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Search below for your multimedia design certificate. Are you interested in working in the field of multi-media? You could not have chosen a better time to enter this industry; multi-media technology is a booming area that is actually related to most all areas of what we come in contact with on our computers, in our advertisements, and on our televisions. Over the past few years there has been a tremendous increase in the employment opportunities that are available in this industry. However, it is important to note that the educational requirements and responsibilities for these numerous position will vary greatly.

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One of the promising avenues that you may want to consider pursuing in this industry is to become a webmaster. As a webmaster you will be expected to maintain a company's web site that exists on the internet. In addition to writing the codes and creating the links that are found on a particular site, you will also be expected to make sure that the site is friendly and easy for its users to navigate. Furthermore, you will want to ensure that the users are able to easily access the aspects of a website and that the needs of an internet user are efficiently met during their visit to the site. Although your primary responsibilities will be to monitor, improve, and update how an existing website performs, you may occasionally be required to also work in the capacity of a web designer.

It is important to note that as a webmaster you must be well versed and thoroughly understand each of your client's business entities. Without this complete understanding it will be very difficult for you to adequately create and maintain a company's website. Along with being well versed with a particular company's makeup, a webmaster must also be able to effectively communicate with practically every person that is employed within the company. Sometimes, you may be required to answer an employee's questions about the website or to troubleshoot any number of different problems with the website. In these situations it will be crucial for you to understand that not every employee will be able to technologically operate on your level; therefore, it will be imperative for you to be able to explain the important concepts in the simplest of terms.

As a webmaster it is likely that you will need to complete a significant amount of education so that you will be adequately prepared to perform your job responsibilities. For instance, you can expect to work with a server and a variety of browsers to ensure that the company's website can handle a wealth of downloads, files, emails, and news. It is very important to understand that this industry is a rapidly changing one that will require you to continue your education so that you can stay abreast of changes and trends. For example, in order for the company's website to work properly it will be critical for you to be comfortable in your knowledge of HTTP, HTML, and XML. Don't wait to start your career training in multi-media, find multimedia schools below that offer certificate programs.


Multimedia Design Training Programs


Often schools have several options when it comes to multi-media and really it depends on what you want to do in your career. Schools offer simple diploma or certificate based programs to Associate’s, Bachelor’s and even Master’s degrees. For most of the higher paying jobs a Bachelor's degree in multimedia design is recommended as the minimum eduaction level you should have.


Program Modules


During your training you’ll be exposed to some amazing modules to help you master different aspects of multi-media. Some of the areas you’ll cover include:

- Digital Art and Multi-Media
- Color Pallets
- 3D Animation
- Presentations in Business
- Digital Communications
- Website, Graphic Design and Animation

Choosing the Right Multi-Media Design School


The hardest part of starting your career training is finding the right school to attend. We have tried to the process as easy as possible by listing schools nationwide that we currently have a relationship with and meet certain guidelines to be listed on our site. These multimedia design training schools have high completion and placement rates and we haven’t been notified by any students that they are experiencing anything negative at the school.

When selecting a school you can find schools that are 100% online which makes taking the program easier since you can study at home or work and keep a full-time job. Campus based programs require you visit the campus either during the day or some might have evening or even weekend classes. Either way the school needs to meet the same accreditation requirements set forth by their accrediting agency.

If you know exactly what kind of multi-media program you want just make sure the school teaches on that subject. Many of the multi-media schools listed offer a certificate or diploma program which usually means they can be completed in 6-12 months. If you are looking for a more advanced program then look into the Associate’s or Bachelor degree programs many schools offer. This may include more of a focus on graphic design with a multi-media element.

Transferring College Credits


Part of the reason why we recommend going to school with an accredited Associate's degree in multimedia program it is possible that you can transfer credits into their program from another school or if you are ever wanting to continue with your education those credits earned could also transfer. This is important if you first take a certificate based multi-media program then decide you want to earn a degree. Most school s that offer both you’ll qualify to move from a certificate program into their degree program without any transferring of credit issues.


Multimedia Design Career Opportunities


Graphic Designer: One job opportunity you can look into would be that of a graphic designer. Many companies hire graphic designers but what really need are multimedia specialist. In these roles you could be responsible for print pieces as well as digital projects.

Multi-Media Designer: As a designer you’ll be in charge of corporate videos, presentations and all aspects of digital development.

Website Developer: Many multimedia specialists pursue careers as website designers or developers. You’ll have the knowledge required after your training program. Understanding how to create and edit videos including html code is a must.


Getting a Multi-Media Job After Graduation


With your training out of the way you’ll now begin the process of finding a job but that task can actually begin before graduation. The first step is while you are still in school training you’ll want to be building your portfolio. This portfolio will contain all of your multi-media projects while you were in school. You’ll get an opportunity to showcase all of your work including any designs both in print or digitally.

One way to showcase your work is via an online resume or portfolio. If you haven’t already done so we recommend purchasing your own name as a URL. This allows you to keep an ongoing digital portfolio of your work (both past work and present). By keeping this updated new employers will be able to see what you are trained on as well as what projects you are currently working on. Overtime your domain will grow and it will allow you to keep all of your digital projects in one place.

After graduation you’ll start working with your schools placement or Career Services department. These departments are trained to help you find employment as well as brush up on your interviewing skills. Many of them offer:


- Hot job leads in your area
- Assistance with how to answer interviewing questions
- Best practices to use while in an interview
- Resume or portfolio writing services
- Connections within the multi-media industry
- Connections with past alumni

Connecting online with groups that deal with graphic design and multi-media will help you network with other professionals. We recommend always connecting to groups on sites like and even The best advice is to stay connected and participate. By doing this you’ll catch the eye of perhaps someone already in the business that has a job opening. As a digital designer, especially one that has videos in their portfolio we also recommend setting up a channel. Not only is this easy but it allows you to share the work of others and they could in turn share your channel. Again the goal is exposure and you want to get your work out to as many people as possible. Earn your multimedia designer certifications online from any of the accredited schools listed above.

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