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A certificate in computers and technology is one of a few directions a student can go when they choose to enter the field of information technology. This certificate program is designed as an introductory program into the world of information technology from the support technician’s point of view. Included in the studies of Information Technology Support are the general classes of the humanities, mathematics, social sciences, life sciences and communication arts. These will offer the student a foundation in the basic skills needed in order to continue along the chosen path of continuing education or a career. The general classes will teach the student basic skills like critical thinking, writing and information utilization in which he will use to further his studies in the chosen concentration area as well as his professional career in Information Technology.




computer certifiate programs Once the student has gained a basic knowledge and fundamental skills they need to move on to the concentration courses, the student will start to focus on the advancement of his studies in his chosen concentration area. The concentration of Information Technology Support is taught through the core courses and online labs, which provide the students with a hands-on experience with the technologies they are studying. The specialized skills needed in order to excel in the area of Information Technology Support focus on specific educational theories and practices in order to provide a foundation in hardware, software and computer support. Many looking into this field also look into a certificate in computer application and even computer design.

The Students will also study using the hands-on real-time online labs. These online labs will give the students the expertise they need to succeed in the fundamental areas of Information Technology Support which are hardware, software, and networking and computer security. These areas of study offer the students the specialized skills they need to aid in furthering their studies I the Information Technology field. The specialized skills are taught through a variety of classes, both online and off.

Certificate courses are designed to be an introduction to the information technology world, where the concepts of business systems, networking, project management and the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) are explored. The PC Applications Support course is designed to be an introduction to al things Microsoft including Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and Access.


Computer Technology Schools

The Computer hardware Fundamental class is held partially online to give the student real-world experience with the topics of hardware architecture, components, networking, and configuration, upgrading and repairing a PC. The course of Computer Software Fundamentals is another partially online course designed to teach the students the basics of Windows legacy operating systems (98/ME 2000/XP) and Vista. The focus is put on software configuration, file management, performance monitoring, optimization, maintenance, recovery, and security.

The Enterprise Computer Support course is designed as an introduction to the roles, responsibilities and skills required to become a part of the Information Technology world, teaching proper customer service in support and communications with customers. This course is taught partially online. The maintenance and Troubleshooting course is designed to be an introduction to the hardware and software maintenance and troubleshooting focusing on a typical problem scenarios, diagnostics, procedures and solutions. When the student has successfully completed all courses to earan Associate's degree in computer technology or degree in Information Technology/Information Technology Support degree, they can continue to further their education in the Information technology world knowing they have the necessary and fundamental specialized skills as well as a strong foundation in the area of Information Technology Support. They will be able to use these skills with the assurance of success in the field.