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Have you been drawn to floral displays at weddings, churches, corporate events and even funerals? Floral design schools teach people how to make the best design possible from what they have available. Designs can be ultra-simple, to those containing hundreds of stems. Have you always wanted to enter the floral design business, but wondered where to start?

Getting your floral design training in this design business will give you a heads-up, lots of training, and the ability to get an entry-level job in a shop, floral management office, or other area. You can even be an independent floral designer and work from your home, or open your own business after a brief period of time. Demand is high for arrangements for many of occasions. You could be asked for bouquets on Christmas, displays for a huge corporate event, or just a gorgeous centerpiece for a fancy dinner party.

floral design schools A certificate in floral design will help you learn with much hands-on experience, education and mentoring. Good schools will usually offer around 120 hours of instruction, and give a written and design exam at the end. You can usually get a job right away, or start your own business if you have some experience in that end of it. Good, and inspiring design, is what brings in the business, though.If you're surrounded by lovely plants and flowers every day, what can your spirits and outlook be but always up? Your choice between a windowless cubicle office crunching numbers, and being able to make an artful and colorful centerpiece or bouquet, is made easy when faced with those choices. If you progress to being your own boss, then you'll feel even better and your income can increase tremendously. This is if you've had enough of the right kind of training in floral design. your floral design certificate program will be centered around a well rounded education from an accredited certificate floral design school.


Become a Floral Designer


Do you love working with flowers, enjoy the art and design it takes to make an arrangement look beautiful? Get started by taking a floral design course. Courses are available online and many you can study at your own pace. Upon completion you’ll earn a certificate you can show your new employer.

Students who attend a floral design training program are surrounded by beauty every day, and get to practice and learn about the biz, as well as catching tips from other students and meeting new friends. These friends and contacts could someday turn into a lucrative partnership. Floral displays are used worldwide for thousands of different occasions. What would a wedding or other celebration be without flowers?

After graduation, some people like to enter into floral management, or sales, or even a design consultancy. There are many divisions within this field. If you've always loved plants and flowers, then this is the career for you. When holidays come up, the first thing that people think of for distant relatives, is sending a lovely bouquet of flowers. When a baby is born, what do you see in the room? Little booties and mugs and baby photos on a pot, all holding a pretty display of flowers.

As human beings we love to give gifts with meaning, and colorful and thoughtful ones. Nothing expresses this desire more than a gorgeous arrangement of plants and flowers. You could be the center of this gift of love. You could be a designer with a shop of your own. You could be the maker of color and brightness. Don't we all need more of that, these days? Start today by researching floral design certificate schools and get started with your education now.

Floral Designer Responsibilities


- Buying from wholesalers and local growers. This allows you to buy direct and save costs but also buy plants that grow in your area.
- Working with customers or clients. If you work on the retail side you’ll help customers pick out the perfect arrangement for that special occasion
- Wrapping and Delivery. Depending on the size of the store you are working for you might be in charge of not only the arrangement but the wrapping and even delivery of the flowers.

Floral Design Career Paths


Over half of all of the 62,000 jobs that were available in the floral industry were retail related. Once you get your training you’ll have an opportunity to showcase your work to employers not only in retail but also at grocery stores. For those who want to own their own floral business you’ll need to make sure you take courses in business, or when you find the school you want to attend see if they offer any help. Many of the schools upon graduation will help you with job leads, improving our resume and some have campus or online job fairs where employers attend looking for new hires.


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