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Advertising Certificate Programs

Advertising is an exciting career for creative individuals who thrive in a fast-paced environment and enjoy the challenge of communicating a given message to a selected market segment. A advertising certificate can go a long way in establishing the credentials of a creative candidate. If you can combine this with work experience through an internship or other exposure to advertising, your chances of your dream career increases exponentially. Find your online advertising certificate courses today and get started with your career education

advertising schools If you are considering a certificate in advertising, school online can be a good idea. If you can find a program that covers all the essential elements of advertising such as researching concepts and understanding marketing principles, you can also try and work with some company or organization to increase your hands on experience with formulating retail advertising or creating an online campaign. An online program will give you the option to work on developing your skills while mastering the theory behind advertising.

The best advertising schools online tend to balance the theory and practice of advertising. The give the students the foundation of understanding how and why advertising works by explain the connection between advertising and sales and promotions. They also give you the language needed to think in terms of advertising campaigns and public relations initiatives. A good online program will equip you to formulate a way for you to pitch any idea to any given audience. An advertising executive, however specialized, should ultimately have the skill sets to do this.

While all this makes for a good foundation for an advertising career, the best advertising schools online animation, graphics, visual communication and interactive media. Given the changing times, it is critical that you learn to think beyond traditional ideas of print media or even television advertising. Today's reality is the Internet and social media and this is where the biggest advertising battles are being fought. A candidate with the know-how to tackle this territory will be a valuable asset to an advertising department.

What You'll Learn from your Advertising Certificate Program


An education from an online advertising school can take around a year for a certificate and up to four four years for an advanced degree. Online education does offer the luxury of flexibility and so a student can take on additional courses and work through-out the year at an accelerated pace and finish the program sooner. A combination of this kind of degree and some work experience or proof of brand management will open many exciting opportunities for you.

If you are already in the advertising industry and you feel the need to define your niche more clearly, you can consider individual courses or even certificate programs that are offered by advertising schools online. Among popular areas for specialization are international marketing, marketing communications and brand management. There are also certificate programs on the idea of marketing and the Internet or marketing for not-for-profits. You can research and choose a program that best fit you in terms of temperament and appeal and that can be a good way of defining your future course. Find advertising certificate schools that will help you get started in almost any program. If you are a creative spirit with enthusiasm and drive and no hesitation about giving it your all, you should get the ball rolling for your career in advertising today! Join an online advertising course and give it your all.


Advertising Certificate


Advertising has changed so much over the last 15 years and ever since the late 1990’s with the introduction of internet advertising things exploded. The need has never been greater to find, train and keep qualified advertisers.

Digital Advertising: As a digital advertiser you’ll be responsible for getting a product out to market digitally. This can include creating websites, blogs, banners, email, texting and more. Advertising on a particular website in order to get views and tracking those views to leads will be your responsibility

Paid Advertising: In the age of Google everything is digital, including advertising. Adwords advertising consists of creating ads and picking keywords that will get people to your website.

Digital Designers: Advertisers need to understand how to create ads digitally as well as for print. Digital advertisers create banners, website, pages and other forms of advertising to be displayed online

Social Media: Social media advertisers interact with customers online in real-time. They are responsible for creating ads that can be seen by millions of people. With advancements in analytics they will pinpoint their ads to the exact demographics they want to capture.

Advertising Sales: Like with normal advertising agencies now they have a digital element. Instead of proposing to place an ad in a newspaper or publication many of the same advertising channels are now online.


Advertising Agency Training Programs


If you have been looking for a challenging career then working in advertising will give you plenty of career opportunities. Most that want to work in marketing or advertising work at an advertising agency. There you’ll be exposed to all aspects of the business and learn the ground up. Advertising agencies are faced paced. They work with clients on very tight deadlines and budgets that have to be met. Advertising agencies are responsible for not on the creative for the client but the overall performance. They track the ROI (Return on Investment) for the client in order to get the client to continue with their advertising. Find the top online advertising certificate programs above from any of the schools.

Most advertising graduates find themselves working as what they call a running for the agency. This means you work with all the creative teams and basically does all of the low level work. This allows you time to learn the advertising business. You’ll work with clients, perhaps work on projects with graphic designers or even run creative over to different departments.

While employed you’ll soon find a niche you might want to pursue. The more training you have, the more certifications you get and the more years on the job the higher you’ll move up the corporate advertising ladder. Get the best advertising certificate education possible.


Different Advertising Careers & Training Programs

The advertising industry has lots of different career paths one can pursue. Below are some of the more popular ones.


- Advertising Runner: This is an entry level position at most ad agencies. It will give you a great opportunity to learn advertisers with years of experience. When you apply to most advertising jobs this is likely the job you’ll get offered if you don’t have any experience.


- Account Executive: In an account executives role you’ll handle the day-to-day interaction with your client. Many executives handle multiple clients at once. It will be your job to keep the client happy by hitting budget and offering advertising suggestions based on research.

- Advertising Presenter: As an advertising presenter or pitchman it will be up to you to pitch the client in order to get their business. This is a very important role in advertising and requires extensive knowledge of the product you are pitching as well as great presentation skills.


- Advertising Creative Director: The role of the Creative Director is to manage a team of writers and designers in order to come up with an advertising plan for the client. It is your responsibility to manage budgets, make deadlines and grow the client you are working for.


- Advertising Sales: In a advertising sales role you’ll be responsible for new business. Cold calling, attending trade shows and working connections are all part of the sales role in advertising.

- Graphic Designer: No advertising agency could function without graphic designers. You’ll need special graphic design training to qualify for this role. Check out all the graphic design schools we currently work with if this career path interests you.

- SEO: As a Search Engine Optimization specialist you’ll run the online adverting division and be responsible for getting a client’s website ranked #1 in the search engines.

Finding the Best Advertising Certificate Program

When researching advertising certificate schools many offer both an online or campus version. Start by researching any that are listed. Some offer certificates in advertising where others might be degree granting. The schools offer different programs including those in: Fashion advertising, Marketing and Management, Design Communications and or Public Relations. Start your career this month by researching any of the online advertising certificate programs listed above.


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