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Be sure you find the right human resource certificate training program. There is a marked difference in Certification Programs and Certificate Programs. Certifications differ from certificate programs primarily in that certifications include an experience component. Certificate programs award certificates once a course of study has been completed and do not require previous work experience. This is a decided advantage in that once you complete the program you have proven experience as well as the education background needed for your new career. Earn your certificate in human resources from any of the schools listed below and begin you career training.

The common understanding is that with equal education, the candidate with the practical experience will be more favorably viewed. Human Resources is a demanding education intensive field. The existence of online human resource certificate programs is a significant one and it speaks to the demand for new individuals in the field. This is a rapidly growing industry and in order to fill that demand, the need to allow lateral career shifts needs to be met.

human resource schools You are going to need to do some research and decide where you are going to go. The programs are such that pure online study is prevalent. This is going to allow you to continue your existing position while preparing for your new career. As with most human resource certificate programs you will most likely have a degree in some other, perhaps related field. Moreover, you will need to show related work experience ("Exempt level" HR experience). Recommended courses will give you the specific knowledge for the specific certification level you are pursuing.

There are several: PHR (Professional in Human Resources), SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources), GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources) and several specific certificates needed. The least demanding, the PHR, will for example, require either, one year of HR experience and a master's degree or higher, two years experience with a bachelors degree or four years with less than a bachelors degree. The online education requirements accept any degree and you should research the institute or business school you are planning to attend regarding your work experience.

OK, are you ready to go? Well you can expect a very positive, rewarding response from the industry. Currently the demand for new employees is strong with growth rates in the 20 to 22% range. Consider that there are 108,000 such certified professionals in the field and compare this to the 900,000 or so total number in the industry any you have some sense of the acceptability and value of this path.

A considerable number of individuals started out with less than a certificate program. However, they did have many years experience in their job. These are the prime candidates. If you are one of them, this career path was intended for you. Of the 900,000 currently in the field nearly 700,000 are not management level and are qualified for this program. Standards are changing all the time as the HR field is strongly influenced by government laws and practices. The need for continuing education means that you have a much better chance starting out with a program designed to fast track you while focusing on the current laws and standards. Find schools below offering human resource certificate programs and start your new and exciting career training.


Human Resource Certificate in Business

As a human resource manager you’ll be involved with the overall planning and hiring of employees including implementing policies for the workforce. HR manager can be involved in the hiring process as well as handle any staffing issues. A human resource certificate program will prepare you for these as well as other duties you could be responsible for.

Every company is different in terms of what responsibilities an HR manager will be in charge of. Also larger companies will have HR departments that consist of multiple employees, each handling a different aspect the business. With your certificate program you’ll be applying for entry level positions in HR. These will more than likely be at smaller companies where you’ll be able to use your talent in more than one area of the business.

Online Human Resource Schools

When looking at a program it is a good idea to start with a certificate or diploma program in Human Resources, then you can always transfer into a degree granting one. The advantage of doing this is you’ll be able to get out in the workforce quicker with a certificate and you can always continue with your human resource education while you work.
During your human resource training you’ll take courses in leadership, decision making and even organizational skills. Having the ability to read people and communicate properly is a key attribute in an HR manager.

Salary for HR Managers

HR managers are extremely well paid. The average median salary as $99,720 and the highest 10% of all of the jobs was $174,140. It is expected that approx. 1/3 of all HR managers work 40 hour weeks. As you grow and get more years of experience and education your pay will rise.

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