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Earn your certificate in property management. There's little that is as exciting as winning a game of Monopoly. Slowing but surely your opponents' financial management choices succumb to your superior real estate trading and manipulations. You might never own Boardwalk and Park Place, but you don't need to either because you're savvy enough to win with other less notorious properties. Plus, you know not only how to take risks, but how to manage risks. Unfortunately, no matter how big you win or how big you lose, you have to put all of the pieces back in the box when you're done. And of course, the more you win, the less likely people are to play with you again later. However, there are options behind the opportunities of Monopoly that certainly fit your skill and mentality. Get started today and find the property management certificate training you deserve.

 property management certificate Property managers are required by all kinds of owners who, for one reason or another, need your skills, time, and education to make sure their property is well-taken care of. Sure, you're not necessarily the one with the deed in your pocket making the trades and collecting the rents, but you are the one getting a cut of all that action. Imagine not even playing Monopoly and still getting a portion of one player's winnings that's sort of like the opportunity property managers have. There are quite a few responsibilities that come along with property management, so the right training, knowledge, and areas of expertise will help you land the jobs that make your career the most exciting and worthwhile it could be.

Property Management Courses. Finding the Best One!


No matter what the ebbs and flows of the market are, real estate is not going anywhere. Because people will also need a place to live and work, there will always be owners of places to live and work in. And because owners frequently lack the knowledge, skill, or time to make sure these properties are properly maintained, owners will always need you. Long story short: property managers are essential to a market that is not going to ever go away. If you are able to receive the right training, then your skills will quickly be in high demand by all sorts of property owners. Start your property management certificate today.

There are several different types of properties that require management. One of the more common types is a building or neighborhood that has multiple families living inside. Imagine an apartment or condominium complex that is managed altogether by a company. To make sure that rents are paid, applicants are screened, maintenance requests are fulfilled, security deposits are properly maintained, leases are signed, the property is secure and orderly, and everything about the exterior and interior of the complex remains ideal, your role as the property manager will be essential. Other times, individual owners who own a property far from their own residence or just who lack the skill or time to manage the details of their property will employ your services. Finally, you may also be hired to handle commercial buildings that not only have renters, but businesses working inside and requiring your handy work to maintain operation.

Property Management Training Programs


Because of the diverse tasks property management requires, only an experience and properly educated individual can aspire to the most lucrative positions in the field. If you know about the handyman tasks related to plumbing, gas, flooring, drywall, appliances, and paint, in addition to knowing how to deal with owners' and renters' needs, then you are setting yourself up for finding a successful career. You will help owners, renters, and yourself all feel quite satisfied with their positions. Of course, not only will you also be able to apply your skills to your own residence and investments, but you also have the advantage of knowing that these profits will never need to go back into the box. Research any of the schools below that offer property management training certificate programs and get started on your new career!


The Role of a Property Manager

As a property manager you can have several roles depending on the size of property you are working with and the type of property manager you are. Below I’ll discuss the roles for a commercial property manager and residential/rental property manager. Also many property managers also have obtained thier project mangement certificate, especially if you are going to be working with a larger property management company. You'll need your property management certificate to be knowledgeable enough for the below positions.

Commercial Property Manager: In this role you’ll deal mainly with a facilities manager or someone who is renting the commercial property from your owners. As a commercial property manager you’ll be the main point of contact if they tenants need something related to the building, grounds or the commercial equipment that is on the property. If the lease states the owner will make repairs or keep things in working order or keep the grounds maintained you’ll be responsible for these things. You might also be responsible for other contractors that take care of the grounds (like gardeners) or even service technicians.

Residential/Retail Property Managers: Many residential property managers take care of the day-to-day operations of a rental property. This could include collecting rent, taking phone calls from units that need repairs and even doing the repairs yourself. Some property managers live on the property if large enough where others might have several properties to manage. You’ll collect rent and even find new tenants. You could be responsible for maintaining the unit as well as working with cleaning companies. If the property is used as a vacation rental, then the turnover might been weekly. You’ll need to be able to inspect the unit for damages and settle bills with the renter.

Industry Growth

The property management industry has continued to expand since 1990. Most were self-employed and work in mainly in the real estate industry. Your work schedule depends on the type of units you manage but more are 40 hour work weeks including some weekend and evening hours. The average salary was $52,000 but the top 10% of all property managers made more than $113,000 per year.

Property Manager Careers

As a property manager you’ll be able to apply for positions in almost any industry. Some of the top industries including local government where government and state buildings hire property managers to make sure the grounds and buildings are in top shape. Hospitals and even high schools are also possible career paths. Many real estate agents and brokers also run their own property management business. They might own rental properties or weekly vacation rentals. These require them to hire someone that can be their property manager and sometimes that person is a real estate agent. Having the ability to do both will all you to stand out while you try to find employment. Earn your online certificate in property managment from any of the schools listed.


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