions.

Admissions – Part of the admissions process if for you to go to the school and speak with an Admissions Representative. You are not obligated to enroll and this is just a formality to allow you to check out the school and perhaps even meet some of the instructors. Most cosmetology schools will be similar in their admissions process so don’t be afraid to visit more than one school until you feel comfortable in your decision.

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